UPND MP Breaks Silence To Explain Why UPND MPs Must Defy Mr. Hichilema’s Directive.

Senanga UPND Member of Parliament Hon. Mukumbuta Mulowa says he was not voted to represent the party’s position when enacting laws in parliament but to represent the views of the people. In a latest interview, Mulowa vowed to vote for the Bill, as long as it was amended.

“What you should understand is that I was voted to be in the House, to solve issues which comes for debate. Was I voted to be walking out? It is not always that we should be taking the party positions. I am not there for partisan politics, we are there for the good of the people in our constituencies and the good of Zambians at large. What is destroying politics in this country is that we have indulged ourselves into partisan politics at the expense of our people!” Mulowa exclaimed.

Last month, when Justice Minister Given Lubinda introduced the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 for second reading, all UPND Members of Parliament, except three, walked out of Parliament save for three who opted to stay namely; Professor Geoffrey Luangwangwa of Nalikwanda constituency, Teddy Kasonso of Solwezi and Mukumbuta Mulowa.

And Mulowa has reiterated that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema did not condemn him for supporting the Bill.

“I was not voted to go and dance Kalela in the corridors of Parliament. I was voted to listen and to debate so that I can represent my people effectively. My President is a good man he has not condemned me in any way.” said Mulowa.

Source: News Diggers.

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  1. growing

    Luna bana ba bulozi lusweli lwan’ola libuka zalindumeleti zaluna Bo mulowa mushemi musike kulibala buka yanakaywe ushandauzwi kin’i.

    • Joseph zulu,

      That gentleman should be expelled from upnd party that’s an insult and demeaning the upnd which sponsored him to parliament he’s going to regret.

    • Malaika

      Am afraid he is right

  2. Simango

    Alright bo MP but remember your future in politics

    • Muko

      The tragedy of many is to think of themselves and not what their duty is. This MP has challenged progressive minds

    • He's got a great future in politics

      Politics is not UPND. It is PF, MMD, UNIP, UPND, etc. Take note etc

  3. Antomwe

    I thought UPND mps were all robots tailored to the aspirations of his worship H.H. and dancing to his …..

  4. Lovemore

    Mwana hesu, mu mubata ku to zusulusa Sikolo samina sale mwa Kitwe nji?
    Mbali Luna ba Bali kwand’a Parliament lwa bona bu maswe bwa likalulo zemu ze mubata ku zwisa ni ku yolisa. Cwale mina mupalelwa cwani ku kwaluha meto.
    Lu mibonela musili mwanesu.
    Tukongote wa mwana Nongolo.

  5. Jms

    It takes a Wiseman to obtain fervour due to his or her good decision making, for example the mixed people, racial or what ever,for me its senseless, you may recall Lazarus Tembo was a member of parliament in Kaunda’s regime now what else do you want. Manipulation of judiciary and legislature is what we dislike. Mind you, you lawyers you went to study law to correct who ever is against development. To me maybe lawyers are doing nothing according of them being quite on corruption, theft,criminality etc.I salute the mp HH is very excellent when it canes to leadership. We mistakes occur in humans,the mp will realize what bill10 is made of.

  6. Jose

    And none of the pf mps has broken silence when majority they represent are against bill 10: it requires a visionary person not to be swayed

  7. Fungwe

    This mp is insane. This is not time for bill 10 debate, lets us work together and fight Corona virus.

  8. Love your neighbor

    You are talking about this particular UPND mp, but why showing us HH’s picture? Better showing us just the party symbol if you have no picture showing this mp. This will make some people start thinking that maybe you only hate this leader of the party.

    • Ben Mwiinga

      why this Bill continuing by pf government to be pushes whilst other denied the Bill
      If it was a good bill our part President Mr Hakainde Hichilema could tell member of parliament to stay and discuss the Bill

    • Nicholas

      Very good observation! I wonder why this man is hated this much.I don’t know if this was the same case with Micheal Sata mhsrip when he was in opposition

  9. Vuzela

    It has become a stale topic. Switch to covid 19.

  10. Curtis

    One question we should ask ourselves is “why has this bill taken so long to be enacted?” Then it could not be a good bill for all citizens. Why not going for other alternatives we are fed up with this issue.chitamani chi layosha.

  11. Abena kafue

    I find this mp to be of no thinking because of money they got from pf. Did this mp explain to the people of his constituency what bill 10 is? If he did,he would not say he’s representing his people. If anything he does not work for the people. Those who think about the people are busy dealing with covid 19 including HH.

  12. Tryme kolwe

    Nonsense report!

  13. Majakathata

    This useless mp forgets that he was sponsored by the party he is insulting. Eat with your PF now and forget about 2021 adoption under UPND.

  14. m


  15. Razor

    But the same people whom you claim to represent themselves they dont want this bill whether amended or not so in that case who do you now represent? Your party who gave you the ticket doesnt want that bill. The people who voted for you dont want that bill. It’s only you alone that want to vote for that bill because you have chewed their money and now they want results.

    • Chatowa William

      Not about money but he has read the bill 10

  16. KWINDI

    Guys if we can go back during mmd time they brought NCC on to parliament and on that our late president Mr cholifya ask his mps not to patspet on it why ? Now it’s of bring bill10 why? People be careful.am just reminding you

    • Bob

      Kwindi, who ever u are, go back to sch muletusebanya nefi sungu fya boola!

  17. heck

    Whom does this walkout mps represent?Hh or the people…misplaced characters in parliament.

  18. Edward Havuluma

    People of this nation we don’t have good readers You can imagine this MP is he NORMAL to be corrupted by PFAG supporting bill 10 I don’t know some people

    • Chatowa William

      Read the bill 10 and explain to the bad part that you will in that article

  19. Edward Havuluma

    People of this nation we don’t have good readers You can imagine this MP is he NORMAL to be corrupted by PFAG supporting bill 10 I don’t know some people poor readership, come 2021 remove out that rubbish

  20. Edward Havuluma

    People of this nation we don’t have good readers You can imagine this MP is he NORMAL to be corrupted by PFAG supporting bill 10 I don’t know some people poor readership, come 2021 remove out that rubbish Judas Iscariot

  21. James Hamanjanji

    You upnd members you are good in insults not in voting. It makes Mr believe that you don’t live in Zambia. On social media you are number one. But when voting you always say ,”we gonna vote in 2021. You dmatt in disiving yourselves n your hh. I see hh losing again in 2021 n you will say it again wandijibila mavote. What a drama group of scrap.

  22. Muyu

    As i have been saying,its easy to remove someone from the village but its a little bit difficult to remove the village from someone.we cant blame such mps.their backgrounds Vs modern world of analysing matters is where the problem is.Lets fight againt bill 10 the way we are fighting covid-19.we dont want it.it is more dangerous than covid-19.where are we going to find vaccine for bill 10 infects?you want to manufacture a political virus(covid bill 10)do we have political scientists in our country who will help us find the vaccine for
    bill 10 infection?Careeeeeefuuuuuluuuu you youths.

    • Chatowa William

      Explain to people the bad part of it to people.you are just saying it’s bad tell the people were you don’t like

  23. Jonathan

    Great. That is the position. Aways face what ever is brought before you and make the right decision. If in doubt consult people in your constituency. Zambia forward. 👍

  24. Jobby

    At last, I have found someone with a brain in UPND

  25. Mufulira Wanderers

    Uwaipwishe talubile. Ba Zambia WHAT IS THIS BILL 10 OF 2019?

  26. Elias Shimuunza

    With or without Mulowa Bill 10 won’t go through

  27. treason

    You are not a good leader

  28. king

    manje iwe mp cant you see that all pf mps are representing their party? But kwena uli chipuba sana iwe chi mp. Your political journey has come to end…. Goodby mp

  29. Face the facts

    In as much as walking out of parliament is immature , supporting Bill 10 is destructive towards the Zambian people, People who want to retire should be removed from the payroll and you say that’s what we want? I think Mr MP you represent your own views and serve your own interests. You want us to become destitutes? Already you can see those who haven’t been paid their benefits for months ,why do you want to make our conditions worse ? Selfish individual.

    • Chatowa William

      Ba fact belengani bill -10 and tell the people what you have read

  30. Mutondo

    I wish many MPs had independent minds

  31. rasta issachar

    Comment:there are no permanent enemies or friends in politics.some people feel the rains, while others get wet.

  32. Better Zambia

    Exactly mr mulowa u are right. We voted u to represent us in Parliament not boy coating the seatings.

  33. DROGBA


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