Jonas Chanda Elevated To The Position Of Vice Chairman

The Patriotic Front on the Copperbelt have elevated Provincial Party Vice Secretary Dr. Jonas Chanda to the position of Vice Chairman.

Dr. Chanda who is Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament takes over a position that was held by Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe. Copperbelt Patriotic Front Chairman Nathan Chanda had disclosed the development in a statement.

Chanda has also announced the appointment of Gilbert Kasongo as Vice Provincial Secretary while Bonnie Kaonga becomes the Vice Information and Publicity Secretary (IPS) for the Youths in the Province.

He further disclosed that the appointments are with immediate effect.

“On behalf of His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zambia, Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, who is also the Patriotic Front Party President and the Secretary General Hon. Davies Mwila, I wish to inform you that Dr. Jonas Chanda, MP (Bwana Mkubwa) has been appointed as PF Copperbelt Vice Provincial Chairman.” Chanda stated.

He has since urged all PF Party Structures and members in the Province to give the new members all the support and cooperation.

“As Copperbelt we remain resolved with the candidature of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu at the General Conference and in the 2021 General Elections.” he added.

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  1. PF for ever

    Iwe Nathan, bring back baKambwili. We need tested party mobilisers. With you at the helm , Kambwili will trounce PF and bury for ever. Lets bring back the tough and tested origin PF members

  2. a


  3. Razor

    Carry on with your appointments. Next year those are the positions that will sustain you since you won’t be in government any more.

    • Raz m

      it’s true my brother they won’t be in government any more

  4. Mwamba Justine

    People have said a lot about the ruling party portioning blames about His Excellence Edgar chagwa Lungu,his is not selfish,weaked,failure ,looser therefore even the party that will come if possible it will have negative somewhere due do we are human beings made of fresh and blood,some people will go back to him, nill down and say sorry papa Lungu .He has to be respected and given time analyse situations,people woul have voted for you ;if you were a good person ,dont vote someone because weath or the name he or she carries but wisdom.The late president micheal chilufya sata new hisay successer very so keep your mouth shut.

  5. Prince Amos Blessings Soko.

    Thanx for that go ahead & mobilise the PF party, 2021 #ECL

  6. Rogers GB

    Changes do help, anyway.

  7. Rogers GB

    Important to make changes bacause Changes do help, anyway.

  8. logo

    no colona in zambia.thank GOD.

  9. Bad breath

    What did Kangombe do?? Tell us kaili bwana Chair.

  10. Prince Kaluso

    Work for yo change & owez try to do the best for the pipo. PF 2021 for Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

  11. Who will be in power other than PF?

    If PF wont be In power whom do you think will be, no opposition party has the zeal to remove the PF.


    Last kicks of a dying horse.The writing is clear on the wall,PF is going come soon 2021

  13. Vulaonga

    So it’s appointments and not elections. Charity begins at home. So don’t blame other parties without intra party selection of leaders. PF is n the lead.

  14. KWINDI

    This guy so called Nathan whatever he is too young to deal with such old people in pf in c/b this boy alikabaaa they fear him like GOD the only real man is Chris kangombe I salute him,Mr Chris you are a man leave this party and join a thinking of our nation


    gud leadership with ecl

  16. Bibian

    Be honest in what you are doing you’re busy saying that we are one Zambia one nation but full of partiality

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