PRESS RELEASE: On The Announcement Of The Suspension Of The PF Chairperson For Northern Province Hon. Jack Kungo Pending Investigations.

23rd April, 2020.

Patriotic Front Sectetary General Hon. Davies Mwila has announced the suspension from all party activities Hon. Jack Kungo, Patriotic Front North-western Province Chairperson.

The suspension is with immediate effect in orderto facilitate investigations at Kansenseli Mine- Mwinilunga District Northwestern Province.

Patriotic Front Chairperson for Legal affairsHon.Brian Mundibile will on Saturday 25th April 2020 be leading a delegation of Senior party officials comprising:

1. Hon.Nicksom Chilangwa MP
2. Hon Syacheye Madyenkunku
3. Hon Mulenga Chewe Kampamba
4. Hon Andrew Lubusha
5. Mr Alick Tembo

As you are no doubt aware, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the President of Patriotic Front, who is also our Head of State, has vowed to uproot corruption in the party and government and will not shield anyone found wanting by the law.

This suspension will be reviewed subject to the outcome of investigations by the relevant authorities.

Sunday Chilufya Chanda
Patriotic Front Media Director

CC: Patriotic Front Central Committee

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  1. Malizgani Nyirenda

    If he has gone contrary to the law let the consequences follow him.

  2. Jms

    Criminals, theft,corruption we have worsted time to impeach,the main problem legislature and judiciary mismanaged.

  3. Tikambepo

    Mr Kungo and the police commissioner who was called to Lusaka were working together to steal GOLD before their big bosses could steal.Iwe Kungo!walkway ungabe bwanji vabakulu anso futi wabwela wadya namuzako commissioner no pasako bachikulile waonanje waziletelela weka manje……

    • BaPompwe

      Transparency International vice chairperson Rueben Lifuka speaks at the 2019 Anti Corruption Conference organized by Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute in Port of Spain, on March 21, 2019 at Hilton Trinidad Hotel
      Transparency International Zambia chapter president Rueben Lifuka says corruption is getting worse and the country can no longer pretend that all is well.
      And Lifuka says Zambia has dropped by a point on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) from 35 to 34 out of 100, saying it was the worst the country had ever performed.
      Speaking at the launch of the CPI 2019, Lifuka said it was anticipated that corruption would be worse as Zambia heads into the election period.
      “The corruption situation is getting worse and we can no longer pretend all is well. And there is no sector which has been spared in the election period we are going into. We anticipate that corruption will even become worse as various political players jostle for power. The absence of laws to regulate political party funding and election campaign financing is a serious constraint for this country. As you know, there is no limitation on political party financing. In fact, one of the political players was challenging Civil Society Organizations to indicate their sources of funding and publish who is paying them and our response is very simple and I want to reiterate that we have no problem providing audited accounts from the day we started. TIZ is clocking 20 years today, we can provide audited accounts for 20 years. Our challenge to political parties is that produce even one year audited accounts [but] not a single political party will give you audited accounts. As long as we do not regulate political party financing, we run a serious risk in his country,” Lifuka said.
      “We need to understand that state capture doesn’t begin when a political party forms government, it begins when a political party is campaigning. They receive money from all sorts of players whom they promise all manner of favours. So political parties have a role to play to deal with this issue of political party financing. There is no cap in this country on electoral campaign financing; a person can give as much money as they wish to a political party but they often don’t give that money for free. It comes with conditions so we are challenging government, we need to put in place measures. Let’s strengthen the electoral process laws so that we can seal the loopholes. And we should admit that in the 29 years of multi-party democracy, we have allowed money in politics to be the main determinant in our democratic fate.”
      He said there was need for leadership to emerge and not political rhetoric.
      “Money in politics has become the main determinant, it’s not the voters anymore. It is money in politics. And the CPI score should be a source of concern for all of us, in particular those mandated to provide political leadership to the country. In the dark moments we are in at the moment in terms of corruption, leadership must emerge and not political rhetoric. We have heard a lot of political rhetoric [like] ‘give us evidence’ [of those engaged in corruption]. Well, numbers don’t lie. Here we are: our worst performance as a country as far as the CPI [is concerned] and we should not take pride in that as a country. It is a dent or a blight on our standing as a country. We need a new blueprint in the manner that we fight corruption. We should not be content with the limited results we have achieved. We often hear government saying they have passed law but laws in themselves do not change the corruption landscape but leadership. Strong political will [is what] will change the political landscape and will change the corruption that we are grappling with,” Lifuka said.
      He said Zambia has so far dropped 17 places on the CPI since 2017 while the Seychelles earned the highest score in the sub-Sahara region.
      “Zambia has dropped; we have lost one point. We were at 35 out of 100, we are down to 34 out of a hundred. Our ranking is 113, last year our ranking was 105 out of 180. So we have dropped significantly on the ranking and 8 places on the ranking. In the four years since 2016, Zambia has dropped four points on the CPI, the worst performance for the country since we started the CPI. In terms of ranking, Zambia has dropped 17 places on the CPI from 2017 when we were ranked 96 out of 180. Our performance is the worst ever. When we see these results, we were interested [to know] why are we are dropping. So nine sources of information were used in computing our CPI. The concern is what will 2020 look like? Should it be that we drop below 30? Because it has implications. You can look at any of the development documents and any of the business due diligence, they will make reference to the CPI if they are talking about corruption,”Lifuka said.
      “With a score of 66, Seychelles earns the highest mark in the region followed by Botswana with 61, Cape Verde 58, Rwanda 53 and Mauritius with 52. At the bottom of the index are Somalia 9, South Sudan 12 and Equatorial Guinea with 16.”
      He said to reduce corruption and restore trust in politics, there was need to reinforce checks and balances and promote separation of powers.
      “[There is need to] control political financing to prevent excessive money and influence in politics. Tackle preferential treatment to ensure budgets and public services aren’t driven by personal connections or biased towards special interests. Regulate lobbying activities by promoting open and meaningful access to decision making,” said Lifuka
      And Alliance for Community Action Information and Advocacy officer Jimmy Maliseni said CSOs needed to be accountable to their partners for them to properly keep government in check.
      “It is very important for Civil Society Organisations to understand that holding government accountable begins by we ourselves being accountable to the people we serve and to the people whose resources we use. When we do that, then we would be able to hold government accountable. Corruption [fight] must begin with ourselves, the way we manage resources that are entrusted to us by partners also known as donors, by being transparent and accountable in the way we ourselves manage resources we are given…,” said Maliseni
      Meanwhile, Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia national director Austin Kayanda said the media needed the Access to Information Bill to fight corruption.
      “The fight against corruption can only be won if we have the Access to Information Bill. We have an information gap…the media cannot do investigative journalism so that they can expose corrupt practices. Getting information is very difficult and it puts journalists in a very awkward position for them to do the story the way it is,” said Kayanda.

  4. Sosa

    When we say that this pf government is full of alibabas(ablaze)you say;”Uubomba mwibala alya mwibala”so let them eat but tell them tebala lyakwa WISO ulelya nokulinga idiot!

  5. Sosa

    *sorry not ablaze but (balazo)(fikabwalala)

  6. Veld chilembe

    It is good that you know your is very corrupt and argue when we say you are corrupt and stealing

  7. SOS

    After 2021 we shall sort out all kabwalalas and Zambia shall then be cleansed and be born again.

  8. Healthy man

    People please keep social distancing and u not even putting on facemasks!

  9. Tikambepo

    Zambia is the on

  10. Political analyst

    I was confused with the heading I thought of northern province but it’s noth-western please go through before you post thank you

    • Tikambepo

      Niba Chris when it comes to his pf headings he writes very quickly and unreasonably senseless.He wants his bosses to thank him.

  11. bronco

    to others you says until court proven gilt. but to other you says with imediate effect. is this the way of fighting corruption .where the big heads have set free and continue stealing in the same admistration.

  12. Chiphempo

    Camera man be serius on your work, the man is singing or cheering the game. but we are appricieting your proffesion job but relux then you capture. thanked to the man for his powerful message.

  13. Razor

    Busy jumping over each other now to get the gold. It’s true what they say that there is no honor among thieves.

  14. Dr Fonicks

    Well kungo is the latest pf culprit in its selective corruption cases. We know what goes on in pf. If you bypass the big fish in sharing your illgoten proceeds this is typical with our friends. In this scenario, there’s no let the investigating officers do their job. It is a straight red card. Alabane cefyeniko bulazo. The situation is pathetic. Very soon, we will be entertained with corona virus related thieving.

  15. Justice

    Mr SOS you will be instituting another gvt of mukukulus in 2021. Mr mmmm got rich by stealing during privatisation of Zambian parastatal companies. Do u trust him.He surely can never be better.

  16. SOS

    #Justice….sometimes the devil you DON’T know is better than the ANGEL you know,,,,,,,if you’re saying he stole what he has then he might think of not stealing any more when in office because he is already rich.
    Mr Justice Inchushi pakwebati ikaleke ukwiba patali kano ulupwa lonse lwakwata amasaka yandalama fulufulu.

  17. Brian Sehela

    Why same news 2 days. No latest even on codv updates.

  18. Rocky

    Why the headline is talking about Northern Province and yet the issue is from North Western Province, does it mean the writers don’t know the difference between the two? Don’t confuse us.

  19. Savior

    The author is a confused cadre please forgive him.

  20. SOS

    Most of these pf quacks are thieves,,,,,if you remember last year the minister of energy decided to increase the tariffs by 200% so that they can import power from south Africa but it never happened while the tariffs were not reversed,this is another day light robbery by the minister of energy……..I will take him to court after 2021 you will see.

  21. Jessey Lingard

    Let the laws of Zambia work on him..

  22. Jessey Lingard

    Let the laws of Zambia work on him..Dnt worst time on him remove him from the position which is having…

  23. 8gb

    Chinews chamailo zona

  24. Man of substance

    Changa baseka uwachelwa

  25. tarny ford


  26. Sibweni

    District chairmen are also misbhaving who are connected 2 provincal chairmen and time 2 control them is now. Lundazi all 9 wards councilars are not fit 4 next 2021 election 4 stealing frm poor pipo. A civic leaders collecting NRC’S Frm pipo inorder 2 buy maize but sold it in lundazi market and malawi. OP And CID are reporting 2 they bosses but not acting on the information and cadres are strong just lik in MMD TIME. U suspend some district chairmen in eastern province who hav pride and are killin pf.

  27. Kayo

    Wats behind between police commissioner for North Western Mr hamachila and North Western pf chairman Mr kungo on the issue of kaseseli gold in mwinilunga coz this two people have been removed from there position same week.
    # Open prime TV we are behind with news in Zambia..

  28. Mfumukadzi

    The dynamics for Covid19 are not the same for every country in all aspects. Zambia must do what is a lesser evil for the country than replicating what the US or Italy etc has done! . Some lessons are not worth learning from. Some Churches in Zambia that are politically inclined like the catholic always look for opportunities to exploit and embarrass government. Shame on you. The vibes I pick on their discourse is that they loathe President Lungu more than they do PF. Let’s preach only what we practice.

  29. Man of substance

    Too much wrangles mu pf
    Theft is the talk of the day

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