REFLECTION: Why Are Africans Silent About This Covid-19 Treatment From Madagascar?

To help you you understand, let’s revisit President Paul Kagame’s observation about the problem with us Africans: “We need to mobilise the right mindsets, rather than more funding. After all, in Africa, we have everything we need, in real terms. Whatever is lacking, we have the means to acquire. And yet we remain mentally married to the idea that nothing can get moving, without external help (finances). We are even begging for things we already have. That is absolutely a failure of mindset.”

Yes, it’s absolutely a failure of mindset brainwashed by a colonial education system which we have continued to use 60 years after independence but we miraculously expect to impart free minds with the much needed critical thinking abilities. The colonial education system had an in-built slant that meant it suppressed critical thinking and helped create a mindset of blind loyalty. The system was essentially designed to serve the economic interests of the colonisers, which was the primary motivation for colonialism in the first place.

The political usefulness of this education system was not that it imparted skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic but that it promoted values such as loyalty to the existing order and disciplined self-sacrifice in the interest of the colonial order.

King Leopold of Belgium once instructed Missionaries to teach us loyalty, not Critical Thinking! It was not education, but training; not liberation but enslavement. Its purpose was not to educate a person to understand the objective limits to the advancement of individual and collective welfare, but to train a person to accept and even administer development limitations in an ‘efficient’ manner.

They made us lose our identity by making us believe that we are an inferior race. To illustrate my point, how many, today, learn about Yotam Muleya, a Zambian hero, who was only 19 years old when he died, yet he has a government school and a road named after him? Who must include his piece of history in the curriculum?

We hate to be told the truth but Church in Africa generally symbolises wishful thinking. What we urgently need is to invest heavily in Education Reforms. When we fall ill, the most sanity decision one must make is to go to the hospital. But for hospitals to be useful, they must have medicines, medical equipment and qualified personnel. All these require education and selfless calculated investment.

In Africa, we pray for patients with auto-immune diseases because we don’t understand these complex disorders. But science has explained that auto-immune diseases such as multiple sclerosis occur when the body’s immune cells attack healthy tissues. In the case of multiple sclerosis, the cells target the protective layer surrounding the nerves.

Education has just helped Dr. Su Metcalfe, a senior research associate at Cambridge University, to find a switch within an immune cell that could be “reset” to return it to its normal activity to stop multiple sclerosis. Though the reason for this happening remains unclear, this medical breakthrough has opened the door to reversing any autoimmunity and even repairing the old damages.

Science offers sustainable solutions not like prayer which is like a guardian who promises to help but does nothing in the end. A people that prioritizes prayer over education and scientific research is a foolish nation. Belief in miracles is motivated by ignorance which is at the centre of wishful thinking. With all the knowledge we have about the healing properties of our plants and food stuffs, understanding how to extract the compounds we just need would help us improve significantly the quality of life of an ordinary African.

Up to date, most African leaders believe Marijuana is dangerous and yet the West has legalised its medicinal use, the main reason behind its ban instigated by large pharmaceutical companies. Ignorance will soon prove fatal on the continent as the white supremacists will be at liberty to poison our populations to achieve their goals since we depend on their medicines for survival.

Mpandashalo Evans Mwewa
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    • Hammer

      We have concluded that you are being payed by Kagame to uplift his official image . There is no single article where you don’t mention Kagame and yet last week Kagame received an IMF and WB aid. What is the formula of Madagascar has to do with Kagame. Did you tell us who funded the Malgache discovery? What if it was funded by a foreign fund? Who do you work for? This is Zambia. Give us local examples. You have never mentioned Sondashi formula.

      • Frank Chombela

        This is an uninformed comment. Getting medicines accepted as treatments is a long process. This process has to be followed after that’s when it is supplied to the public. There’s no short-cut to this whether you’re European or African. Africans have not ignored this alleged cure from Madagascar. They just don’t know if it works or it doesn’t.

  2. Joe

    My friend don’t limit Jehovah’s power

  3. Razor

    The title talks about a covid cure from Madagascar but in the entire article Madagascar is not even mentioned. Waste of time.

  4. ruyang

    some articles npandamasho are u crazy? dont compare prayer to ur kama small wisdom

  5. Malizgani Nyirenda

    That is why I thanked the president for allowing us to start worshipping, because with GOD EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE

  6. NaS

    Zambians are pious (sanctimonious? ) nobody disputes that. But religion and viruses in the same breath? when has that ever worked out? Like never! ! Hiv and aids, Ebola, influenza viruses are still decimating hordes and hordes of earth’s population every single year and people think coronavirus is exempt? It’s no time for sentiments and I still maintain science is our best hope.

  7. Blue monkey

    Where is Madagascar in the article?

  8. jahcorn

    look at you! the title of your article doesn’t match with your bla bla bla message …..

    There Is No Time For Making Planet Earth A Better Place Because Any Time Jesus gonna come, haven’t you heard that??

  9. Brave

    Please don’t play with education because it is the key to success if you play

  10. Pan African

    Mr Mwewa ,firstly u are wrong for pokin religion become Christianity has nothing to do with laziness .yes u right colonialism has affected our mindset by beings entirely looking at ourselves down and conclude that an African will never b enough in his all life than White man and it is a conspiracy theory we have adopted for a mo than a century.

  11. Ba KalisKalos

    Correct my professor

  12. Brave

    Please don’t play with education because it is the key to success if you play with education how are we going to ducc

    • portperry mwanA

      Thank you for mr President of Zambia to gave us a chace to go to church , every thing will berive in God , and riegaiese weed smoke and weed is a real medicen’s that’s pray?

  13. Paul

    From your article Mr Man mwewa, I can see that you have never had an encounter with God, it’s true at time’s that miracles happen because of people’s ignorance of what God has already given us.. this statement shows us how ignorant you are ” a guidian who promises but does nothing in the end” my friend you are also riding in ignorance. I will pray for a change of your mind set, you did well to write this article. Prayer will work for you…

    • Wane Oscar M²

      Please forgive him my upstairs no bwino-bwino ifipe fyalifumamo so too much echo

  14. Wane Oscar M²

    Mr. Mwewa Mpandamadhalo, was this title for this article? Did you check before posting? The fact that you said believing in Prayer is foolish proves that you need mental therapy cause your points in this article is unstable as uncontained H²O it’s like ilominger yanu a Mwewa I just noticed echo in your upstairs please put something to occupy the empty space.


  15. King cool

    Yayaya sivintu education and science and technology and prayers, Jesus is the school, the teacher and the healer

  16. End time preacher

    Sir, thanks for your experience, ask yourself a small question, where did human being came from ? If science, why can’t same science (education) can’t heal world problems?
    Sir, Mr mwewa you need God be saved Jesus Christ is coming soon.

  17. ex muslim

    When Wuhan virus came, Mecca to Rome, God Allah were the first to flee.

  18. kufahakurambwe

    “A people that prioritizes prayer over education and scientific research is a foolish nation.” Zambia is a perfect example of this.

  19. Kokoliko

    Word brotherman

  20. Joseph zulu

    Wakamba bwino White men came to
    Africa tofooll us in the name of education , and to teach us the word of God but the took our resources them they develop their counties eg, technology research they formed organizations to lend us money gives conditions ,they divide us make us fight within our selves and. Make to reconsile..

  21. The chaser

    What is the article all about..?? Education system, loyalty or Madagascar covid -19 treatment my brother…??

  22. Nshilinama

    The article is about mindset colonialism external help. There is nothing about the medicine itself so the article is not promoting the medicine how it works. Waist of time

  23. Sosa

    #Mpandashalo Evans…..Is just trying to brainwash the Zambian citizens by preaching Paul Kageme’s rule whenever yaps on this pf sponsored media under chris phiri.Ba Chris and mpandashalo to hell with plan to bring Zambia to one party state just like Rwanda is…….foolish chaps!

  24. Loca people

    The man was trying to explain how colonialism has affected our lives as Africans in such a way that all our invention don’t matter until confirmed from our colonial master to publish them eg the sodash formula can heal h.i.v but won’t be published to the public because our colonial masters have made us believe that we’re a retarded race and come to think of it no white has ever come up with a cure for h.i.v but if it was a white man who invented that his name was going to be published in all articles. The man his not against Christianity it’s just that we as Africans we’re too busy waiting for miracles when the answers are just within us God is real yes but it’s time we as Africans need to start emblasing our inventions and discoveries so let the Madagascar vaccine be published and our old Generation was the one with a problem but this is a new generation

  25. William Suku

    My thoughts on this article I thought “you where to talk ov COVID-19 treatment drugs founded in Madagascar,how to deal with…” now you see implanting negatives kwena ba ze mwewa

  26. Checkmate

    Right now there is no cure nor treatment for COVID-19,have people said let’s do away with science….no, but if you don’t get the answer you want from God you quickly want to dismiss him why.Your agenda is immoral and your article biased towards your beliefs.

  27. The only

    Well overlooking the fact that you have derailed from what you were supposed to be talking about.

    I think you still brought out the strong point and in as much as people are doing guns at you it still is a positive opinion.

    we’re too scared to learn the truth that is why will forever be colonized like maggots.

    those of you trying to find fault with this post and throwing shots at him you are idiot

  28. Jms

    If we ever need to change, start that change yourself, by allowing others to report in this column, you will see change. Gaddafi tried you neglected what more do people need.

  29. confused

    guy what exactly is your point? Zambia Report if you want this blog to be successful and number one don’t bring such stupid articles

  30. Chris

    I don’t see where your article has anything to do with the title. Bad writing!

  31. Arnold

    Iwe 4get About Africa Ruling Itself,kp Yo Thought 2 Yoself

  32. Jms

    We need our own,for get about Madagascar. If u aren’t comfort with your own you useless.

  33. Jms

    We need our own,for get about Madagascar. If u aren’t comfort with your own you are useless,let them solve their issue thats when maybe we can obtain it.

  34. Ebson mwamba

    I thought this article about Madagascar but its not evn mentioned

  35. Muyunda

    Where is the information concerning about medicine?

  36. gify

    Virus has no medicine…

  37. iGroup int

    Well coded words to produce rebels, immoral and profane men. Science was supposed to be working for us but because of foolish minds(lack of fear of God) science has become a weapon of mass destruction. If it hadnt been for christianity, we would have eaten ourselves or rotten a long time ago. Christ and christians are a salt of this world(preservative) be thankfull otherwise nature will humble you.

  38. Christopher Simpson

    Africa has the resources and we have intelligent people to develop the resources but greedy politicians with no vision for us sell our resources to enrich themselves. That’s why many in Africa still live in shacks and walk dirt roads and drink pit water. We as a people need to take Africa back.

  39. Nifty

    Some pipo seem to be cashing in on this pandemic that’s why certain govts are silent or instead condemning the development when pipo re in pain and dying. Madagascar has the cure and its working…

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