OPINION: Let Us Use Social Media To Inspire Positive Social, Political And Economic Change

The leader of Zambia’s biggest opposition political party, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, yesterday took to social media with an emotional and public attention seeking post which read and we quote, “On our mind is how the Chingola couple that has tested positive for Coronavirus travelled to and from Tanzania, passed through our borders completely undetected by our screening processes – HH.”

To start with, there is no perfect system over the Coronavirus containment anywhere in the world. Recently, a German tourist shared in a WhatsApp group that, “I went through several airports on the trip. London Heathrow was like a ghost city, most people (were) in full body virus protection suits. Addis (Ababa) seemed a lot business as usual. Just some shops were closed. Lusaka was the only airport that did actual health checks, the only airport which had hand sanitizers and hand washing stations at all corners. I felt safest there!”

Secondly screening, until very recently, did not mean mass testing for the Coronavirus but checking for symptomatic people and quarantine them. It’s the failure by unpatriotic people like the Chingola couple to strictly adhere to the laid down safety measures that has forced governments around the world to resort to mandatory quarantine at points of entry.

Instead of looking for inefficiencies that the UPND leader can only fix should he win the 2021 General Elections by sensationalising any of such Covid-19 issues, he should, instead, offer leadership by stating in very clear terms what he thinks will contribute positively to preventing what he sees as a porous screening process. People want solutions against the Covid-19 now not after he wins 2021 elections which is an unlikely scenario, anyway.

The UPND leader must realise that for every mishap he gets excited about such that he immediately takes to Twitter or Facebook, our highly dedicated Multisectoral Covid-19 Prevention And Treatment Team attends to several others, a feat any leader must not overlook but must commend and appreciate even at a personal level. If fact, what he posted could equally have been on the mind of the Taskforce only they did not go to social media but instead went to their working round table.

Let’s not demoralise the front line soldiers in this fight like our health workers who are now in forced quarantine as they are not allowed to go home or to any public places after work but to designated shelters to avoid spreading the disease to their families or the general public should they be positive unknowingly. These are the issues leaders who are worth their salt are supposed to share in the public domain not what may incite the public to rise against its leadership.

May we once again look at what helped the late President Michael Sata to win over even his critics ahead of his 2011 victory! The man showed great leadership over many issues that affected the people and spoke in very clear terms what he would do if he were in charge. He avoided text book theories. The late President Mwanawasa testified to that effect. Under the former President Rupiah Banda, who can forget the ZRA workers incident when he (Sata) went to appeal to the workers, who were on the go slow, to resume work as it would cripple the economy and hurt the same workers and their families and not “Nyama Soya”?

He did not waste time riding on the country’s misfortune as is the case with the current main opposition leader. He knew he was “the” government in waiting and showed no signs of desperation for power. He was confident and his win was celebrated by the entire nation because he was a symbol of hope. Where was Mr. Hichilema when all this was happening? He had refused to work with the Patriotic Front as Vice President because all he wanted was to be Head of State.

At the time Mwanawasa was commending Sata for offering mature and practical opposition politics, Mr. Hichilema was an opposition political leader too but had practically nothing to offer and his political fortunes at a national level only came as a result of the leadership confusion that ensued in the Patriotic Front following the death of Sata not that he had any new message of hope for Zambia.

In his book, Levy Mwanawasa cautioned Zambians over the slippery character of Mr. Hichilema, saying: “The problem Mr. Hichilema is having now is the fact that he wants to cheat, to mislead, to show that he is what he is not. His understanding of politics is that it doesn’t matter; you can cheat, provided you get your goals!”

This is not the time for any politician to politicise the pandemic by inciting the nation with emotional and reckless statements on social media but to offer practical solutions that Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and his Multisectoral Team, who are doing a commendable job, can consider for immediate implementation.

These unfortunate circumstances, at times, should offer us a glimpse into the alternative leadership we need and what we must altogether forget. No leader should set out to be a leader. People should set out to live their lives, expressing themselves fully. When that expression is of value, they become leaders.

In that context, the point is not to become a leader but to become yourself, to use yourself completely, all your skills, gifts and energies, in order to make your vision manifest. You must withhold nothing. You must, in sum, become the person you started out to be, and to enjoy the process of becoming. That’s how Sata won our hearts. MHSRIP.

Photo Credit: File photo Mr. Hichilema attached to his post.

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  1. Zulu Joseph

    Mr editor every leadership there’s criticizim starting from home even ur own children and wife so that u do better it doesn’t mean that they don’t like no it might make u to sharpen u or remind or to understand your
    weaknesss ,if people are praising always you in my opinion they don’t like you or there’s something they are after from u once they get it u will
    See, there be haviour even Jesus who was perfect but was criticized

    • Cris pono

      Iwe ka cris Phiri are you a rabbi dog who hates hh the way your mother hated you when you were born? To hell with your tribalism!!

  2. Love your neighbor

    Elyo ba Zambia Reports muletweba ati te imwe ba PF, you are not always balanced in your reporting,.Any normal citizen can ask all the questions that HH asked, all the way from Chingola to Dar then back no screening? Am not blaming anyone but just wondering like any normal citizen can wonder. Coz some of as we stay right in Nakonde.

  3. AM

    Mr editor you have said well,these are things most Zambians are failing to see in people pretending to be leaders.

  4. The rock

    Nice words sir

  5. Sosa

    This cadre editor has never seen sense in whatever HH says it means he is foolish.If you think it’s wrong for people to wonder or ask where clarity is required ,then you’re to be a god by doing things perfectly without error or else you will still leave a lot beginning questions…..grow up Chris .

  6. Malizgani Nyirenda

    You mean you will put things in place to protect ZAMBIANS after you have been voted into office, so what of if we continue dying who will vote for you? Then you are a bad leader, you don’t have the heart of people but you have the heart of been a leader, change your mind set for the better otherwise you are not fit to be a leader!

  7. Denser


  8. Young youth

    Mr editor,think of the current situation… from the time the pf
    was sworn in power is the economic development desintergrating or what!
    Honestly speaking it’s time we make a change.let give Mr HH a chance as well maybe he can alter something…
    Don’t be such a good arator and publishe false propaganda.

  9. Man of substance

    Zambia report in same na znbc they don’t appreciate anything from opposition

  10. William Suku

    I’m neither a UPND cadre but I can reason as well and how did this man na family past boarders from & to,of which minuse getting them caught ov having COVID-19 if when they where screened and bakamba here it’s not just the matter of wandering ati HOW you can explain

  11. The Alpha

    Never have I seen such blantant party cadre-y BS in article before. Luckily you are just one person… Unlike corona you aren’t going to spread your rhetoric as easy

  12. Jms

    For sure it takes a Wiseman to see every entrance in this difficult situation to save Insiders,because it will cost you a lot when the situation is inside. I agree first (1) KK built this Zambia, secondly (2) chiluba brought entrepreneurship (business) fourth (3)mwanawasa brought and order, fifth (4)sata was about to rebuild Zambia,now we need someone who is capable of doing all these things and introduce a new style of development, and for sure we have it depends on how people will take it but I’m sure and although the Lord doesn’t necessary choose for but only shows us, then according to the mind given to us we will this time choose wisely.

  13. Jms

    For sure it takes a Wiseman to see every entrance in this difficult situation to save Insiders,because it will cost you a lot when the situation is inside. I agree first (1) KK built this Zambia, secondly (2) chiluba brought entrepreneurship (business) fourth (3)mwanawasa brought law and order, fifth (4)sata was about to rebuild Zambia,now we need someone who is capable of doing all these things and introduce a new style of development, and for sure we have it depends on how people will take it but I’m sure and although the Lord doesn’t necessary choose for but only shows us, then according to the mind given to us we will this time choose wisely.

  14. Twaileta

    Reporter,your sentiments just indicate that you are a real cadre. You are just spoiling your media. Try to be non partisan in your reporting you will win attention of may followers. Time is coming when “Uzakamba yes” just wait reporter

  15. PF

    ECL is our master and he must rule us for ever. I don’t care weather people are poor or not as long as I’m benefiting from his pocket

  16. Done Deal


  17. Jms

    Chris, u must let this column to others who will give us constructive issues to brainstorm on.

  18. kufahakurambwe

    Please amwa peeelingi

  19. Angoni

    kkkk He must live HH as the editor so that UPND cadres can think he is popular when he is VERY UNPOPULAR ZAMBIA

  20. Koswe

    The problem with you people is when. Hichilema is negatively mentioned you say it is. P. F when did you ever see him offer credible leadership in this country? His tactics is to blame leadership when a critical problem appears in the country ie droughts floods bushfires markets on fire and now it is corona virus. To all these he had never offered a solution. How can he say he can offer a solution when he is president? All over the world we are dying why should one wait? He will never win an election in. Zambia

  21. Pmks

    You people of God this is not time to point fingers on persons but to fight pandemic with pray first then healthy guide lines.
    2 . Zambia report please try not to please one part in Zambia ,remember these other part members there also Zambians who has rights to anything today we don’t need Mr hh to rule us or give us governance opinion no we our own president Mr hh is not power so we don’t need the name of Mr hh as a top heading on social media no we the update on corona virus.
    3 Zambia report soon you will loose market even those who are supporting you will not support you next so try to be fare to every citizens think for every one reading the message are you in fear of your certificate?
    Tell us about how the country is moving not names of hh we are tired of your reporting try to charge your mind.

  22. Christopher

    Imwe ba koswe naimwe mulekwata amona elo muletotonkanya b4 mwaisula utunwa twenu , ati HH will never win ,are you God ? Please remember whatever goes up must come down, don’t think we Zambian citizens are blind like you okey?, We voted for Mr HH but you and your big monsters changed the story but mind you 2021 comes we shall see you then where you will be, you have accused Mr HH in many ways you planned to kill him all those things it is still to our hearts , I don’t want to go any further,

  23. THE EYE

    remember this invisible enemy cov19 has no friendship with people so no caderlism on issues of life and health lets unite to fight the common enemy called corona virus the killer behind the shadow not felow beings wash hands regulary,mantain social distancing,put on the mask.stay at home to be safe and above all pray for zambian people more especialy health workers

  24. Sniper

    HH is speaking for the whole country including Ecl and even HH himself. We must let people talk and give their advice, not shutting them up. Even Ecl can get Covid-19 and die especially considering his health. So hh is right to show concern about the screening of every one. But imwe tu PF you only see elections and politics in everything, no wander your unwise president would tell the nation to start going to church when the cases are on the rise. All this is because of your lack of wisdom and refusal to listen to advice. Elyo mwali monekela efupuba.

  25. Abdul Rasheed nkhoma

    Chris phiri…it seems like you hate our beloved HH but know that when you hate him then God will also hate him NO!!!! God loves HH thats why you see alot of people loving him….HH in power 2021


    In simple terms democracy is the government of-,by- and for the people. Many times i have heard sentimental statements purporting that no one else will be president in 2021 but ECL. Such conclusive assertions defeates the very essential role of democracy.Why do people make such careless remarks?Has ECZ already counted the 2021 votes? Zambia is bigger than any political party. Every Zambian,worthy his salt must strive leave a better legacy for the progeny.May the ”me,myself and i” – syndrom die now,let the ”Zambia-first” -syndrom begin to resurrect in all of us in order the tranquil one Zambia is built on mutual trust

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