Maanya’s Defamation Trial Deferred To June 24

Maanya, the 26-year-old Luanshya man who allegedly insulted President Edgar Lungu on Millennium Radio on March 28, 2019 appeared in court.

Maanya, who introduced himself as Chanda from Kabwe, published insulting matter by word of mouth when he called into Millennium Radio Station.

Police traced him through his girlfriend and he turned out to be Maanya a Luanshya resident, and not Chanda of Kabwe as he introduced himself.

He was charged with publishing insulting matter by word of mouth with intent to bring the name of the President into ridicule.

A State witness has testified in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that he verified a National Registration Card belonging to Fred Maanya, a Luanshya man charged with Defamation of the President, following a request by the Zambia Police.

Before magistrate Lameck Mwale was Nathan Simambwa, 34, an assistant registration officer in the Department of National Registration who testified that on May 13, 2019, he received a letter from Zambia Police relating to the verification of card number 379415/74/1.

After his verification, he discovered that NRC No. 379415/74/1 belonged to Fred Maanya who was born on July 25, 1986, in Chikoko Village in Chief Mwenda’s area of Mazabuka district.

Hearing continues on June 24.

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  1. Kaka george compound

    Where is your hh to defend you?waona uli weka lelo your demigod hakainde is in quarantine enjoying privatization money with his family while you a radio caller are alone mu chitakataka.

    • kufahakurambwe

      What’s the correlation between what this man said and HH? With the emergence of social media & this clueless chap aka Mr “not much, not much” in state house, tribalistic vikopo mu Zambia have come to the fore. Humility yatiletelela.

  2. Brave keenly

    Kkkkkkkk lelo lelo akakwe

  3. Webster Ndgoma

    Your own tongue 🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🐂🐂🐂🐂mooooooo Mulaaaka!!!! wakwetelera

  4. Angoni

    Before i ready the story i knew that he is tonga because those are the only pipo that worship HH and the people that can insult our president because they believe that he is the only person to rule Zambia anything else its rubbish to them. But give a heavy punishment to that chap.

  5. Christopher

    But kaka ,HH is not the one who told the guy to go on the radio and insult Mr ecl ok ?, Don’t include innocent people in that issue , you have to respect opposition party presidents one day the same people will be your presidents too, , I can’t support the guy for what he did , but let’s have respect for our leaders

    • Peter

      You see when you are in opposition ,you are a government in waiting. So hh is the one who is encouraging his supporters to insult the head of state. He is forgetting that one day he might be president of this country,now how would he feel if he is insulted?you see the bible says do unto others what you would like others do unto you.So hh should go and help that poor fellow cause he was championing hh’s business.

  6. Chilakalipa

    Bible says cindika bawiso na banoko ngawende shiku shingi mucalo.and bembas say cinwa pofu caletelele pwele.

  7. Love your neighbor

    ANGONI, your posts have the potential to divide people be reasonable in the way you comment & just try to respect other tribes just as you are respected by them. Politics are just politics but tribes no matter the differences they meet at one point. When commenting about UPND, even if it is dominated by people from the south don’t avoid

  8. Love your neighbor

    Avoid talking about tribes napapata we mwana wakwa Lesa mukulu.

  9. Kanele Box 1

    So this guy is from Mazabuka!! .. no wonder he was insulting like he is possessed!!.. now, let the law deal with him coz even his fellow tribalists have deserted him!!

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