The Ministry of Commerce Must Aggressively Implement President Lungu’s Directive, Urges Hon. Mwale After Visiting “Chipangali Apples!”

Chipangali Member of Parliament Vincent Mwale is impressed with a farmer who has ventured into apple farming in the Constituency.

Mr. Mwale who is also Infrastructure Minister recently visited Alitele Phiri’s apple field to encourage and motivate him. After visiting Phiri 67, the Parliamentarian wrote the following message to show his admiration.

“Chipangali apples 🍎🍏 – Mr. Phiri of Mtela village, Chief Mshawa in Chipangali grows apples, his apples are not any different from the ones imported by chain stores. Mr. Phiri is determined to have his apples on the shelves of chain stores in Chipata and beyond, his farm is ever expanding.

Am very confident and sure that the Ministry of Commerce Trade and Industry will aggressively implement the directive by HE President Edgar Chagwa Lungu that an opportunity be availed to local producers to supply their produce to chain stores. I have no doubt that the President’s directive will fulfill the dreams of Mr. Phiri who expects a good harvest this coming December.

I am sure that there farmers in South Africa and other countries that produce apples started small like him but with such opportunities they grew big.

The President’s directive can turn around fortunes of many small scale producers like him and in turn create more jobs and grow our economy!” ended Hon. Mwale.

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  1. Chilomba

    That’s the way partrotic Zambian can , let the government support you

  2. Chanda

    I appreciate for that man continue doing apple farming.God will give you more extend your farm.

  3. An Egg a Day

    I hope they are not as tiny as those we used to see in KK’s time. They were from V J’s farm eh?

    • kufahakurambwe

      At least he had a farm and produced something. Tell us what your father’s farm (if he had any) produced apart from a styopet person like yourself?…. IDIOT!

  4. Jessey Lingard

    Continue with your hardworking…

  5. Joy

    What do you smoke kanshi, not so long ago it was mangoes, mangoes, mangoes. Ma mango yapa Z ni number 1, what happened? Too much babaton!

  6. William Suku

    Apparently from small scale to large scales farming moving with such ideas I conquer with you Mr. Mwale they deserve a chain store & it will create J.O.B bopportunity big up

  7. Saimbwende

    Excellent news apples grown in Zambia my great country wish I will have a bite one day

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