UPND Refuses To Participate In The “PF” Fight Against The Covid-19

The UPND has continued with its retrogressive politics by shunning Government initiatives in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic because if the exercise succeeds, President Edgar Lungu’s political career may be enhanced.

Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale has since issued an ultimatum to South MPs. Dr. Hamukale has given Southern Province MPs four days to collect masks and hand sanitisers for distribution in their constituencies to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

The Minister has wondered why the MPs have not distributed masks and hand sanitisers in their constituencies despite Government allocating the materials to them for distribution.

Following the Daily Nation’s screaming headline over the issue, many people spoken to have expressed extreme concern about about the leadership of Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, the UPND leader.

“I now wonder whether those deaths Mr. Hichilema blamed on government were not a UPND political scheme. How do you play with people’s lives just to become Head of State?” wondered a Lusaka resident Mr. Kashimbaya of Chilenje.

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  1. Lili

    Who made those donations towards the fight against Covid 19? Is it not HH? You restrict him against other government contributions like helping the hunger stricken and now you have started chasing him? For once work without finger pointing and spare him!

  2. Lubinda

    Cris Piri uli mbwa no muchila? U don’t seem to have been from married parents but from prostitution.

  3. Mwine masushi

    Viva upnd Viva HH the more they decampen you the more popular you become

  4. Coviflu

    Zambians saw with their naked eyes how the UPND opposition leader has been making massive donations of PPEs to contain the covid-19. If the masks and sanitisers are not reaching out to the needy, then Pf’s long arm has intercepted the donations just to frustrate and put blame on opposition, simple as that. Politics aside!

  5. Malizgani Nyirenda

    Hakainde Hichilema and his MPs are not fit to be leaders and they don’t have a heart of people they are position hangry, because there is no way people are dying then a normal person would say I can’t save them because it is not my name which will be known, H.H.and his followers are not good leaders ,2021 those who will still be alive DON’T VOTE FOR THEM they just need position not to serve the ZAMBIAN NATION

    • kufahakurambwe

      In your opinion, is PF serving Zambia?


    The Bible is clear, when you want to give don’t let the other hand see what you’re giving. So if hh wants be seen then is not a good leader.

    • I

      Most of the time I spend alitle time to read through other people’s comments.The COvID 19 is none political mwebantu.Its like a good Samaritan who ever is capable. Any party(opposition) can contribute.Its not sensible at.this moment to talk about what others are preaching. Please let’s understand our present situation of a fatal disease Let’s know when to politic..I love you all.

  7. kascol

    As a media u need to be non partisan in yr reports.
    Who for u don’t have any clue of what is on the ground.
    Be professional don’t think u will entice Zambia open with such baseless remarks.

  8. Man of substance

    Some reports you can bury your self ubufi tebusuma

  9. Razor

    when upnd and HH wants to participate in any activity you refuse him even sending your police dogs to curtail him then you say they don’t participate? Come on Edify go back to singing songs in luanshya.

  10. Paul Nyirenda

    Hh you must feel pation for the death of the people, because same of the people dying are your members ,so next general election you are not going to see any vote,

  11. Kaka george compound

    hh and his scallywags have and will never inspire me the way they play their politics why are these chaps so bitter kansi?finshi ba fulwa ba chimbwi aba?it is foolishness of the highest order to politicize covid 19 that’s why nifi kalusa they will rot in opposition forever because no sane Zambian can vote for such characters.

  12. Quarantee

    The beef HH donated tasted best. I enjoyed it.

  13. Mwamba Chamululu

    Comment edfye what ever your name is be a human being for a change.HH has donated towards Covid 19 and yet you keep on taking shit.

  14. KWINDI

    When opposition do things this so called PF they sit on it why? Mind you 2021 is near think of it you thiefs I know you

  15. Angoni

    It is a known story from UPND they will never grow up under fives

  16. Young youth

    I wonder why the government with there ruling party….closed the prime tv , this media publishes false propaganda.
    Don’t be too judgemental before you see someone’s works… HH next year u are in power.

  17. Abdul Rasheed

    HH dont worry next year 2021 you are on power

  18. Kcm

    Ine napapa,so Edify pf bought face masks to donate to southern province by calling on all the mps to come and collect from your office.Surely this is madness,edify go and dish them out on your own and don’t involve up mufyabupuba.

  19. Saviour phiri

    One is going to cry come 2021 mark my words what ever i dream always happens ever since childhood even god knows.

  20. Saviour- mtedere

    One is going to cry come 2021 mark my words what ever i dream always happens ever since childhood even god knows.

  21. Zero

    Edify l like your muzic and personality just take a low profile when it comes to politics and criticising your opponents.

  22. Belteshazzar

    I can how foolish people are, didn’t HH donate some face masks?
    PF you’ve cost us quite a lot and you will limb to the Zambian people’s service until your debt is paid.

  23. Lungu m

    Nifoward chabe

  24. jm

    Political leaders, like Edify, Yaluma and the like, cadres at large, quickly do what u are busy doing because the time of reckoning with the God the creator and owner of the people u are flattering is aware of your flattery, and is about to take the reigns in His own hands and you will escape. The writing on the wall is clear.

  25. Hammer

    Let us protect our people against COVID . If MPs doesn’t want, then an other solution to be found. Chiefs, churches, volunteers…

  26. Stephen kibipe

    People who give they don’t show off Kiki

  27. Tryme kolwe

    Ma report yanu namwe!You work naba ruling party.so 2021 when hh wins you wil be against lungu.mind u!2021 is at hand.wi

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