USA President George H.W. Bush and President Kenneth Kaunda 1989 Meeting Declassified

Oval Office – 7th June, 1989.

In the meeting, President Kenneth David Kaunda of Zambia called for the release of Nelson Mandela, the unbanning of the African National Congress(ANC), PAC and other black organisations, stop internal repression and begin political dialogue with the group. He also called for the lifting of State of Emergency by apartheid South Africa.

He expressed concern that entities were calling for the lifting of sanctions against South Africa, but said the sanctions were important to apply pressure on the apartheid government.

He also called for the implementation of the Namibian Accords signed in December 1988 in New York that would see Namibia become independent.

He also cautioned the USA for sending military weapons to Jonas Savimbi and his UNITA rebels through Zaire against the government of President Dos Santos in Angola. He said President Dos Santos had expressed willingness to hold talks with the rebel group.

President Kenneth Kaunda’s delegation included; Lazarus Kapambwe (Charge de Affairs in Washington), Milimo Punabantu (Political Advisor) and Dr. Henry Meebelo (UNIP Central Committee Member).

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  1. Jms

    We congratulate you KK,you had a heart of development as well as helping. Thats why we need another heart as his from another person thinking the unthinkable to some, thats bringing education back in place. And indeed he will.

  2. Koswe

    Dr. David. Kenneth. Kaunda did his best to unite. Zambia up today without him. Zambia was to be in flames. Tonga whose president is hichilema are ready to destroy the peace and harmony that he stood for. We have right now president. Lungi who is defending what. Fr. Kaunda fought for

  3. Jimmy shaba

    No news here

  4. HH supporter

    In retrospect South Africa was better off under white rule. Wherever African came to power, it is one way down to decline.

  5. 2five

    koswe what type are u tanzania or chitute u just talk rubish go for testing may be corona has affected ur blain

  6. Waddy

    So it’s exactly after 31 years and government secrets are supposed to be kept for 30 years unlike the tunnel revelations by our late ftj.this piece is interesting because our founding father was more into foreign affairs and never sold zambia itself properly, the discussion where more on other countries and he never mentioned anything concerning zambia,no wonder zambians we are allover I think he neglected about his people.just an observation.

  7. peacefully

    we don’t know what happen

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