Deregister Undemocratic Political Parties, Citizen Petitions Court

A Mr. Benjamin Mwelwa has petitioned the Constitutional Court that those political parties in Zambia, that haven’t adhered to the internal democratic tenets such as holding regular intra party elections among others should be deregistered in Zambia and their existence declared null and void.

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  1. William Suku

    Just passing Tate-what’s else ! -tsm- !

  2. BOB

    do u have one party in mind? Mulumbule bakume!

  3. kascol

    Pipo are talking serious issues this Benja comes up with under five thoughts!
    Job seeker which constitution have u read?

    • SIbanawekute & Associates

      SIbanawekute each colour

  4. Tako Taco

    When we are busy trying to avoid death by Covid-19 you bring your useless thinking here. It’s all balderdash. Be serious for once. Yakunyokola njala?

  5. Blue tooth Mbewe

    Iwe that’s an issue. Why cant we first concentrate on defeating the covid 19

  6. Fyantha

    Countries where we photocopied the idea of democracy have few parties to oppose the ruling party. Now, Zambia has more than 20 parties to oppose. Is it true that everyone who is fired from a party can’t accept a lower rank in another party that he see can oppose better? Do Zambians have light to rule or they just want to fulfill their own mission? To oppose is good because it provides checks and balances to the ruling. But how? Me and my family = political party. Me and my church= political party. If we saw ruling party has failed us, why not join existing political party so that we don’t confuse the ilitrate during voting?.
    I feel some measure should be brought in to reduce the number of ilerevant political parties.
    No wonder when there are constituency meetings, each political party has to ferry followers from other places in order to show the nation that party has massive support in that area.

  7. Razor

    Each party has their own constitution which if not followed can be challenged by an aggrieved member of that party. What is the interest of this Mwelwa that he can even waste his hard earned cash to challenge a matter which doesn’t even concern him. Unless he was sponsored to do this.

  8. kufahakurambwe

    Mr. Benjamin Mwelwa…CHIMBWI NO NZELU.

  9. Getrude

    I thought ba Benjamin Mwelwa could submit a petition during intra party meetings… this issue is not important at national level.
    My area of interest is Zambia to adapt to American type of democracy where by we only have two political parties… one is ruling the other one opposing…. in Zambia currently we have 54 political parties…. very shameful…

  10. Chendabusiku

    The ideal situation is for these so called political parties to follow what the republican constition stipulates. Two terms of 5 years each for a leader of an opposition. There after fresh blood period. This issue of wa muyaya business is very retrogressive.

  11. Leon

    If we are yo follow these paid carders like the one petitioning intra party elections Zambia will be drawn back to 1964 because where we are already its like we are still in 1979 bad leadership

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