Gold Mining Commences in Rufunsa

Consolidated Gold Company Ltd Commences Phase One Of The Gold Processing Project In Rufunsa.

The Phase involves ten (10) gold milling plants with a processing capacity of 30 tonnes of ore per day, and a targeted average of 7.5 kilograms gold production per month.
The next stage of the Phase is also underway which involves the setting up of the gold vat leaching plant in Rufunsa. The plant is aimed at chemically processing the gold stock piles from two old gold mines, and concentrates from the gold milling plants.

The vat leaching plant which is scheduled to be completed by June 2020 will have a processing capacity of 8,000 tonnes of ore material per leach, and a targeted gold production of 17.5 kilograms per month.

The total targeted gold production envisaged is 25 kilograms per month from both the milling and the vat leaching plants.
A total of approximately $3.15 million has been injected in these two production lines, following the successful completion and launch of a gold laboratory set at a total cost of $250,000 in Lusaka in March 2020.

A total of approximately $3.5 million will be spent on the Rufunsa project.

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  1. Nsofwa.G

    This is good news to the citizens and the development of the nation that our sensitive resources are starting to be exploited for the well being of its people. The president his Exillence ECL is going in the right direction in allowing such mining activities benefit the government and the small scale and peasant miners alongside side foreign companies. This is a pro poor government that is truly with equal distribution of wealth despite the government short comings. This will alleviate poverty and earn the nation foreign exchange.

    • Chonya

      It seems they are doing a great job but when you look at everything in the collective, they are not. The cost of the PF administration to our country outweighs the benefits they’ve brought to it.

      1. $3.15M investment in a Gold mine and people clap their hands Judy goes to show how shallow we as a country are. I cannot see sense in it. We needy more in toll gates at over $4M and fire tracks at $42M than Gold mines we could have in Eastern Province, Rufunsa and North Western? This is just a small example in wrong doings by the PF that leaves one shocked to see citizens celebrating a joke.

      I submit

      • Mr.Zambia

        @Chonya, I can not agree with you more. Just when I think Zambians thought process cannot go any lower they step up their game & prove me wrong. I am a true believer in the adage,”never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers”. Under PF the ‘stupids’ have been given a platform. Zambia is in the shitter.

      • Collins

        You have a point this people are putting us in the dark.

      • Bashokoto

        Nothing, will make every one smile. Leave us clapping please!!!!

    • Mr.Zambia

      @Nsofwa G, from time immemorial Zambia has been mined for emeralds & copper among other things. Has that trickled down to the people in the mining communities? Please take time to listen to yourself before sharing your ignorance. It’s not sexy.

    • Bajoze

      How dull can one be. How much Kasenseli gold have you seen if not in Chinese and Pf personal pockets?

  2. Michael m

    This is good news mr president

    • Mr.Zambia

      Yes, good for him and his 40 thieves.

  3. Koswe

    Some countries depend on. Gold heavily in. Zambia there is n sure way of protecting these natural resources. Gold is smuggled under the watchful eye of our security personnel. The mine once started after some months we shall start hearing. Gold is of poor quality at the same time smuggling it and thereafter shutdown the plant without. Zambians benefiting am here watching

  4. RAS

    Praise God!
    These are god-given resources. If well managed, Zambia is bound to develop and achieve 2030 goals of becoming a middle income nation and even beyond.
    We congratulate the president and his government for guiding the nation.
    God bless you!
    God bless Zambia!

  5. Shi Mumba

    They should use the money from the sale of that Gold to pay-off then Gigant Debt-Bill the country has amassed, please!!

  6. nshilimubemba

    One of the reasons you can have all those donations from foreign powers it is not just gold but a lot more minerals under the Zambian earth.
    The government must get at the top of it, such developments bring with it a number of ramifications, with so much world attention ! look at DRC. Better to be wise than lose out through loose ends.

    • Mr.Zambia

      This is PF Zambia Pvt Ltd we’re dealing with. We have already lost.

    • taffy

      Commenttrue dat

  7. Simmz

    This is good news for our country. I think with such good news filtering through, it’s high time as Zambians we changed our minds and attitude towards our wealth of the nation. Let’s work to build our nation, with the kwacha free falling against other currencies, we should use such discoveries of such precious metals to divesfy our economy and venture into other sectors such as farming.Lets have a win win situation. We don’t want to have a situation whereby only investor just taking out our resources without the poor Zambians benefiting.

  8. Opener

    This is a good move. I urge the bank of Zambia to atleast hold a majority stake in this company and operations. Why? They need to start keeping huge gold reserves for the Kwacha to appreciate which has been devasted massively by the Coronavirus. If this will not be done, then the masses could be heading into huge unemployment levels and poverty will increase. Please make the currency exchange more beneficial for the Zambian people.

  9. Gondwe

    It’s a good move but let us not be selfish.. let’s build and improve the lives of zambians. empower every Zambian.

  10. Musangu

    Trust me this is good news to only a few individual(local) and a host of foreigners empowered by the same few locals…stick that in your heard. :Zambia is no longer for Zambians” in the most candid and real sense, but for a selected selfish few and foreigners. Never say I didn’t tell you.

  11. Nandu

    This is good news except it will only benefit few people knowing our government… If more then only because elections are around the corner…

  12. Lee

    Good news for the foreign owned company, and investors who literally own every business in zambia and take their hard earned money back to their respected countries…..well done to the clever investors…well done.

  13. Cletus kabunda

    If the gold ore in that is 15ppm those projected figures are fake…8000tons by 15gram per ton= 120kg… now those figures are coming from where…I know the gold mineral content in that area…and we need the mining activities in our country to be transparent…

    • Yaba


      • Douglas

        Now it’s Gold, then it was Mukula. I hope everything Zambian will benefit from the Gold unlike the way Mukula became a project for the few to enrich themselves.

  14. Edwardo

    Good move, government should own 100 percent shares and promote transparency. Let us encourage the leaders on this issue

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