PRESS RELEASE: Hon. Garry Nkombo Should Stop Targeting Lozis. Tell Us If UPND Is Only For Tongas

North Western – 14th May, 2020.

As UPND youths in Western Province we have noticed with much disappointment how the party is losing popularity in this province. This is not only because of developmental programs by the government but also because of a leadership crisis in the party.

We have, for a long time, been neglected by the Party Executive which just sits in Lusaka enjoying themselves and only remembers us when elections approach. We have no support in terms of material, finance and logistics to grow the party in western province. This I believe is the case in other regions of the country as well.

Our President Mr. Hichilema has never sat down with us or visited this place to mobilize the party since the treason aftermath. This has created a sense of demotivation. We are no longer the stronghold we have been all along. The party is weak in the province.

To add salt to this injurious insult, Hon. Gary Nkombo issued a statement attacking Hon. Lungwangwa accusing him of sabotaging the party and funding resignation of our councillors. The councillors have been neglected by the party. Our President doesn’t care for his people.

Mr. Nkombo has been attacking our MPs from Western Province for some time now. He should tell us why he has been agitating fellow leaders to sideline our people and replace them with Tongas in the executive council. We know how Northerners in the party were hounded out.

We also know and remember how Sakwiba Sikota was chased from the party. Hon. Nkombo seems to be silently executing a cleansing exercise to get rid of Lozis in the party and ensure an all Tonga executive is in place. He should tell us if the party is just for Tongas alone.

We, therefore, would like to state that as youths in the Province, our raw force will be felt soon. We delivered Sesheke and can so deliver it to any party we choose. We stand for unity and development. Enough is enough.

Issued By:

Concerned Youths.

1. Mutukwa Imbwae – Nalolo UPND
2. Sikumba Likando – Senanga UPND
3. Monde Mutangelwa – Sesheke UPND
4. Etambuyu Mubita – Sesheke UPND
5. Micheal Ikachana – Mongu UPND
6. Inonge Mufana – Kaoma UPND

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  1. Razor

    All the above either you remain with the winning team and enjoy your fruits next year or go together with your sponsor Lugwagwa who has paid you to cause disturbance and follow him into oblivion.

  2. Dr Fonicks

    Honestly speaking, this is not conducive to the largest opposition party in Zambia. If Upnd want to form govt as they claim, there’s need to organize people in all parts of the country at grassroots level. If things are not going on well in its perceived stronghold, it does not auger well with view of winning next years election. Anyway, l leave it to the Upnd leadership.

  3. Leon

    What ever the devil’s plan Zambia deserves better and in 2021 Zambia will be liberated

  4. Love your neighbor

    Unprofessional & biased reporting only aimed at dividing out beautiful country why,why always talking about tribes don’t you have any other way of campaigning apart from always talking about Tongas this Tongas that I tell you people one day will get fed up. Please try to report in a more unifying way please, some are not interested in politics but when you mention tribes they get involved because all of us at one point belong to a certain tribe. It’s your reporting not actions by politicians that can divide the nation, because we know that politicians are always jockers. Please change your approach we want peace to continue.

    • B .k.Lundah

      Country men & women ,any one who reacts by a mention of a tribe is a tribalist and therefore we should all be sober when it comes to tribe because no one chose to any.

  5. Quan

    Who ever is against tongas and hates them for nothing fuck u

    • Oaks

      U shud nt cum out like dat y shud u tel pipo dat fuck u plz let’s mind

  6. Ray Mulowa

    UPND youths in Nalolo we are not behind these youths who wants to bring chaos in the party.

  7. Malizgani Nyirenda

    Ico nchipani ng’oo I’ll Ni banja wokhumba fumu, munawa, gogo cikaya na nduna pacizungu “SHAME”

  8. Koswe

    The problem with upnd they talk of liberating. Zambia. Zambia was liberated in 1964 on 24 October by. U. N. I. P under. Dr. Kaunda. This boy. Leon does not know what liberation mean. All political parties that participate in elections don’t fight to liberate. Zambia they want to come to power through a ballot box not by pangas like when we defeated the. British it was war unlike now where you campaign to wool supporters

    • Maano

      To the contrary, Zambian people, the Populace, is not yet Politically Liberated. It is not yet Uhuru for the common Zambian. What happened in in 1964 was mere Colonial independence. The Northern Rhodesia and Barotseland together ceased to be British Protectorates. However, political independence of the People is yet to come. What happened in 1964 was to shift leadership from the colonial whites to indigenous black natives. Alas, the blacks have refused and failed hitherto to give Power to the People. The blacks continue to subjugate their Compatriots. There is need to fight for Political independence in Zambia before we can meaningfully achieve Economic Independence. Zambians need to fight for a New Order of Political Independence for Nation in order for Zambia to move FORWARD!

  9. Gigs

    Iwe ka koswe, it’s the pf pangas & economic liberation leon is talking about. As it is, either you owe someone and have failed to pay back or you have been a victim of pf violence

  10. Yisambi Mugala

    I am glad to contribute to this concern. I am also urging the leadership to listen to these issues as soon as possible iam not any where near to the leadership or membership but a concerned citizen with interest in development matters.

  11. Mulyakubinda

    You hopani guys remember Robby Chizyuka of Namwala after causing chaos in UPND was he still being heard….

  12. Chitimbwapre

    In1964 October 24 a common. Zambian a achieved political independence that’s why anyone can form a political party like that of. Mr. Mulyokela. Tribal political leaders think polical independence will only come if a president comes from their tribe thats what is making. U. P. N. D a party for. Tonga coz they think they can only achieve political independence when a president is a. Tonga to. Tongas they don’t believe that anyone from any tribe can be president. So. Zambia gained political independence in. 1964. Economic independence is what we are fighting for coz we still depend on white skins to develop the country

    • Pharaoh

      CHITIMBAPRE,well spoken its one Zambia one Nation. The president should not represent a particular tribe but the whole nation at large.That’s why a political conversion is important. It shows transparency. Its a one man to holder party (being worshipped as s savior all the time) We shall see.

  13. William Suku

    Just passing here my brah…

    ! -tsm- !

  14. Kwizhi

    Reporter u a problem with your reporting a u talking of northwestern or Western province headline northwestern and news Western dt turnishh northwestern people learn to edit your work before posting… please!

  15. Pierre

    May the eternal one give this country a kind of leadership which will preserve His honor. May we learn to see each other as a people coming from the same Father bcoz we are made of one blood.

  16. Ngiyakuthanda

    Bushe imwe ba PF, mwe babepa abantu ukuti Zambia is a Christian Country, umwakufisamina fye, thereby trying to hide your true colours of hatred and tribalism, aba Tonga chinshi icikalamba eco bamufyanya? Naimwe bene ba Kateka ba cino calo, muli ba tribalist, why haven’t you ever commented against all these I’ll talks, pantu abaleficita efi bantu benu.

  17. Mubwa mucende

    Mr/mrs reporter pls be careful the way you report.the country may be divided due to such reports.do your job proffesionally nt like a cadre

  18. Bashokoto

    Posting of insults and mentioning of tribes is not okay. Let’s talk about real issues,,,,,,,,,,!

  19. Angoni

    Why is it that when it comes to tribe only one political party becomes worried/rough to the people that mentions them(UPND), If i was the UPND as a President the best i can do is to resign and begin to bring in New and balanced leaders from all parts of Zambia not only tribe mate. Shed off this tribe talk in UPND not only by using other tribes for vote but make other tribes to that they also own the party. But as it is UPND behind to tongas and nothing has change for other tribes and other tribe must not be use to push a party agenda which has tribal inclinations LETS NOT VOTE FOR UPND AS LONG AS THEY THINK OTHER TRIBES SHOULD BE USED FOR VOTES AS IT IS NOW OTHERWISE, UPND SHADE OFF YOUR TRIBALISM THEN WE CAN VOTE FOR YOU.

  20. Love your neighbor

    Angoni, don’t you have any other strategy to keep the party of your choice in power apart from talking about tribes? Twatendwa naimwe lyonse ba Tonga, nomba natumimona bakaitemwe mwe balesobolola imitundu, cinjeni mutampe ukulakampena munshila ishisuma, mwikatuletelela.

  21. Cibotu

    Fyonse fyabupubafye because there is no anything concerning God who created us. Jesus said to Cleopa and the other disciple that Fools….. Lk 24…. Learn to talk about God who created you and not always talking about politics and Tongas, Tongas finamanshi? Talk about God and avoid trablism and resism mwempelwamano mwe!

  22. Tonga conspiracy victim

    You did well to open your eyes and speak out. You are just wasting your time with UPND. They can use you t jus win the elections and thereafter ditch or steal from you…. The majority if Tongas have a DNA ID as tribalism nad they steal in conspiracies use if Tongas and sabotage others in conspiracies with their fellow tongas. In any public or private sector, the majority he to help their fellow Tongas. Being a victim of a Wicked Tonga tribalism conspiracy. I can tell you that some if them are suffer and satanists. They aren’t professional at all. So don’t just speak out , but walk out if UPND before they sabotage you. You are better being independent ur you don’t want to join PF. UPND Yeo ikamisinyeza bupilo bwamina

  23. Mulozi

    Malicious, amused neateni mwa UPND and firm your win indeoedentbparty,methane to be used by thise The bag tribalists.

  24. Mulozi luli.

    malozi, amuzee mwateni mwa UPND and firm your own indeoent party, than to be used and colonized by thise satanist Tonga tribalist. Some mobbed he and use d their tribesmen in manipulating and stealing from me like imbeciles. They can be Wycherley. They are just using you and nit good enough to firm the next government.

  25. Mwanza

    Let’s stop pointing fingers to one other please one Zambia one nation.

  26. Raymond Phiri

    UPND are likely to start making the same mistake that they have been making – celebrating too early!! I’m told they have already started sharing government positions among themselves.

  27. Raymond Phiri

    Cont. Word is that AGAIN almost all ‘cabinet positions’ have been reserved for Tongas. This is regrettable.

  28. Mubita Squared

    Tribalism can never take UPND anywhere. These guys just don’t learn from their past mistakes.

  29. Jms

    Liberation, yes it needs to be.even since 1964,kk unfortunately used to say (kk wamuyaya or kumulu lesa panshi kk) That was the start of tribalism.mind you if we never had a cleaver person than him we could have suffered for a long time, so those who think of will yield something let them be,surprise is knocking their way. We need the unthinkable which Upnd Will do to pf as chiluba did to kk.

  30. Analyst

    The Lozis speaking people must leave UPND to the Tongas, join PF or form their own independent party and progress with self determination, than being used as leverages of pushing greedy tongas to power and then being oppressed. We know them and we have been terrorised by some wicked scoundrels of Tonga speaking conspiracies , who have shame to harm you yet you have even been mingling with them. Kubona, kikanyama walileta…… some tribalism is their ID, and it shall never leave them, they would rather chose their fellow Tonga and leave you out…. there is a string of tongas who engaged in a tribalist pull Down syndrome , wickedly stealing from others and working in Tonga tribalist fashion to cover up such wickedness, in abuse of their relative Tongas’ powers in specific and different sectors of the community…….So those youths have seen it for themselves and they must do the right thing as soon as promptly possible, than to be oppressed by their Tonga party members. ….Don’t allow them to colonise you in your own land……

  31. wamundo

    Professor Lungwangwa,has lost it.Youths must be empowered not used like spoons or shovels.Professor must trace his political path backwards then he will identify the point he lost the path.Professor it is yet too late.You have three multiple choice answers.UPND,where he is now,MMDwhere he was or PF,where he headed. Choose Professor choose,2021 is very near,the early bird catches the worm.

  32. maama

    Shame on all those who talk about Tonga’s all the time. Please leave us we are busy people. Sebana wikute) is not in our vocabulary.

  33. Kamaya kay

    If you want to join pf go for hell us ni fotward we dont care

  34. Antomwe

    It’s sad to read things like tribal party in a Christian nation , this is so becoz our reporter thinks on this lines .
    To our opposition political leaders and ruling parties our pipo are able to see who you are and what you will be by way of verifying your conduct. If a leader dreams of being at plot one he Will only try to remember his supporters / followers when he needs them ( which is during the campaigns ) and when elections are over he / she forgets about them . Pipo will see that very clearly,there are no two ways about it. These are the leaders who will dump you once they get their sweet ( win elections). Pipo don’t want to be used ……

  35. Lola

    @ analyst….Why asking ma Lozi to join Pf( pure fraudstars) or form own political party and not the Ngoni? Pf just wants to use them for 2021 when they have retired most of their people in pf tribal interest. Pf is packing in 2021 muchinshinka!

  36. GBM-Z

    Who Is right or wrong Hon Garry,Lungwangwa,hh And Upnd?All Must Go To Bed.Tebakukonkelesha Mwachula.

  37. Tiger

    UPND is a political party of all tribes therefor you won’t disturb our party neither keep on preaching your useless and worthless tribal campaign
    this News report is from PF disgraced cadres ADVICE to you PF already disorganized political party it’s a time for you to tell people what you will do to remain in power stop saying UPND, I HH, & TONGAS

  38. James

    Never judge a book by it’s cover,,, never that

  39. REALER

    Ba UPND only win elections on social media.
    Keep dreaming for 2021🤣🤣.

  40. hamasaka castrol

    No doubt you a bought

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