Three UPND Officials Nabbed!

Police in Kasama District of Northern Province have arrested three United Party for National Development -UPND- officials for unlawful assembly.

Northern Province Police Commissioner, Richard Mweene, who confirmed the development to ZANIS in Kasama today, said the trio was arrested on Saturday, May 9, 2020.

He named the arrested as Cephas Bwalya, 47, Elizabeth Mupandachulu, 53 the UPND Provincial Vice Treasurer and Justin Mumbi, 46, who is UPND Provincial Youth Chairperson.

Details of the offence are that the trio, with 17 other UPND members, held a meeting at a named lodge without following the Public Order Act guidelines.

Mr. Mweene also disclosed that the team did not follow the laid-down procedure of getting a permit from the Ministry of Health in the wake of the COVID-19.

The Police Commissioner has revealed that the trio has since been charged with two offenses of Unlawful Assembly and Restriction on Gathering contrary to Regulation Number 9 of Statutory Instrument Number 22 of 2020.

Mr. Mweene has since called on members of the public to be alert and report illegal gatherings to avoid the further spread of the Covid-19 virus. He also emphasised the need for people to heed to the call of avoiding public gatherings among other preventive measures.

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  1. Razor

    What about GBM going to campaign on radio Mano in Kasama today, did he get permission from you?

    • Chakanga amate ukumina

      Ebwafya bwaba pf, bakamona,

  2. Dr Fonicks

    The picture and the story do not match for two reasons. Firstly, the Upnd officials were alleged to have convined at a named lodge in Kasama and they did not march. Secondly, looking at the related photo, the place shown is not in Kasama. Surely, my brother, Chris, make sure that you report factually. You sometimes mislead people by placing pictures not related to the story.

  3. trueth

    a normal and mature person will not blame the police officers. just reason before cometing.

  4. Muko1

    But Ths Number Z Very Far 4rm 50 Wch Z Maxmum,churches Hz Opend,lab Tech Carried Covid Samples On A Public Bus,skools R 2b Opend,, Y Arrestn 17 Pipo?Ba Police Comisioner Do Yo Job Deligently Dnt Try 2 Pleaze Some 1,thats Childsh

  5. Ironman

    Its good for a dog to bite and not vice versa

  6. Malizgani Nyirenda

    If they did not get the permit then they were wrong

  7. Koswe

    U. P. N. D members all of them have rotten maggots in their heads just like their leader. How can a normal person skip instructions when we are faced with this pandemic? The police must lock them up to avoid the spread of corona virus foolish people

  8. chris lungu

    those are fools at their age misbehavin,big fools dogs

  9. Stephen kibipe

    Ba razor are you OK?

  10. Olise

    Fima pemiti fyamu colonio. Ba polisi niba pf cadre. Teti bapele opposision permiti. Pf ili nomwenso baad

  11. Jms

    Don’t worry a dog to be biting anyhow it must have rabbis.

  12. Kwizhi

    Koswe you are not normal 100% no…. think before you write or post

  13. Razor

    @Stephen just answer the question. Did GBM get a permit?

  14. Pharaoh

    With due respect,there’s nothing wrong with the Police..Let’s not just agitated for the sake of politics. I don’t know why we always politicise things on a simple and straightforward issue.We must ask ourselves that is it true,there was no permit,secondly did they convene a meeting. If the answer is yes then why should we be yapping senselessly? .Just for the sake of politics all the time. Ma rabbish.

  15. Simz

    Why you beaveng lack cockroach went the time is coming why you lashi ba bally

  16. Thieves!Out

    Abusing the agents of law and order for political pursuits is bone-headed. Decent countries freely allow citizens to share ideas and views on how to make their nations better. Our freedom must never be laid at the feet of power hungry police authorities..that is not freedom but tyranny. Our independende was not pursued and achieved in 1964 to open doors for diminished thought processes which protect tyranny and strengthen poverty due to the ineptitude of the current leadership of this country. The law must not be used to enslave citizens into impoverished beings by denying them the right to discuss alternative bestcwaysvto end destitution. Cindikeni abantu always in order to have a better country. Start with providing a good education and public office holders placed into offices based on meritocracy to prevent poverty of the mind lead to the current undemocratic practices

  17. Mwanza

    Very bad guys

  18. Michelle

    Where those 17 more than those found on markets leadership is

  19. Michelle

    Leadership is n

  20. Michelle

    Leadership is not Permanent even MMD onc

  21. TRUTH

    If churches can only gather after they get the permit from the health department then what is special about these UPND cadres? UPND is like umulembwe wacipuba upwila mulitumfwe

  22. Sniper

    Law is law lamulo liposa mphamvu
    we are all under control these peoples must be very staborn and somehow crazy cause they don’t obey the law. Lwabo bakula pumwa ifi fine ngembwa shalia amani

  23. Josh

    Comment sad😔😔😔

  24. peter

    Pls don’t insult try to respect each other and fear God

  25. Zenzela

    A country of foolish people with a foolish leadership in place. They fought for independence in order to liberate themselves from unjust laws from their colonial masters. Today, the same unjust laws are being imposed against it’s own citizens especially those with opposing views to government. By the way is there a Parliament in Zambia to amend some of those unjust laws? What is the role of Parliament by the way? Zambia is a rotten country with a rotten democracy. MPs are just there to eat taxpayer’s money and there is literally nothing that they can point at that they are doing. They are the best thieves ever and they are the ones who have ravaged the economy of the country, the reason they don’t condone any opposition. One elected into office, they become Kings and not servants who want to worshipped like gods. What a country? The police, nobody can tell whether they are professional police or cadres in police uniform. That’s why in terms of development, instead of going forward, the country is always going backwards. Have anyone been ever to some of Zambia’s towns and cities where you find gravel main roads in the heart of a city or town? Yet, they harrass their citizens like no man’s business in the name of peace which does not prevail and is perpetuated by the same culprits. Please, have respect to your citizens and grant them enough latitude to enjoy their freedom. The independence you won was not intended for some few individuals, especially for those in government but for every citizen of Zambia.

  26. thunder

    Not fair naimwe? I knw u hurt UPND 1 day HH wil b Ur leader.UPND memberz i luv u guyz never give up.

  27. Gbm-z

    SI 22 OF 2O2O should be adhered to, GBM was alone, mulifikopo sana thats you wont make it.

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