They Can’t Manage A Party But Wish To Manage A Country, Bemoan Two UPND Councillors In Kasempa.

The Opposition United Party for National Development UPND in North Western has suffered a set back following the resignation of two of its Councillors.

The two Councillors who have called it quit are Lameck Kyakopa of Lubofu Ward and Thomson Musobongo of Nyoka Ward in Kasempa District.

In letters addressed to Kasempa Town Council Chairperson, the two Civic leaders have cited lack of leadership in the opposition political party.

Kyakopa in his letter dated 13th May, 2020 has indicated that lack of meaningful development in his ward has forced him to resign.

He said his ward has seen no development since his election despite the area being represented by a UPND member of Parliament.

Meanwhile, Musobongo has charged that the opposition political party has failed to organize itself but instead continue to frustrate his efforts.

And Kasempa Council Secretary Tryson Chunga has confirmed that his office has received letters of resignation and has since written to the Electoral Commission of Zambia informing them of the recent developments.

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  1. Nshilinama

    Hakaimde has instructed his MPs not to work with. Government in all areas national development he has at the same time instructed southerners not accept face masks to protect them from corona virus. The purpose is to downgrade. His. Excellence the. President. Dr. Edgar. Chagwa. Lungu don’t be used by him your move is blessed he has used top people on tribal lines he has failed. He evicted poor people from their land. Who is he to you?

    • hamasaka castrol

      How sure a you with your statement fals information it has continued playing a law in bring our country down

  2. Uluse

    For the UPND to emerge largest opposition is evidence enough that it has been well managed, except that every country has thieves and denied victory twice. The ones mismanaging the country are those civil servants on political assignments to buy councillors using money meant to develop your ward.

  3. Jms

    Its unfortunately for a wise person to join a party he or she terms luck of governance unless he convinced all people in his ward,if not so he is himself useless and had no chance to win even the next election. Upnd will stand for education as education is the key to development.

  4. Kambwili

    Mwalya imwe ndalama sha ba UPND then you decide to run away. Foolish.!! You think utenge and shake shake will take you anywhere? Yakunyokola njala. You will be dumped, stupid. African politics, no principles. You are tossed like a ball or dirty book.

  5. Savior

    Ask us who saw what happened during the downfall of MMD the same resignations and mass defections organized those who fooled the president by then NyamaSoya from kumuba where Dr eclipse comes from.

  6. Bally

    Bally all the way, whether you like it or not badly will rule next year

    • GBM-Z

      Job Well Done.They Think They Can Run The Country, Wapii..!

  7. Malizgani Nyirenda

    The thing is that people do vote for a person not a party! Now the worst thing is that in UPND is not ruling, now if MPs are not attending parliament meeting how do you expect development? To be in opposition party it doesn’t mean opposing everything No, when the ruling is right say yes, but when this ruling is wrong, the opposition should advise not to insult! Now the question is ” Do the UPND has its own parliament and CDF to run the their constuancies? If not then let UPND be attending parliament meetings though it is almost late.

    • Kuwayawayafye

      Mmmmm don’t UPND attende parliament meeting learn to tel the truth bwana

  8. Jamas

    Even if you cross over, you will not see any development because pf is selective and the worst is that you belong to the tribes been retired prematurely. Under Unip and Mmd there was even distribution of resources. The level of pf selectiveness and regionalism has reached a cancerous stage and the best remedy is to amputate pf in 2021, perhaps other tribes will have a feel of belonging to zambia.

    • Mumba Muchime

      You are right Jamas. Take Inonge Wina the Vice President fron Western Province but the road to Western is bad. Let them go time will tell

  9. kabobola dennis

    God protect us

  10. Kiki

    A party in power can initiate development to every corner if it seriously loves its people. Pf knows it has poorly performed and wants to hold to power by divide and rule tactic. It defeats the motto of oneness. It is insanity to think you can only see delopment if you belong to a ruling party

  11. Tanzania

    Bally all the way even if they live the party we don’t care tuma kapyopyota😅

  12. Northwestern voice

    We thank you for your big effort you displayed and rendered in UPND and we are wishing you good lucky and better chance for your next step.remember better days are coming for the next councilors who will be chosen next after you to the people who supported and voted for you.We are all watching the fact on the ground in North Western province why is still under development. Remember you were not in government at work but in opposition in await to form the government good spirits .

  13. FuManchu

    Shallow understang of responsibilities once one volunteers to join an association of like minded persons to offer alternatives! The Zambian political volunteers are the type that are mostly expectant of being fed than produce. There is lack of seriousness and injections of ideas to fund raising and spreading of alternative opportunities. Development in any form is mandatory of the government using people’s taxes and not MP’s whose major function is to make laws and regulations on usage of resources! Government is not supposed to hold to ransom any sectors or regions using rsources in the national kitty paid in by the citizenry oblivious of party affiliation! So those accusing their MP’s of “not bringing development” consider entertaining the stupid idea to dismantle the Bank of Zambia to allow banking of taxes according to party affiliation so that the MP’s of can have aligned resources for development!

  14. Razor

    I think ZR is behind time. This is old news. Everybody knows that the traitor lungwagwa has made it his mission to buy off all councillors in North Western so we will see all councillors resigning one by one but that will be good for the upnd as they will get rid of all the deadwood associated with the traitor.

  15. Ray Mulowa

    when you’re about to have your package as a councillor for 5 years you chicken out as UPND we’re the in coming Government the party doesn’t bring development its a leader who brings blame your self

  16. bombshell

    But with those resignations we ar celebrating,who will loose. Is it UPND, or the government, or a common man who’s supposed to benefit frm the money to b used on bye elections.Let us not just politic without cause. WHY shud we worst money on ward bye election this year instead of preparing for the general election next year.moreover who knows which party will win these wards.if it happens that the sits goes back to UPND then what logic is there?

  17. mweene charles

    No shortage of misguided visionless opportinistic political prostitutes all over! Betrayal did not show its ugly head with only the son of God our Good Lord Jesus Christ!sold for 30pcs of silver? One wonders how thick these two twerps brown envelopes were/are!!

  18. Muko1

    Pf Z So Imature Wth Primitive Kind Of Politics,luk,o

  19. Mumba Muchime

    Ba PF don’t cheat yourselves that UPND or any other opposition political party cannot win an election because there’s nothing it has done to show the people of Zambia. What did you do for the people of Zambia to vote for you in 2011? The answer is nothing. You won an election on assurance and people believed you but you turned oot to be thieves. Don’t forget that time to account for what you are stealing on daily basis is coming. Freedom is coming tomorrow.

  20. James

    All the best, only time will tell.

  21. cheza

    i dont understand all this all i know is lets wait and see the fruits of 2021 if its lords wil for pf to continue then it shall be so, and if its not then some one wil take over nomater what. lets just wait rmember what happend to zimbabwe the lord did what americans failed to do, mugabe’s own rose against him

  22. third

    All things are linked!!!

  23. Raymond Mbao

    It’s immaturity to run away before the end of the term. We can’t trust these guys in whichever party they will join

  24. Gelo

    No matter how you try to under rate UPND, your time is ticking and you will prove your self wrong! Just get ready for a big twist! We have had enough and no one will listen to your lies! We are dying from hunger, unemployment, and high cost of living! We want leaders and not politicians! Anyandule!

  25. Comrade J

    These people who like leaving the party for no reason or maybe they are bought,they are not try leaders,a true leader thinks ahead of time… imagine two defecting if we were to call for an election how much money is the government spending???
    So far am thinking zambia should be on top ranking in holding unnecessary by-elections…

  26. Muko1

    Dnt Thnk U W Be Gven Positions,u W B Examined 4 3years Until They Proof Ur Genuine At That Tym Upnd N Power Pf W B Vanished, Lungu Nd Dora,chitotela,kangyompo N Jail

  27. Mukuba

    Rural Village councillors usually go unpaid for a long time and as such those that are unprincipled like the duo in discussion fall prey to predators with money. They listen to their bellies hence can’t resist to be bought

  28. Godfrey Kasongo

    All these lunatics resigning are useless individuals, who firstly where not supposed to have been adopted secondly, just dull to the fullest extent permitted in animal Kingdom.

  29. Nakatwitwi

    mukalila ngefyoni,,,,, yalafika inshita yakusobolola kalolo ne ngano!!! fika bwangu we nshita tulelolela (2021)

  30. Leave UPND To Tribalist Tongas

    God will bless you soon soon. Some tongas in UPND are tribalists, liars, vandals, pull down jentality people, immoral and bandits who instead wish and accuse others of their wickedness and lying. They work in organized criminal syndicates with police, lawyers and their relatives in the judiciary, to steal from others.. how can you let such people form the next government. They will just wickedly be living on other people’s earning. They are evil and bad bannered, pull down mentality and rumour mongering is their way of life. Leave them, they are liars.

  31. jack

    Comment Tonga tribe politics are just insults and opposing everything including the BILL OF RIGHTS which are beneficial to them. How many times have the Tonga MPs walked out of Parliament. Today you are blaming the PF and its wise MPs that it is selective in its development projects in the country when in fact it is the Tonga United Party for NO Development upnd whose president now called barly has instructed his fellow Tonga MPs not to work with PF government ministers from all tribes in Zambia to develop all constituencies in Zambia regardless of which province they are in. It is shameful for this Tonga man to say the councillors are resigning from the Tonga tribe party upnd because they are hungry. They resigning because of lack of leadership in Tonga political party. If the party had good leaders like those in the PATRIOTIC FRONT PF the upnd would have been in government now. 20 years in opposition this has never happened in Zambia. There will be another 20 years if hakahinde oh badly will be president of the Tonga party. Some people may think I am tribal no I am just following what hakahinde or badly himself said when he wrestled power from honourable Sakwiba Sikota after the death of the non tribal Mazoka whose Undidd Party for National Development UPND did not segregate any body. May our gallant leader rest in peace.

  32. Elijah

    What a selfishly leader who denies his mp not to take part in the country development, that’s why upnd for you to rule people of Zambia it will take time.The party itself is good the problem are the leadership, how many times HH failed to convince people of Zambia, it’s because regional and luck of man power or upnd is controlled by a family or it’s loyalty party.i love a part but I ha
    te leadership.

  33. DOZ

    Bally will pay💃

  34. Kaya

    Everything as its own time, countdown 2021

  35. hamasaka castrol

    It’s so eembarrassing to see people who count themselves to be educated now exposing their ignorance to the public Upnd the part for all Zambian people not only those who will be in position no! When you see our might MP matching out of parliament dont think is ignorance or hungry of power but it’s pitty to Zambian people.take not birds of some colour fry together since thy none of their color no option but to leave them and thy always fail.

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