Zambians Urged To Report Racist Public Places As The Lusaka City Council Closes A Chinese Restaurant Practicing “Apartheid” In 2020.

Hon. Miles Sampa, the Mayor of Lusaka, this morning, together with the LCC Director of Health Edgar Mulwanda, closed indefinitely the Chinese LANTIAN restaurant in Long acres. The official reason, according to the Mayor, was because they abrogated laws under the Food and Health Act namely:

1. Selling products labelled in Chinese and not English as prescribed by law.
2. Trading without a License from LCC.
3. Expired Fire certificate.

“We are moving in on all restaurants and other hospitality services especially of Chinese onwed that are conducting business without proper documentation or in an unethical manner,” the Mayor said.

Latian Restaurant, however, was reported by Muvi TV yesterday for only allowing entrance to the Chinese and denying native black Zambians for apparently COVID-19 related reasons. The Mayor added, “We strongly reprimanded the owner, a Mr. Tang, on that malpractice as well. Apartheid finished a long time ago in Lusaka after Zambia gained independence in 1964.”

The Mayor continued, “We urge all residents of Lusaka to whistle blow on any business or trading place exhibiting unethical practices. We shall move in decisively with supersonic speed. Together we can.”

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  1. Reagan

    Way to go, thumbs up bwana mayor and the team

  2. Tikambepo

    Its a well known fact that the Chinese have been doing this ever since they came to Zambia,some times they even used to cover their nose and mouth if a Zambian boards a bus with chinese inside.

    • Michael

      While I agree that a restaurant cannot and should not decide who to serve based on their race, I point out that the example you give of a Chinese person covering their mouth and nose with a mask when another person enters a bus is an act of respect for the other person, not one of disdain.
      It is a way of showing the latecomer you do not want him to be inflicted with any germs you may be carrying. It took me a little while myself to see that this action is the opposite of the Western custom of saying “Bless you” to a person who sneezes. The person who covers his face so as not to sneeze accidentally on a stranger is in effect “blessing” the person he encounters by making it harder for the germs to spread.

  3. Banja.

    Deport please! That restaurant will be opened in no time once kwacha is passed under the table. Deport and PI as Kenya did!!!

  4. Malizgani Nyirenda

    Well, that is good teach them that this is ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION, if they don’t like ZAMBIANS show them the way to China

    • Joseph zulu

      Mulebomba ba sampa nomba l

  5. Truth man

    They should be prosecuted as well.Why closing the restaurant only?Running any business in Zambia requires one to be licensed. I shall be waiting to hear about their appearance in court or else I shall suspect corruption. Let that case be taken over by Zambia police. This is an insult to the nation. A foreigner behaving with impunity!

  6. Savior

    For sure look at how foolish these Chinese dogs are! After manufacturing their virus and exporting it to other countries then they start avoiding the owners of the country where they are illegally residing doing business among themselves and smuggling our money to China………that’s how fucked up these pigs are.

  7. Jms

    Definitely, when you go to Rome,do what the Romans do. But here in Zambian foreigners are doing their own, please Moyer excellent work but punish and deport useless people who don’t have respect,(Bamidoba).

  8. Joseph zulu

    Mulebomba ba sampa nomba l

  9. Joseph zulu

    Mulebomba ba sampa nomba l

  10. Covid 1

    These small eyes creatures or pigs they are very very stupid and they think zambians are foolish for us to be queit and government must quickly sort out these stinky pigs otherwise we will start burning them if they continue ill treating zambians like they do in southafrican zenefobia one zambia one nation.

  11. Chitimbwapre

    We shall dununa them reverse these idiots they the same people who have brought corona virus in the world and then conducting foolishness in. Zambia. Mayor. Samoa report them they are not our friend those idiots must not walk or drive in our roads it has affected me all Chinese are foolish

  12. Mukosa Kubwata

    The small-eyed creatures like Zambia because we give them business. If the government cannot teach them a lesson, we, as ordinary citizens, can teach them. Let’s start by not buying anything from their shops. Today i have started this boycott and campaign against buying in Chinese shops. There are numerous alternatives and we can surely survive without the Chinese. May I see those who are with me on this campaign trail please?

  13. Shi Mumba

    Apartheid has been declared a Crime against Humanity by the United Nations. Those Chinese restaurant owners should be arrested and charged under this Law. Closing down their restaurant should not be enough. They will just continue cooking their dogs and cats at another place…

  14. Topcat

    Hang them to their ballz in a market place for all to see that we will never be taken for granted again. This is Zambia and not Chambia.

  15. storn to death

    chines people please dnt force zambians to storn u to death because ur eyes are to smal

  16. Chota

    Aba bafikala balingile ukuya bwangu pantu twalatampa ukubafyonona umo umo.

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