Dora Siliya Reminds Unruly PF Cadres That Radio Stations Operate Under An Act Of Parliament

Chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya has said media houses should not break the law just like the government does not want PF cadres to break the law against Chinsali and Mpika radio stations.

Ms. Siliya, the Informations and Broadcasting Services Minister, said when she featured on a special programme on Radio Phoenix on Monday that her job is to ensure that she defends the law from both sides.

This was in response to a question on the reported barring of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema on some radio stations in Muchinga Province, which the Minister has categorically condemned and said the ruling party cadres are embarrassing the government by their behaviour.

She, however, said the regulator, has not received any report about the content of the programme on which Mr. Hichilema was featured.

“Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has not received a report about to say no Mr. Hichilema was demeaning, that is why we wanted him out of the radio. But even if he was demeaning, there is a process in which media houses can be sanctioned by the IBA. The IBA has done that by withdrawing the licenses, by closing radio stations, even TV stations if they break the law,” Ms. Siliya said.

“We are supposed to be a country of laws for us to be able to live together across religious divide, political divide, across tribal lines. We all have agreed that we live in this nation state called Zambia. So first, we are Zambians, so we have to obey the laws of the country as captured in our own Constitution. The public’s right to know is operationalised in modern society through newsrooms, through the practice of journalism. Sometimes, we have to accept that in big political institutions, even in the PF, there are people who are a bit overzealous. Nobody has the right to issue instructions to radios and say radio cannot do this or do that. We as government have already requested radios and television stations and all other media to work with us in the fight against COVID-19.”

She said that the only regulatory body for radios was IBA and added that the government will have to do quite a lot to educate PF members in the provinces that the radio stations operate under an Act of Parliament and the IBA issues licenses.

“Unless there is a specific grievance against what somebody is saying on the radio station, I think it is important that we observe the laws of the country. The only regulatory body for radios is the IBA, it is not the PF Provincial Chairman and I think as a party, we will have to do quite a lot to educate our colleagues in the provinces that the radio operates under an Act of Parliament and the IBA issues this license. We are the very government that is elected by the people to look after their public interests and in this case, government is a representative of all the citizens of this country and one of the things they didn’t elect the PF government for is to storm radio stations,” Ms Siliya said.

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  1. Malizgani Nyirenda

    Cadres are not rulers! Neither ruling or opposition as long you are just a cadre, you should not act as if you are in the office, cadres you are not elected, meaning that you are not known country wide, so leave some of the duties for those in office, you are the people shading bad pictures of the parties you belong to, akwe vilekeke muwe pafupi mwakhumbikanga kudupulika, Sha vilekeke mwa

    • Lincoln


  2. Jms

    Its unfortunate to let children lead in any situation otherwise this occurs to a parent who doesn’t teach children manners.

  3. FedUp

    Not long ago cadres did something similar at one of our top hotels in Lusaka in full view of guests. It was caught on camera. Has anyone been arrested for that? All this is done with the blessing from the man on top. Fish rots from the head first.

  4. Wiseman

    Pf oficials stop sending cadres 4 foolinss, police tabomba ukufikapo, alatina kada mufwaya cinsi cikalande nga te bantu

  5. Wiseman

    U pf oficias u pretend 2 know nothing while u know de full story.Hon.minister mucinga prov. say somthing we ar waiting

  6. Veld chilembe

    Don’t just remind them but arrest them also

  7. Jms

    As the say, (don’t kubeba) let them go.

  8. Razor

    During the day condemning just to show the world that we follow the law in order to get covid funds but at night sending the same cadres to fight. We have seen through your tricks now since there has been no action taken against anybody.

  9. PF must go

    I don’t believe her words. It’s the action that Speaks allowed.. Example what have they done to the so called carders…. Words are mare sweet talk…

  10. mushiba

    Comment Dora is a snake in the grass.i don’t believe her.open prime tv for us .

  11. Muko1

    Th Bible Say’a Stick Of Discpline Rmoves Stupidity 4rm A Child’.If A Child Dsnt Rcieve Retribute 4rm Hz Parents At First,he W Nt Dstinguish Wrong Or Bad,so When Cadres See Our Hardworkn Police Being Fired Or Retired N So Called National Intrest 4 Inforcing Th Law On Them,they Hv Bcome Big Headed,, Bt Basiliti Take Nt Tht ‘evrthn Hz Tym,nothn Goes Up That W Never Come Down,w R Here&we W B Here,yo Days R Rushn 2 Th End,yo Rotten Head W B Thrown 2 A Sortn Table,yo Tricky Lips W No Longer Fil Lipstick N Tht Red Dress

  12. mr man

    what i cant understand about this woman when she was in mmd she talked ill about pf and now busy praising pf so if next year you loose what ar u going to say about pf?

  13. Pela

    You tolerate cadres shit that’s why they behave the way the do! PF cadres! Rubbish!

  14. Swaswa

    Insoni ebuntu. Sometimes Ba PF u behave..naimwee..ubutuutu

  15. Leon


    • bc

      CommentThe only thing that is constant in life is change.

  16. sevans

    Its high time PF works those thugs from Lusaka other wise these thugs they move from province to province you know them just fire them from the party i know you do better than keeping criminals

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