Moses Mawere Bemoans Social Media Falsehoods

Chipata Central PF Member of Parliament Moses Mawere is saddened with people who are spreading false stories that he intends to re-contest the seat on the lUPND ticket.

Mawere said he remains loyal to President Lungu and the PF and he intends to represent the people of Chipata Central Constituency for the second term.

Below is Mawere’s Facebook posting:

FACEBOOK and other social media platforms are a bonus mode of communication for everyone. Unfortunately these platforms are on the other side used to damage other people’s personalities by people with low self-esteem.

I wish to express disappointment to learn that there are individuals concocting lies against me that I intend to stand on the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) ticket in the coming elections. This is pure falsehood. I love and believe in my party the ‘Patriotic Front’ and its development agenda and I will remain loyal to its Presidency as I stand to represent the good people of Chipata Central constituency for the second term next year.

I don’t want to blame people who fall for these tricks and lies exacerbated by political rivals without proper agenda for the people. Like many leaders in Zambia and world over, I have suffered so much slander in the hands of people I need to work together with. Politics of lies is damaging, not only to victims but equally to the fabrics that cement our brotherhood.

Talk to your brother if there’s anything wrong not mudslinging. Good afternoon!

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  1. Banja

    Mawere is very lucky to contest in Zambia. Just like Emily Sikazwe, he is a Malawian who should perhaps help Mutharika steal the Presidency there!

  2. Malizgani Nyirenda

    BANJA, do you know very well that Mr.Mawele is a Malawian? And if you are true, where we’re you when he was standing on the ticket for PF, don’t do things on personal interest

    • Albert

      Ba Banja, please present your facts if he is indeed a Malawan.

  3. Comedy

    If you look at the story of mawere it’s talking about fake news, immediately after reading the story Mr Banja pops up with nationality issues with no evidence of what so ever let’s change our mindset

  4. Jimmy shaba

    Banja’s thinking is very ancient and barbaric

  5. Jms

    Either being a Malawian or not it sims to me the people who voted for him must be stupid, useless and ignorant thats why maybe that rumour is going around. So easterners be careful you will destroy our beautiful country. Mawere is innocent here people are just making you to fall. People just want mawere to hate Upnd,so a normal person doesn’t listen to useless people. And also you mawere you are an mp never listen to useless creatures nonsese.,behave you were chosen unless you weren’t thats when you can be angry, people must use their particulars in thinking.

  6. Jms

    I think we should imitate the mind of Jimmy shaba we also don’t have bring segregation, tribalism and any type of letting one down especially a person now non as honorable, please we beg change in people’s thinking capacity.

  7. Razor

    Mawere is not going to be adopted next year. That’s why he was even dropped as a minister.

  8. Nta nda

    Zambia being ruled by foreigners has not started today,it started from the first president kaunda a malawian.

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