Authentic Extracts On The Sale Of ZCCM Show Why Mr. Hichilema Has Failed To Explain His Source Of Wealth… …a case of entrusting a barley field with a goat for a second time.

Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) was sold in 1998 for a total price of US$627million, which was divided into 7 sections of which, Konkola Copper mine was $25million, Kansanshi Mine was $28million, Luanshya mine was $35million, Chibuluma mine was $20million and others.

At this time, the prices of our copper had dropped from $2,300/ton in 1997 to about $1,500/ton in 1998 and remained at that level till 2003. The Government of Zambia was subsidizing the mines by approximately $1million PER DAY!! That was way too expensive to run the mines.

Privatization of ZCCM commenced in 1996, after the government and the boards of ZCCM and the Zambia Privatization Agency (ZPA) approved the ZCCM Privatization Report and Plan presented by the UK based Financial and Legal advisors, NM Rothschild & Sons and Clifford Chance, respectively.

On 11th of March, 1997, Fredrick Chiluba appointed Francis Kaunda to be Chairman of ZCCM Privatization team. He was hired based on two reasons given by the then President, (1). His knowledge on mining assets, and (2). Credibility with Investors in the mining industry.

Francis Kaunda had close to 3 decades of experience working at the top of mine business in the country from 1974 to 1991 when he was retired without reason when there was a change in government, but his vast knowledge prompted Chiluba to call him back in 1997 to handle the Privatization Process.

ZCCM Privatization team hired local experts and formed 3 groups during its transformation plan of 1998;

First group was to sell CORE assets, and this was headed by Norman Mbazima and John Patterson. ‘Core Assets’…an essential, important or valuable property of a business without which a company cannot carry on with its profit-making activities. A business would dissolve without its core assets, and companies that sell off core assets are usually liquidating and on the verge of bankruptcy.

Second group was to sell SUBSIDIARY assets, and this was headed by Hakainde Hichilema. ‘Subsidiary’…a company whose voting stock is more than 50% controlled by another company, usually referred to as the parent company or holding company. A subsidiary is a company that is partly or completely owned by another company that holds a controlling interest in the subsidiary company.

Third group was to dispose of miscellaneous items and this was headed by Mwila Lumbwe. For the legal Services, Elias Chipimo Jr., who graduated from Oxford University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Law, was hired. His main area was Corporate Law, Advisory work on Merges and Acquisitions, Privatizations and Capital market related work.

The nation must rally behind Government’s efforts to develop Zambia and ignore the political rhetoric we have been subjected to in the advent of multiparty politics. Most of those in the forefront screaming purported corruption by the Edgar Lungu led PF Government are just politicking for political hegemony as there is enough evidence to prove that they are not who they claim to be.

The second group, to sell SUBSIDIARY assets and headed by Hakainde Hichilema, selected the lowest bid by Sun International Ltd. when selling the Intercontinental Hotel Livingstone and the Rainbow Lodge in exchange for acquiring a massive amount of shares in the company. Is this not corruption?

The second group chose to reject competing bids of $20m by Victoria Falls Travel Bureau, $10m by Stocks and Stocks Ltd. and $9.4m by Marassa Holdings Ltd. but instead chose the lowest bid of $5.65m by Sun International of South Africa.

Why did Mr. Hichilema choose to sell these valuable properties belonging to Zambian taxpayers for just $5 million instead of $20 million when it was available? It turned out that the UPND presidential candidate worked out a deal to acquire a massive stake in the company in exchange for corruptly awarding them the lowest bid, and even incorporated Sun International (Zambia) Ltd. four months before the sale took place.

Under normal circumstances, this transaction would have been immediately stopped, over this conflict of interest, and Mr. Hichilema would have been subjected to a corruption investigation. But in this case, both the Commerce Minister, Hon. Dipak Patel and the Head of the Privatisation Agency were pulled into the transaction with Mr. Hichilema.

So what corruption are talking about today which is worse than what the second group was involved in? This is why we wish to make the general public understand that the time of propping up one individual over the needs of the nation is long gone. Zambia needs a new path. We must invest in a governance system that must promote development. No single person can develop Zambia. We all must get involved.

Who says Zambians can’t run mines? Has KCM collapsed since Government took it over? Is it not Mopani that has opted to go into maintenance and yet Mr. Hichilema was against Government taking over KCM? We must support Government efforts to relocate ownership of our natural resources back to Zambian hands.

The Edgar Lungu led PF Government has created ZCCM Gold Company, a wholly owned parastatal by government through the IDC, and has been mandated to drive the national gold agenda, undertaking and overseeing all gold related investments throughout the gold value chain in the country including exploration, mining, processing, refining, marketing, trading and beneficiation in Zambia.

Although copper might be fetching a staggering US$6.300/ton on the London Metal Market, with cobalt fetching a whooping US$80,000/ton, gold is in a class of its own, relatively fetching US$445.58 per gram with price per kilo averaging US$45,594.94.

This is the sort of information Zambians ought to concentrate on and not unsubstantiated corruption allegations by people who can discuss their from rugs to riches stories.

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  1. Jms

    We written but again attacking the most well reasonable person, all what we could have head from you is the 48 plus houses etc but not ,I disagree with you because that amount you are being paid can’t work like that.see even this bill 10 although you support it ,you know it useless, Zambians keep your eyes wide open, don’t allow force rules, for example what better or how best is that useless law which States that only a grade 12 is eligible to stand for any big post. This has brought English speakers not transformers. If Zambians have good changing hearts by accepting that man you still try to bring down,you will be shocked how he may transform Zambia.we must stand for the goodness of bringing people who can make Zambia better.

  2. Henrykaulumbi

    Poor leadership in Zambia everyone what’s to make money using government,what Zambia need is a leader like mr hh chapwa

    • Annoyed zambian

      Gentleman don’t talk about HH . he HH is useless he has made the life of a Zambian miners unbearable . real suffers. . I have come to believe that there is no witchcraft . if there is witchcraft HH would have been witched by now. The only witchcraft to work on HH is not to vote for him in this country. He has made us suffer now we will not allow him to make us suffer again. What has HH done which makes you to be pleased to put him at at the top position in this country. There are a lot of people in this country who are rich but they don’t host of having riches. Having enough money doesn’t mean it is a qualification to presidency . or it is the wisdom of one to be a president . Zambians think you cry and regret if you allowed to lead this beautiful country in the name of he has money .

      • Kaeus

        Wether you vote or not, come 2021 HH nimu state house. You insignificant cockroach

  3. Reviewer

    This is an example of a poorly researched and written article. Your focus was on trying to hide the current corruption by diverting attention to unsubstantiated corruption accusation on HH. If my memory serves me right there is an offer for anyone or institution that can provide evidence for Hichilema corruption during the ZCCM privatisation.
    You said the sale of ZCCM was in three categories, Hichilema was involved in the sale of subsidiaries. Was Sun hotel a ZCCM asset? Again you do not give us how the proceeds of the sale were handled and how HH and Dipak Patel diverted some of those proceeds for their own benefit. You are attacking those that are talking about corruption in the current government and in the same vain you accuse others without evidence.

    • X

      And Dipak was not Commerce Minister at the time. He ceased to be a member of Chiluba’s cabinet after the 1996 elections

    • Wakishale

      Your observation on the sale of ZCCM may be correct but can you exonarate HH on the corru

  4. LiarLiar

    ‘Entrusting a barley field with a goat’ like Zambians have with ECL and his 40 thieves. This is a useless article. PF have not vailed their dislike for HH. So, if what you’re implying is factual the man would have been incarcerated. Stop trying to mislead us. Nowhere in your silly article have you touched on the many financial scandals that we have witnessed under PF. Why? Chris Phiri you are an enemy of the People.

  5. Maimbolwa Masiye

    Amama neo what trash! If what has been vomited is true PF has been in power since 2011 and have failed to take HH to court for him to account for financial impropriety. All there is are rumours and no substance. HH has challenged anyone with evidence of his mischief to provide it to the authorities and yet the author of this rubbish goes to pew shit by telling stories. As Zambians we want whoever misapplied public resources to be indicted in a court of law and taken to account for his actions. We don’t care whether it was HH who stole or what let him be taken to court if there is any evidence. Nothing but the truth shall set this country free. Innuendos will not see HH convicted and it’s best forgotten.

  6. Jms

    Zambians must forge ahead to be misled by these cheap reporters, they say if you can’t bit them join them as reviewer has said i think thats why you sent GBM to scout on him and succeeded in some areas but you can’t fool us. In education their is teaching and learn so as in leadership. To tell you the truth we obtained something in kk’s error and freedom in chiluba’s error plus entrepreneurship, we needed law and order mwanawasa gave us that,unfortunately we got lost, at last we were luck to have sata, again and misfortune we missed him mhsrip. Now we need a proper person who is able to unite all these in one and transform the country.

  7. Saasa

    This is a typical “100 words Zero meaning.”
    You have labored to paint HH black with false, coordinated allegations. for your information, Among many others, please check 3 facts below;
    1. KCM owes CEC over US$47 million.
    2. ZCCM Gold is owned by ZCCM-IH 45% and the majority shareholding is by Karma Mining
    3. Intercontinental Hotel – Livingstone was never owned by ZCCM.

  8. Musyani

    I like the exchanges here,we are all outsiders but we haven’t had perfect leaders so far,but I don’t trust pf and upnd as well,we need new leaders from late 70s and 80s these other purported leaders including hh,lungu they are all can’t be trusted with the running of the country,hh is reach but he can’t explain how he acquired his wealth,lungu is also reach maybe because he is the president and using his influence,kambwili when he was in government he took all the contracts in luanshya,so we don’t have people with ethics aspiring to be president one day,we must wake up and smell the coffee or else we will sufer forever.

    • Wamundila

      Nonsense. This author dedicates a heap of rubbish without shame. There is lots of hallucination and wishful thinking in his good for nothing article. He says there were groups selling different assets. Why is it that only HH and not Mbazima and Mwila Lumbwe, the other group leaders is accused of stripping the ZCCM wealth? This misleading author admits that Lumbwe sold the core assets of the mine, and yet he didn’t get rich like HH. Record are there for Zambia to recall the prominent names in the privatization of ZCCM . Francis Kaunda, Lumbwe, Valentine Chitalu and non of these is accused of stealing from ZCCM. HH played only a brief consultancy role and yet many political synchophants scream his name for a crime he didn’t commit. Criminals have depleted govt coffers and beneficiaries like Chri Phiri are covering up and hero worshipping them.

  9. Mbangu Chikuma

    If you are a news editor , then you are not a qualified journalism or you’re simply a paid cadre who has been employed to paint Mr Hichilema corrupt which you have failed to substantiate in your poorly written article . How is the sale of Intercontinental Hotel Livingstone and Rainbow Lodge related to the sale of Mines . The second issue is that the Principal or final decision maker at the time was GRZ and if it is true that HH or his firm sold the hotels to the lowest bidder , why didn’t Govt reject the lowest offers recieved from Sun International ? . Are you aware that Duncan Mbaxima ended up working for Anglo American after the privatization exercise despite that his team had sold KCM to Anglo American at a low price as claimed by yourself . Was there a restraint of trade by HH and his team on the shares of the companies they sold or advised to sell ?
    You cannot fool and lie to anybody but foolish people who have no clue about such issues , so just shut up and keep quite

    • FBL

      Mbangu you ve a small brain.
      So you agree that there was corruption in the way Duncan Mbazima dealt here.He helps to sell at a lower price and he is employed by the buyer….how,?
      HH sells the hotels for a song and he becomes a major share holder and that’s okey with you….how?
      Mbangu you ask why govt never stopped the sells……because another crooked person was acting in collusion with these guys,Dipark Patel.

  10. Tikambepo

    chris pig has nothing to offer tothe followers of his kantemba bais media which is set to manipulate the minds of normal thinking people to turn them into pf cadres @ the expense of self benefits………ba Chris try to be psychological in assessing people’s minds not ubo bu cadre ubulemoneka nakwifontini lyonse,limbi tamwakwata (5)tumyafwilisheko.

  11. Musyani

    Hey guys let’s debate logic not throwing insults at each other,me am not a cadre to anyone but but some people amaze me by how they are invested in individuals,politicians will just use you and forget you once they are in power,what we need is to separate party and government such that whoever is running the government there are checks and balances to make sure he is doing the right thing,stop worshiping these so called leaders and parties, stop being emotionally attached,learn to accept criticism whether directed at you all your so called leader.

    • Imjustsaying

      Musiyani your are right, Zambians need to learn to debate issues without being emotional. And please let’s stop worshipping these leaders

  12. Jms

    Musyani,to tell the truth this issue has been debated nicely without the insults you are saying, that’s why we need education as the first priority,its true many have pointed on reporting and I Wonder if some issues are checked before letting it to be debated.

  13. Detective

    Hogwash. What Zambia has been made to experience by the PF during Edgar reign is worse.

  14. Rowdy

    Can PF explain to the people of Zambia why after taking over a once thriving economy and went on to bongosola everything after promising heaven on earth within 90 days. Anyone can get a copy of that PF manifesto and compare today if any of what they said came to pass. The writer is also dull because how can you try to just a current wrong with a past one? What is going on with the court ruled payments by the ministers who illegally stayed in office. Was Edgar correct not give power to the speaker when he was petitioned, was his salary during that period earned or stolen?

  15. Hill

    Plz why can’t you talk about the 48 houses. Sure 1998 or 97 where were you that time. You want to confuse us now so that you start writing false reports. Some people died long time ago as witnesses. Unless you are historians. Deal new cases, not history.

  16. Tisuleko

    That information is false and void we people of Zambia are tired of poor governance in Zambian history we just want to move forward with bally one bravo HH

  17. Razor

    All of the above articles are totally untrue. If there was any corruption involved then during the sale of the mines, Bally would have been in prison by now. No Government after Chilubas would have spared him especially Mwanawasa who was on a crusade to root out corruption.

  18. The devil's advocate

    “a case of entrusting a barley field with a goat for a second time”. I think the above statement applies to lungu as well, why should we give him a third term if he so miserably failed? You are simply giving us more points to disregard PF mr writer.

  19. Michael Mwanangombe

    Records about the sale of ZCCM are there at ZDA and are in public domain. Mr Francis Kaunda is very much alive and can be invitef on either on Sunday Interview or any Radio station to educate the nstion about the sale of ZCCM and its Subsidiary Companies. Suprisingly nobody is talking about ZImco and its subsidiaries and thereafter where the money realised was used to benefit Zambians. Issues surrounding Zambian Airwsys have been buried. Evaluation of these assets were done, followed by open bids, and this wad followed the actual sale to bidders spearheaded by Chairman Francis Kaunda and his committee. Why dont we explore this route to avoid injuring inmocent soul of HH. I workef for ZCVM for more 30 years. So i kmow the whole story of ZCCM. KCM was sold for a song $25m. And who KCM to Vendatta.? And why are we not talking about.

  20. Geoffrey

    We need to know how those Minister who stay in office after desolving Parliament will pay back our money and when they will give land promised to the miners in 2015. Let government of the day make us know when we’ll get our tittle deeds of ZCCM houses?

  21. FALSE STORY- HH never made decisions on who to award privatization contracts

    Dear Editor, in life we should be very fair with what we write about others. Remember that one day HH will sue the author & your online paper. Procurement procedures were not handled by consultants but by Govt through the privatization committee which appointed an evaluation committee to handle the procurement process & award of contracts.

  22. Jms

    It sims people are misled by force reporting and I fail to understand why the minister of information is idol seeing such reporting. I may conclude that HH was one of the best advisors of chiluba although chiluba himself maced up things mhsrip, a good leader is being recognized by his good dids now how are going to recognize this government. Even the people responsible of wrong reporting are busy encouraging it ,we are very disappointed with pf in every corner.

  23. Wilson MOONO

    Sometimes one wonders if those that post such rubbish ever went to school. The article is so childish. This what I call septic tank thinkers.

  24. Tegwa gomez

    Kambanikoni vina . We are tired of the same fake story full of nothing but jelousy n deviations from the current situation. When you were busy asleep your friend worked and was genuinely providing consultancy. Nkalani cabe ngati mulibe vokamba

  25. Blackklansman

    I think the writer must respect himself or herself as he or she does in his or her own toilet. This is rubbish waste of space, can something that happened over 22 years ago solve the current problems the country is facing?

  26. Really Reagan

    You UPND cares always cry that there’s no smoke without fire whenever Lungu is accused of corruption but this writer is giving us details that HH got corrupted and you are dismissing it as just smoke with no fire? Let’s have HH answering these corruption allegations that seems to hold a lot of truth. Why shield him? Let him answer on his own. The Lungu government’s corruption acts will be dealt with separately. Lungu and HH both owe us explanations on their corrupt acts

  27. Manganga

    Hichilema is a thief and very corrupt, at the same time very tribal. And surrounded by typical tribalists! So you people who worship Hichilema what have you seen in him. Just because the one ruling Zambia currently is not Tonga so you naturally hate him! That’s why Hichilema will never win and rule Zambia because of archaic strategies! Because you think Hichilema is the best, when he’s actually the worst with no leadership qualities! Due to wrong strategies that’s why Hichilema and his cohorts thought late President Michael Sata should be Hichikema’s vice in that failed alliance between PF and UPND! That was laughable by the whole country! Sata went alone and got the presidency to the envy of Hichilema and his cohorts! If Hichilema was not too proud a person, he could have been Sata’s vice, and become president after Sata’s death! Hichilema’s time has passed, he will never rule Zambia!

  28. Bell

    I think Manganga is mentally retarded. Do you think all Zambians including political gurus from eastern province who are not happy with the current leadership are tongas. Please wise up. And no one is talking about tribes here. So if you have nothing to say please don’t expose your stupidity.

    • jack

      Comment Do not insult others most of those that support badly always post insulting comments. The question to ask is why is it that each time hakahinde is asked to explain his source of wealth he becomes uncontrollably angry and calls those that ask him names just like you bell and others are doing. This article is about putting hakahinde in power with a record of having corruptly gained asking buyers to buy Zambia’s assets at a lower price in return for some reward from the buyer and this is the corruption the writer is talking about. And for those that are saying what hakahinde did is history, this is the history that the writer is saying should not repeat it self if hichilema or badly as his new name is can’t is voted into power because he do the same.
      In my view since badly is still alive let him shame those that are accusing him of this corruption by going to one of the TV stations of his choice and explain to us Zambians how he got his wealth simple as that. For anything to change or progress it depends on history. So it is very wrong to say what badly did is history and can not be judged by that. No one in their right mind can name their child after a thief unless they are a thief themselves. Similarly no one can want a thief to become president unless they are one or have some inclination either tribal or political period.

  29. Lameck Lungu

    I don’t see any change even if we were to change all the leaders today in Zambia, reason the leaders we have now cannot be compared with the leaders just after colonial rule.Our forefathers had the heart for the people not what we see now so this blame game we have I don’t see any fruition in it.

    • Fbl

      For over 20 years this scandal and accusation has followed HH.And 5 times it’s been successfully used to beat him in successive elections,if it wasn’t true why has HH not sued those who allege for Libel.Why does it take his supporters to defend him and not himself?
      Voters have denied him five times because all his opponents have called him a thief yet he has sued no one…..not even FTJ wen he said ask HH where he took the $10m he got from Ramcoz.
      Now this will come up again in 2021 and 6 times he will loose.
      HH is A BMW -Bally Mwasuka Wakota loosing sure.

    • Fbl

      HH is A BMW -Bally Mwasuka Wakota loosing sure.what a childish name to come up with for a serious person wanting to become president…..BMW

  30. Blue tooth Mbewe

    This issue of privatization will never yield any fruits. Just leave Bally alone. If God says yes, no one can say no and if he says no still no one can say yes. That’s like water under the bridge. Its high time we forge ahead and fight our great enermy Covid 19

  31. Youth movement

    I can’t see your points Mr reporter you’re just wasting peoples time by trying to divert the attention,so are you trying to support wrong just because of the past?and if he was wrong also why haven’t you reported him to the relevant authority?

  32. Chibwabwa

    When wolves regroup,this is what you expect. Fear of their own shadows

  33. Malizgani Nyirenda

    Nasowa chakwandula

  34. joel kabotolo

    After reading this article, my mind is made up. I am giving the goat a vote. I don’t know much about 1997 as i was somehow young then, but I know 2001 to date. Mwanawasa was seen as a vilian and called names but he meant well for the economy. Same thing happened to Sata. I still remember Chanda Chimba III. And now HH

  35. Mwinga

    This propaganda is no working we must fire this regime in 2021 without fail

  36. masaka

    I wonder why upnd caders are like this they worship hh like a ka small god everybody knows hh ni kabwalala chapwa

  37. Malik

    It’s high time Zambia stop worship human beings

  38. P.M

    Chris , your pathetic attempt at blaming HH is so shameful snd spalling. By your own admission, Norman Mbazima headed the team that sold core assets(mines) and HH headed the team that sold dubsidiariy assets. Question is ehy do you push the narrative that HH sold the mines? For your own information all offers were presented to the govenment who ultimately decided who to sell to. If that hotel was offered $20 million but sold for $5 million, it was the government’s decision and not HH’s. Why is Norman Mbazima not mentioned in the sale of mines? Would we be talking about HH if he hadnt joined politics? The answer is a big NO. Would we be talking about Mbazima if he had joined politics? The answer is a big YES. Please leave HH alone cos he never stole anything. If you want something to do, write about the pandemic corruption in Lungu’s lead PF. You sre really pathetic if you think anybody believes in the trash you write. Envy and jealous will soon kill you.

  39. P.M

    Why should anybody be compelled to explain they got rich or poor? The ministers have rejected life style audit, yet we know they steal.

  40. Brandon

    The truth is that we cannot afford another 5 years of the PF government, these guys have failed period. Corruption is rampant, lawlessness and caderism are the order of the day. HH right now is our best option let all well meaning Zambians rally behind HH and give him all the necessary support. Let’s make sure come next year we go out and vote let’s vote!. Let’s vote in unprecedented numbers to enable HH win by a land slide so that these thieves won’t even stand a chance of stealing votes…

    • Abel

      You are yet to see the worse government today you have a loudest voice lelo chaliwama ukupwa ukucila ukutampa

  41. Medhone

    Bakamba ba hh, ukutemwa ukulyamo.You see now, peole have not forgotten what you did. unless you become a kachema wa ngombe they will not forget

  42. Sichalwe

    Where does Intercontinental Hotel come in here this guy is just a fool after 2021 you will all go to jail bunch of thieves.

  43. Jms

    To me I think someone giving you education isn’t a thief because he or she can’t let you know much or be educated because you may know him or her better. So please these pf are not educated otherwise this column could have been so interesting. I wish the most English speaker was hear to shame some of these talkative people and teach them how to speak/writing English (Dr chiluba may his soul rest in peace.

  44. Daniel Banda

    Sir, thank you for bringing out such vital information about HH. It’s not just HH who is a problem but the entire generation of tujilijili and kachasu guzzlers whose other obsession is to listen to his desperate rantings, read and write insults on social media. If anything it’s a branch of illiterates whose analytical capacity is not even zero but negative infinitely. It is that aspect that should make an integral person worry about the future of our country. A person who is used to benefit more from a little effort is a danger to everyone. He should not be expected to change and perform miracles on the economy. The quality of todays human beings is too low to make progressive decisions and are fond of making wrong decisions of the belly rather than of the future. If he HH cannot give a sensible account of his wealth so that he can be a model to his supporters but chooses to mislead them that their poverty is caused by others not themselves then the future of Zambia is bleak indeed. I personally have come to understand that if the people I see on the road walk on the the left when at school the teaching is for them to walk on the right, then it’s a sign of low IQ which is associated with a poor quality of human beings. Zambia is in trouble.

  45. Young youth

    From the view of things ,I wish HH the best lucky in 2021…..
    All we need is a responsible leader
    Not this ruling party which has made the cost of bread from k5 to k15 ….in addition the cost of transport has been doubled….

  46. Thomson Mwape

    Ladies and Gentlemen. I did not even know that the mysterious hotel bought by the notorious and most President F. Chiluba in Belgium had been sold. This corrupt genius even bought flats with stollen Zambian money in Belgium. Who is now running those flats in Belgium? Who pocketed the dues from the now sold hotel? All these corrupt deals are found in the world bank report. These financial criminals will one day have to be persecuted and face public tribunal. Then we have another corrupt person called HH. He thinks that we Zambians do not know him. Cheating fellow Zambians that he had amassed millions of dollars by starting off with one cow makes laugh.
    This a mockery of democracy. The fact is that this man with the blessing of F. Chiluba managed to sell mines at cheapest price an in turn corruptedly got paid millions of dollars as commission.
    Which people are these people fooling? Fact is that none of these corrupt characters as HH or Lungu are capable to rule Zambia. The are thieves in heart. There are other political parties with leaders who are not corrupt. Zambians must look further than HH and Lungu. Institutions like the police and the army who are supposed to guide democracy are also playing the same music of corruption. With their big be stomachs, the generals only relax eating nice meat and drinking the whole day. What a weakness. What a shame. They make poor Zambians to continue suffering.

  47. Jms

    Keep on doing what you need but we will never forget the charge we need unless someone without education, you can’t review what is consisting in bill 10, the eligible voting system is bad unless people who don’t reason are the ones supporting it,we need better understanding for that bill, we do things in fervour of our children, if you are Christians why doing wrong things, unfortunately sata is gone he wanted HH himself why did sata do something to him. Thats how losses are,even those counselors being see flocking in pf have been betrayed by Satan.we Will be strong going forward, even foreigners are see a good leader to him.

  48. Angoni

    Given a preference between HH and lungu i would still vote for Lungu not that President Lungu is a capable President but his stealing is much better than the stealing or the corruption of HH. The wealth of HH cannot be explained to motivate those that are working hard.

  49. Zero

    HH seems to be a threat to you! Address high levels of unemployment, high cost of living, corruption and tell the owner of confiscated mukula in Singapore and the owner of the well furnished houses in Chalala and leave the man of the match alone!

  50. Felily

    Yes all current politicians are in it just for the money. Look at how Rupiah Banda beamed when Lungu gave him that house which he knew he had never worked for! For Mwanawasa just go and read Assange’s revelations. Ka Chiluba go check that London judgement. HH is queuing up and his record is terrible like all of the other politicians. Nawakwi became landlady of big mansions in Lusaka after one year as Chiluba s minister. Elias Chipimo I think was the clean one but he has retired

  51. Ngoni

    corruption before you get into power who do you think can vote for you uko just keep on companing until 2050 maybe my grand son will vote for you but am now 22 years kaya



  53. Chi chi

    Kkkkk, if HH has stolen come with evidence my friend and lets quickly arrest him but if you fail then it means u a liar a journalist wa fake. Me would be very pleased to see someone coming up with the evidence about HH stealing public money. As long as there is no evidence will vote for him like in 1991, it will be a revolution woooooh

  54. Kaeus

    You are fuckin useless, an idiot, my dog even has more perception than you. Futsek

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