Sioma MP Expresses Gratitude To President Lungu.

Sioma Constituency Independent Member of Parliament, Hon. Mbololwa Subulwa, has expressed gratitude to President Edgar Lungu for helping deliver development to Western Province. She expressed joy that communication towers in Sinjembela and Luhuto areas in Sioma District have been connected.

“We will forever be grateful to our Father ECL . As area MP, I will not let you down. As an Independent MP, I feel blessed to have a Father and President in you.”

Government has now erected 658 new sites as part of the 1009 new communication towers to be erected as part of the Communication Tower project.

Below is her posting:

“I would like to thank His Excellency Dr. Edgar Lungu for listening to the cries of the humble people of Sioma.

Today I received calls from the people of Sinjembela and Luhoto that newly constructed Communication Towers in the above said areas are now connected.

We will forever be grateful to our Father ECL . As area MP, I will not let you down. As an independent MP, I feel blessed to have a Father and President in you.

May our living God cover you in His grace. May your enemies live long to see you President Dr. ECL accomplish your promises to the people of Zambia.”

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  1. Martin Kunolu

    Thanks, indeed our area is connected.That is development and I urge my sister Hon Mbololwa to deliver for the people what they want, not imposing programs

  2. Love your neighbor

    Ici nici gelo olo ni MP, ilinso fye katwishi?

  3. Female Advocate

    Bakashana, speak in parliament so that you are heard. Since delivering your maiden speech never ever heard of you again. Speak bane, give us the reason why we should advocate for more female MPs

    • Raja Dints

      You’re right, they, our women mp, all seem to be present physically, but they are always absent when it comes to representing their constituencies.

  4. SOS

    But this MP is a joker zoona! A communication tower ati development,dull mp you are……those communication towers belong to those net work providers who want to expand their base of income……..give them roads,hospitals,good schools,electricity although kariba is dried up and other necessary things not boosting yanjala iwe chimukazi owe.

    • Malizgani Nyirenda

      Ba “SOS” I have seen your thinking is low, when you had no network you were saying the government is not good, you were blaming the President and his government to day network is there you are saying people should not PRAISE the president and his government, what type of a person are you? Awe a LUNGU EDGAR mwatebeta , Munthu watebete kujumpha apa waye nkhu, CHIUTA wamutumbikani waka

    • AM

      So sorry that we have people like you, communication is key to development if it is substituted then the plan to elect or to build the towel of babel comes to an end (Get 11: 1=9). SOS think before you utter any thing in life .

  5. Mkwasu

    Thanking government for development is like thanking an ATM for giving you your money!

  6. Veld chilembe

    A politician without timing busy praising your friends what about yourself did you deliver in your area

  7. Jonathan Kasitu

    My sister your constituency is least developed in the country. even Dudumwezi, Senga hill and Sinda are more developed. communication towers is not development as pipo there they can’t even afford to buy talk time. you don’t have good hospital, no good road network. you are just used to increase the number of MPs. what has been done is just a scratch on the skin of an elephant.

  8. Do

    Fool they will say he was a good man when he retire o dead, acording to her request she was given so she have to appreciat, so live the mp alone. only god chooses leadership not pipo, so stop politics, we are in covid-19.

  9. Chilubo

    The MP is appreciating the president for developing her area just as you can see her on the picture.please leave her alone .

  10. Nzilu

    Sioma is connected 2 the world and e-commerce is on pipo doopsteps. Roads and land or cell phone is a real development 2 sioma pipo and developmt is coming 2 u. President ECL Is our next leader come 2021

  11. Rodah Mbewe

    towers? my foot!

  12. Mr intellect

    Have you checked the number of people who can use the phone profitably in that your constituency? See how this tele communication company is going to get richer than your constituents at the expense of flattering the impotent leadership


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