The Chinese Are Disrespecting Zambians Because Of The Patriotic Front Government’s Over Borrowing – HH.

Mr. Hichilema has observed that “When you over borrow from someone without any repayment plan, you technically become a slave to that person. The case of our people being disrespected by nationals of countries we owe is very sad.”

I wish to correct the leader of the biggest opposition political party. The two incidents are unrelated. Mr. Hichilema is very good at misleading people for their votes. In the absence of a verifiable alternative development agenda that he can share with the electorates, he has reduced himself to discussing irrelevant issues on social media.

Bally knows very well that, recently, African people were barred from hotels, shops and restaurants in Guangzhou. Racist discrimination in Guangzhou caused outrage in Africa, provoking rare official protests to China by several countries. But one may wonder why Mr. Hichilema could be trying to gain political mileage over the purported racist incident in Lusaka.

In his memoirs, the late President Levy Mwanawasa described Mr. Hichilema as a man who lacked integrity. “The problem Mr. Hichilema has is the fact that he wants to cheat, to mislead, to show that he is what he is not. His understanding of politics is that it doesn’t matter; you can cheat, provided you get your goals!” pages 211-212 of ‘Levy Patrick Mwanawasa: An incentive for posterity’ written by Amos Malupenga and edited by Professor Fackson Banda.

There’s need to offer our people an opportunity to understand who Mr. Hichilema truly is by focusing on issues that matter to them in the most sincere manner possible befitting the position of Head of State. Those around him must equally advise him that the office he wishes to occupy is not meant for clowns.

We have several issues that we must be debating such as how we must slowly transfer mining rights from foreign firms to Zambians as a child in rural Zambia is not benefitting from them at all. But such topics are not palatable to his ears as his campaign funds come from international mining conglomerates.

Truth be told, expressions of anti-black sentiment by the Chinese especially in mainland China, have caught the world’s attention periodically since the end of the 1970s. Demonstrations against Africans in many cities between late 1988 and early 1989 received wide press coverage and I am sure Mr. Hichilema is very much aware.

Incidents like the recent one in Longacres, when placed next to the brutal treatment Zambians suffer at the hands of the Lebanese and Indians, have for a long time seemed evanescent but surely we have all been wrong. Let’s solve with sober minds without having to politicise them.

Mpandashalo Evans Mwewa
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  1. Banja

    A good analysis. If I may add racism is congenital in people who are not black. Even our own coloureds from Thorn park will lean to the fairer skinned and only claim to be black africans when they are rejected. We do not need to politicised this matter but introduce “crimea injuria ” in our penal code. We must fight this scourge with legislation. Withdrawing licences is nothing but temporary. A few kwachas here and there and those racists will be back in business. I urge our leaders to take a leaf from a recently passed law in Botsawana where barbershops, restaurants etc will be businesses reserved for the indigenous Batswana. We have a sleeping government too worried about the perceived risk of rocking the Chinese boat. Fines Bulawayo, Wilson Chakulya and others of the time passed must be turning in their graves.

  2. Leon

    Ukulomba lomba and stealing is killing the respect of our Christian Country

  3. Mambala

    Banks, your comment, “We have a sleeping government too worried about the perceived risk of rocking the Chinese boat” is exactly what HH is talking about. Botswana govt can dictate the terms of engagement to any foreigner as they are not as highly indebted (if any) as this PF govt is. It’s this point that HH is belabouring to put across. Because of being in too much debt to the Chinese this Govt has lost the power to bargain let alone dictate anything to these abusive Chinese aliens. Mr Mwewa’s article is focussed on harassment or segregation against Africans in foreign lands, NOT at home. So I shall not waste my time or dignify his article by debating it.

    • Chawaka musa

      We must not forget how the Turkish block factory owners are treating our people

  4. Nabanda

    I wish pf government has grown up people to figure out what exactly has made many Zambians morn rather than trying to have pride…. Instead of finding what is wrong and mend it. put this in your mind that two wrongs will never be correct✅… this takes me back to what SEER 1 said about putting sodust in your heads, I think it’s true for I am wondering if you use your heads to think or matako

  5. Sosala

    The worst with the pf govt is its tribalism and regioalism. Regions that didn’t vote for pf have been discriminated against by being denied jobs and development in their own country. So many Zambian students studying in China and none has been deported. This is pf trying to gain political mileage by drawing sympathy towards 2021, mubepele fye!

  6. Veld chilembe

    In our own country we are slaves,
    In our own country we still beg for them.What a shame to a country claiming to have freedom and peace .

  7. Musyani

    The Chinese should respect our laws and should not be allowed to bring there own labour.

  8. logo

    pf is just after money nosense post.hh for 2021.God hate those who steal poorers possesions, like the current govt.

  9. Tikambepo

    Well said Mr Bally ! This idiot called mpandasha-low has really stuped low to an extent of being a bootlicker coz you can only see how strongly he is coming out after bally said the truth about the stupidity of the Chinese stinking character of racism.Mpandashalo knows exactly that what bally said is causing the Chinese to be big headed to an extent some chinese telling their employees that you can’t take me anywhere coz your president is in my pocket.Too much nkongole from the Chinese is what is making them think that we can not do anything to them.Bally when you start ruling,you should tell these Chinese dogs that who ever brings sangalatons to the locals should be deported within an hour of being found guilty EPELA.

  10. Icho

    Foolish government leadership 😂😂

  11. tk

    You are all fools,lets focus on developing our country via hard work,being patriotic, there is a saying ,”if you keep stopping and stoning a dog every time it becks at you will never reach your destination”.

  12. Martin

    Pf Patriots means people who love and care their country. Front they means first priority. Which simply means the care and for the country must be the first priority but the pf refer to their homes when talk about love and care… They don’t care about this country at all. They are very greedy

  13. Wesu

    No matter how you try to dent HH’s image isn’t going to work. PF kuya bebele! Twanaka kabili PF yatwipaya!

  14. Mr intellect

    This is not time for Bally to teach the pathetic family on how to manage the gold mine and debt control measures.Let PF dance to it’s bitter music.2021 is ringing in your head that’s the reason for hallucinations

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