Mopani Must Part Away With K240m In Tax Debt – Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Zambia has ordered Mopani Copper Mines to pay the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) over K240 million tax debt accumulated over a period of time.

From the K240.8 million assessed as taxes due for the stated period, K140.8 million is for the charge years 2008/09 while K100,000,000.00 for the 2009/2010 charge years.

The Supreme Court judgement delivered by Chief Justice Irene Mambilima who sat with Supreme Court judges Mumba Malila and Nigel Mutuna, ordered Mopani, to pay K240 million and not K311.1 million earlier assessed by the Tax Appeals Tribunal.

This matter was an appeal between Mopani Copper Mines as an appellant and the Zambia Revenue Authority as the respondent following the decision of the Tax Appeals Tribunal on December 8, 2010 against Mopani.

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  1. Malizgani Nyirenda

    Let them pay now, are they still not satisfied with the supreme Court judgement? They were not paying taxes they thought they are the government at there own! Ba mopani perekani misonkho ku boma Ni dango kale na kale


    Thanks to the transparent judicial system in Zambia though the red party leader likes condemning the judges after losing an election.

  3. Koswe

    Miami was considered to be by many as a company run by sensible people kanshi they are as useless as upnd that’s now the want to close the mine. Pay k240,8m it is not your money idiots you have gone too far after eating too much you start shitting in your trousers in day light shame


    May be there was an agreement the red party leader made with mopane mine because he was at the centre of privatisation of the mines. Thanks to the court for the verdict

  5. Collins MAMBWE

    This explains a lot as to why they want to run away! Failure to pay taxes is a crime, the post went the same way!

  6. Reuben Kanonka Chabala

    Let them pay…mwibalekelela

  7. Razor

    Mwamba has conveniently forgotten to mention all the VAT refunds which are due to mopani.


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