PRESS RELEASE: Angels Barbershop At Acardes Mall Closed For Discriminating Against Blacks

Lusaka – 21st May, 2020.

This morning we closed a Chinese owned Angels Barbershop located at Acardes Mall for discriminating against blacks and displaying their prices in Chinese contrary to the Food & Health Act.

We had a tip off from a whistle blower who took his son to cut his hair but was told K300 as the price just to put him off. When he agreed to pay, they then changed their mind and said the Barbershop was actually closed and he had to leave.

When we went to Angels Barbershop for a fact finding mission today, we found a CLOSED sign at the door. Upon entering, we noticed a Chinese having his hair cut. They did not recongnise us as we had our masks on. We pretended we wanted to have our hair cut and they said “We closed”.

Upon inspecting their price board, we noticed also that nearly everything was labelled in Chinese writings and not English as prescribed by the Food & Health Act. We therefore retrieved our Council licenses from them and closed them indefinitely.

A formal sign closure notice from LCC has since been sent to them.

We are happy to support 100% all law abiding investors.

We shall however not condone any investor that operates segregating or discriminating customers or employees based on their colour of the skin or pricing in other foreign languages other than English which is the constitutionally prescribed official language for Zambia.

We encourage residents to blow their whistles louder to our office for any such similar illegal conduct as we proved at Angels Barbershop.

Together We Can

Miles B. Sampa
Mayor of Lusaka

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  1. Zambian Citizen

    Why is Zambia tolerating this rubbish from Chinese? Chiese should be treated like indians were treated by Idi Amin

  2. cm

    You Chinese, this s not your country can you much out.

  3. Asoza

    Closed to be reopened while segregation continues. This will be an election issue in 2021!

  4. Mkwasu

    Zambians are known for being led by docile leaders. Soon we shall take the law into our hands. Once this starts no one will “Amwapeel” for us to stop!

  5. Jms

    Not docile leaders but people who don’t know why they were employed,this is happening everywhere especially in labour ministry, workers are in difficult situations and who owns acardes.why letting those renting do what ever they need,even their punishment won’t be recognized because everything is in selfish hands.

    • Evans

      They know what they are doing.they are just corrupt

  6. Malizgani Nyirenda

    Teach them how to live in ZAMBIA this is one ZAMBIA one Nation, if they continue better to grab them even their passports and if they applied citizen ships quash them

  7. P.M

    Our fathers, kaunda, nkumbula, kapwepwe and many more fought for our liberation from the British colonialists only to be enslaved by Chinese 50 years later. Sorry kk, we have really disappointed you.

  8. Jus

    First what investors are these who leave their country & come here to cut each other hair? And you give them permits

  9. Mn

    Chinese guys we are no longer in colonial error where u shud b treating like garbage.u ve yo own country u can just go back to yo own land if if u want to practice segregation.this is our beautiful country.stop segregation

  10. Mn

    Pliz twapapata ala call cesu

  11. Mn

    Muzambia tatwakwata kapatulula awe tatwakwata insoni

  12. bombshell

    Chishimba Kambwili was dragged to court for saying Indians should leave some jobs for Zambians when he threatened a grader driver.

  13. nshilimubemba

    Very bad just send them back to China, how did they come to Zambia and what for these crooks we don’t want them in our country, let them pack up and go we live well without these house flies .

  14. Leon

    If we can all realize than this world is no our own but we are passers- by we can lead a brotherly life

  15. Ovimbundu

    @jus : very correct. Zambia should learn from Botswana. They have passed a law clearly indicating what investors can venture into. The locals now have their businesses protected by law.

  16. praise

    listening to Keith mlevu song titled ubuntungwa..freedom fighters saw these times..all that is left is to free ourselves from mental slavery..no one else can do it for us..Zambia and Africa we can do it

  17. AA

    Why give operating licences to foreigners in such types of business which should be owned by local nationals? The problem is deep rooted and we all know why these foreigners do as they please. It’s a shame to be treated like rubbish in your own country that your fore father’s bled for all because some people tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that things run smoothly are the ones in bed with the same foreigners. Don’t expect to harvest ground nuts when what you planted was cassava.

  18. Evans

    Mayor, These guys came to Zambia as Investors all the way from Eastern Asia just to cut hair? And you gave them licenses?

  19. Francisca M Nkabika

    🎤🎤 Ba Zed.

  20. CHICHI

    I will put the blame pali ba Council!! How could you give ama licenses to these people? Chaii! Imwe ba Council, you’re selling us if you don’t know. Chaii!

  21. Zambia

    A barbershop…..seriously, all the way from China….what is this government doing…are all local business being given to investors…….I think one day I will find them selling tomatoes in the green markets…..this is crazy..

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