Bars Remain Closed…Zambia Records 54 New Cases

LATEST UPDATE: COVID-19 cases have risen to 920 cumulatively, President Edgar Lungu has announced. He has advised Zambians to avoid unnecessary movements and keep warm as the country gets into the cold season.

There are 54 new cases recorded with 34 recoveries, bringing the total recorded cases to 920 and total active cases at 577 with 0 new deaths recorded following a total of 579 tests done in the last 24 hours. Stay home and stay safe! Of the 54 new cases, 25 are from Nakonde, 19 from Lusaka, 7 from Kabwe and 3 from Mansa.

And President Lungu has said that he has not forgotten about the bars and nightclubs but that they will remain closed for now until consultations on how they can operate are concluded with the Ministry of Health.

Graphics Curtesy: Medsearch Healthcare. Simplified.

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  1. John

    what of us who own pool tables but they are not in bars?? help us. that pool table is 3metres X 2 meters, that’s social distance already. we are suffering coz our lives depend on such small businesses. Allow us to operate jst like casinos.
    People did you know that most of those casinos at Downtown belong to President Lungu? his business is operating but simple people who own bars are suffering

  2. Steven

    My fellow zambians and other countries lets just pray for God’s intervation that he should give wisdom to the doctors and nurses to find cure, make sure have faith that nuthng impossible with him. Thank you

  3. Koswe

    We have no social distances in bars the must remain closed until positive cases start reducing or else. Zambia will be empty. No people that’s when. Hakaimde will be president

  4. muntungwa

    koswe, sure you are a rat.

  5. Bambala

    The president has clearly announced that all public service workers must now start operating optimally-ie, to the maximum, while of course observing all the prescribed health precautions such as masking up.
    Please let IDC now instruct ZESCO to resume important service provision such as new electricity installations where many customers who have prepaid ZESCO have been waiting for a long time, including standard connections with less than 10 meters from premises’ shackles. ZESCO allows pre-paid meters and service cables to run out. If we customers pay in advance, it only means that it is total procurement inneficiency for these extremely essential materials to be left to reach a zero stock position.
    If teachers and school children will open on 1st June, what justification is there to allow ZESCO to continue using Corvid 19 as an excuse to keep their technicians at home while we continue waiting to be connected to the grid? This is retarding our economy. This is the attitude which makes many Zambians doubt ZESCO’s ability to run CEC on the copperbelt. Plse wake up ZESCO and IDC.

  6. Shatu kintu

    Zambia my country, we are in Zambia, let schools and high learning institutions open. No boby will die, those who will feel lockdown of public place is good let them quarantine, if one is afraid of death from Corona let that person quarantine. So that those who want to graduate continue learning. We are tired and now attacked by hunger and poverty, I think hunger in Zambia is more serious than Corona, the president for today he was right, so ministries please find a way of opening up your areas. Otherwise this lockdown of institutions bars and other gatherings is just frastrating the efforts of good development, please the president in the next address, open for us higher learning institutions.

    • Man muntu

      That’s true sir

    • Man muntu

      Aloooo babuteko twapapata isuleni ama schools muletuceleshafye tunfwileniko uluse,mulelanda pama bar icakuti mwisule ama schools

  7. Martin

    I wish schools, universities & colleges can be open because some students they will spend 6year instead of 4years of studying

  8. AJ

    Let private schools open. Because teachers are not getting paid. How do you expect them to survive?? Normally, private schools have manageable numbers of children for social distance.

  9. James

    Only God will save our lives, people let’s not blame each other in times of suffering, we all need to focus on God let’s honor him we give him growly has a Christian nation mama Zambia, nothing is impossible with God on this earth🙏🙏🙏🙏 God the father, the son and the holy spirit🙏🙏🙏

  10. Joe

    let’s universies re_open

  11. Roger

    It is just a passing phase God is with us no one can ever know God’s plans for He is sovereign

  12. Jessey Lingard

    That’s a bad news to ur state

  13. I am not from ur country

    I just randomly came across this article and i can see zambians want lockdown to end. U guys not in a lockdown yet my frds and that is bad. Do you understand covid 19 makes u breathless and then ventilator support is needed which i doubt zambia has good hospitals. Ventilator is invation and goes inside and total time is 20days minimum. This is expensive as well as many people will be surging in cases if coutry is open. TAKE CORONAVIRUS SERIOUSLY GUYS I SAY THIS ON BEHALF OF HUMANITY. This disease has a EXPONENTIAL growth, FIRST ALL IS WELL THEN ALL ARE UNWELL TOGETHER. And it will be too late. Hunger and poverty is an issue but its better to save more people by lockdown and govt should ration food supply. Checkout other countries where strict lockdown is in place and please shut down ur country and save yourself. Learn to flatten the curve. I hope i make sense to you all. Its now or never.

  14. William Suku

    At least we can partake beers bye take away base not completely non, prays the Lord

    ! -tsm- !

  15. Youth Ambassador

    please my president our president. Try to consider us youths, we need also to be safe now we are failing to obey the law because poverty retardation. If we can have something to do we wouldn’t stand against your orders. Please impower us as young youths….some we are alredy done with school but there is nothing to do in the society. if you can empower us with employment or money to start up a business that can change our lives. how can we quaratine without having the commodities we require in our day to day life?. We are not creazy ones who dont listen…we just moving to look for food and oher necesities. Please consider my humble request. I speak on behalf of Zambian youths.

  16. Chitimbwapre

    Bars must start opening in eastern province bamuchime bafula sana the land there must be depopulated only leaving women so for easy access to their privacy

  17. Escobar

    yhaaa paipa

  18. Musa

    Anyway bars are also trouble spots,why cant we just close them for good

  19. LN

    Let the ‘new normal’ include permanently closing down bars and allow only takeaways. For a Christian nation bars must be considered a nuisance and a breeding ground for many vices, source of unpleasant noise etc. Bar owners can can still make money through takeaways. In this way many vices associated with bars including COVID-19 incidences will be greatly reduced.

  20. omlazy baby

    GOD come and protecet us for this coronvrs

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