Chiefs Serve Their Subjects, A Case Of A White Chief Nyamwana

IN most Zambian tribes, one can only ascend to chieftainship if one belongs to a specific family lineage. But in Ikelengi District in North Western Province, there is a unique chief occupying the throne.

In the Lunda tribe, one can only become a chief if one is a son, a nephew or, to lesser extent, a daughter to a chief who previously occupied the throne. But Peter Fisher, who is fondly known as Chindeli cha ka Lunda (white Lunda chief) was bestowed as Chief Nyamwana in 2016 as an honour for the family’s unwavering support to the local people.

Fisher has been a chief for almost four years now after a ceremony which was attended by almost all the Lunda chiefs of Ikelengi and Mwinilunga districts.

His children, Peter and Andy, are fluent in Lunda too. Next month, Chief Nyamwana will be celebrating four years since his ascendancy to the throne. His bestowment was witnessed by Senior Chief Kanongesha who presides over the two districts which are rich in pineapples.

Although his role is purely ceremonial, Chief Nyamwana defied all odds when he was picked to become a co-chief. To many local people though, this was not a surprise because the Fisher family which came to Zambia, then called Northern Rhodesia, are a household name in Ikelengi and Mwinilunga districts.

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  1. Truth man

    Let his family also marry from the local people, I am sure that will prove his honesty in proving that he is a’ Lunda ‘. I am pretty sure he and his family have also benefited from their stay in that area. If that place was uncomfortably harsh whether economically or socially ,that white man would not have settled in that area! You journalists should always have an inquisitive mentality to sometimes interview these people in order to dig out how and why they came to such places. In this time and era Africa must show intellect by finding more about the white man just like what he did to us and still does. We know he came with the bible yes, but there is more to it than that.This is what a journalist of today must strive to understand and bring out for the public.I shall be steadily waiting to hear about the interview on that man since ‘ home is here’ for him. I shall be interested to hear what roll he plays in his portfolio as honorary chief.



  3. Asoza

    Rubbish!. A white man cannot and should not be a chief in Africa. When all is said and done, his inborn racism will spur its ugly head. Whites are born racists and that is a fact.

  4. SOS

    @Asoza,A black man is a father of the world,he is a father to a white man; every thing the white man has is from a black man,,,,,therefore let them be racists but still they can not live without us…….we are their fathers and our women are their mothers,let us coexist,,,,thanks.

  5. Starboy

    Wake up Zambia!!! The thing of selling our birthright should come to an end or else we will find ourselves being squeezed into the ocean. Just look at the Chinese, they have started calling us foreigners in our own land and yet you still go ahead and install that pink man on an African throne!!! OK if my cry don’t make sense, let’s see if a black man can be chief in England. Wake up Zambians plz!!!!!!!!!

    • Shi Mumba

      A black man did become the President of the “greatest” nation on earth – The USA. There are lots of black, formerly African Members of Parliament in England and other countries as well. The world order will only change if starts with you, Starboy. Hatred is very stressful; love, divine. Let not our children inherit racism and hatred for other people, napapata….

  6. Musyani

    Truth man I thought this was an April fool’s day,yes the media need to write the truth how can we have a white man as a chief with a Jewish surname for that matter,you lunda people are fine to be grateful to maybe his kind heart but he can not be a chief just as a lunda chief can not be bestowed chieftainship in any Jewish settlement,impossible.

  7. Uncle London

    Starboy and Musyani. You need to change your mentality. That kind of thinking is backward and it should have been left with your forefathers. The world is changing and you need to revolve otherwise you will always be left behind. Why are you so paranoid about a white man being a chief when we had one who even became vice president. I suspect you chaps have never travelled outside your small towns – venture out there the world is your oyster.

    • nshilimubemba

      Do you think of a Scottish man will ever be the king of United Kingdom, learn from what is on the ground will an Irishman be a Prime Minister in the United Kingdom.
      Or a Welshman be the prince of Wales .

  8. Blaise Yande Sinkala

    Muzungu wabula kajo kumusebenzela ne
    People had twisted tongues about Guy Scott that muzungu can’t be a President, now why?

  9. Monkey

    You don’t fear colonial rule. Muli mphuuuu

  10. Jms

    Truth man you are true as the name implies, be it but no more fighting in northwestern because you have at lest maintained a statues of being patriotic.

  11. Malizgani Nyirenda

    That is good to hear that, but my question is , is he a lunda or jew

  12. Bambala

    Mr Fisher reminds me of late Sir Stewart Gole- Brown in my home area in Shiwangandu. His grandson, Harvey, still runs the Shiwa Estates, with thousands of cattle on their ranch. This young white man speaks pure Bemba.
    Plse note that there are both good and bad individuals in all races, and a white person can live comfortably among black people without any racial clashes. This is why some Norhern Rhodesian whites supported KK and his colleagues, eg Dr Guy Scott’s father.
    However, any foreigner of a different colour who hates blacks should not live in Africa because eventually he will be kicked out if he tries to load it over us. I personally disapprove of the way many Indians and Chinese treat our young oeopke who work for them. They seem to be interested in exploiting our resources and leave us poorer than they found us by externalising everything they make in Zambia to their countries, while discriminating against us i many ways, including paying slave wages.

  13. WiseMan T

    A good leader is not determined by his or her race.
    Those despising the act, are you sure that all the chiefs we have in Africa, and are truly African, are they all good chiefs?
    Do they care for their subjects and fellow Africans? Not at all. So forget about him being so called white, but be concerned about whether he is doing what is expected of him in his capacity as a lunda chief
    My opinion.

  14. Kondani Riche

    It’s OK for a white man to be a chief in Africa ! Actually in colonial days the British Establishment had white people preside over African territories ..so what should change about that today ! It’s OK for a white man to be chief over the Lunda people and other African tribes ! Congratulations Sir Peter Fisher on your accendancy to the Throne !

  15. Ironman

    Read all comments….

  16. Musyani

    Uncle London and Wiseman’s t that white guy can live and do all the good things for the lunda people where he stays,no problem with that but to be chief no to me because it is hereditary,uncle London by the way I don’t even live in zambia and I have been exposed to alot and your thinking is backwards as you are insinuating that only a white man can rule us better instead of accepting that the gesture shown by the lunda people is wrong and it can be seen to be correct,even you where you are you graft to be what you wanna be but you will never be a chief if you are not from the lineage,now we have have the so called investors of Chinese heritage among us who are taking us back to the same treatment the British meted on our father’s and grandfathers,we are capable of looking after ourselves and making our own people millionaires as it happens in other countries,if you want to be controlled by these people good for you but as for me no.they can invest,lease land not buying it,if they are good to zambian they are most welcome,racists,those that mistreat and don’t follow our country norms they can take a hike to wherever they came from.

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