Filthy Huifan Company Limited Shut Down By Kalulushi Municipal Council

The Kalulushi Municipal Council has closed Huifan Company Limited for allowing its male and female employees to use one toilet and sleep under unsanitary conditions. Kalulushi Municipal Council Assistant Public Relations Manager Lidah Kamanga said it is uncalled for to subject employees to such conditions.

“Kalulushi Municipal Council has closed Huifan Company Limited work premises for operating under unsanitary conditions and offering accommodation to its employees within the workplace without authorization from the Local Authority. This was after an inspection of the mining company by Health Inspectors yesterday, where it was revealed that COVID-19 preventive measures were not adhered to contrary to the Public Health Act Chapter 295; Statutory Instrument No. 21 and 22 of 2020, The public Health (Infected Area) (Corona Virus Disease 2019) of the Laws of Zambia,” Kamanga said.

“A closure notice was issued to the mining company based on the following revelations from the inspection: Employees were not in full personal protective clothing and had no face masks; workers accommodated at the office premises slept on floor mats and were in possession of dirty beddings; the rooms were not adequately ventilated; employees were also operating without silicosis certificates; the kitchen and dining rooms were dirty and inhabitable and there was no provision of hand washing facilities around the premises.”

She said the council further discovered that employees were using buckets in a room to answer the call of nature.

“Additionally, it was discovered that the toilets were being used by both male and female employees without sex segregation; used toilet paper with faecal matter was found stored in a bucket in the sanitary facilities; the offices had dirty and stained water closets; foul smell was emanating from the toilets, the drainages had stagnant and smelly water and there was indiscriminate dumping of waste around the office surroundings,” Kamanga said.

“Based on these findings, the Council has closed the premises of Huifan Company Limited as it poses a public health threat and directed the named company to cease operations until all the irregularities are rectified. Further, the Local Authority wishes to urge all business entities in the district to operate under hygienic conditions and comply with the regulations put in place to avoid closure of work premises during the routine inspections by Council health inspectors.”

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  1. muntungwa

    But they have been operating like this for some time. Surely my fellow Zambians where is your pride??

  2. Asoza

    It just shows that the filthy chinese have taken advantage of the poor inspection protocols in the local councils. This is no different from what is pertaining in Asian owned companies. Zambia desperately needs a Julius Malema now. Our leaders are the cheapest commodity for the crooked businessmen. Easily duped, highly corruptible and down right useless managers!


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