PF Government On The Right Track – Lubusha

EASTERN Province Patriotic Front chairperson Andrew Lubusha says the PF government is on the right track in fulfilling its promises made to the people in the region.

Mr. Lubusha said the PF government has delivered when it comes to Health facilities, youth empowerment, clean drinking water and massive infrastructure development in general.

Mr. Lubusha said he is aware that other promises have not been fulfilled but the PF government was working around the clock to ensure that it fulfils its promises.

“What we want is come 2021, we just want to show the projects that we’ve done before making other promises. Yes, there are some projects that are facing funding challenges but as a party we’ll help the Provincial Minister and his team to lobby for funding for these projects,” he said.

Mr. Lubusha was speaking when he toured the construction site for the first ever petroleum Depot in Kasenengwa District and the Industrial Yard in Chipata districts. He said, once complete, the two facilities will help create employment opportunities and reduce poverty levels

Mr. Lubusha who is a Member of the Central Committee said the PF will get advice and guidance from other political parties and members of the public. He said he was happy that President Lungu was living up to his promises made to the people of Zambia.

Mr. Lubusha was accompanied by Provincial secretary Joseph Kolosa and Provincial treasurer Zephe Mwale. Kasenengwa DC Sara Mbewe Kalaluka was present when Lubusha toured the petroleum Depot while Chipata DC Kalunga Zulu was also present during the tour of the industrial yard.

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  1. Banja

    Like it or not infrastructure development is a PF achievement. Let’s give credit where it is due. I would rather have a country owe money but offer good infrastructure than be debt free and offer the citizens nothing!

  2. The next DC mafinga peter rock

    Good move

  3. Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda


  4. Ngwazi

    Construction with corruption is useless where tenders,youth empowerment are given to cadres of which is not good.Jobs in government are given to pf cadres thatsnt development we want.

  5. Mr intellect

    Lobby for funds so that you do what? umungulu.You have acknowledged corruption as part of the development you have embraced not this infrastructure brabra,,, Which opposition parties do you want to offer a face lift in your failure after repeatedly told to reduce on borrowing.Sort out your own mess as time isn’t your best ally

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