President Edgar Lungu Pardons 2,984 Prisoners

The President of the Republic of Zambia, Dr. Edgar Lungu, has pardoned 2,984 inmates ahead of the African Freedom Day which falls on Monday the 25th of May, 2020.

Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo says the Head of State has also granted unconditional bail to over 2,000 non convicts to reduce congestion in correctional facilities in view of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. bashi mpundu

    may God bless you Mr president, u are only Dr

  2. Jay

    Gød blëss û bã prësîdéñt

  3. J

    My president more days on you its not easy to be there

  4. Tikambepo

    As much as people appreciate the movement by the president we should also be thinking of what Is it that this people we are integrating to the society will be doing for they will be just destitute and others will be thinking of how to source for money there by thinking of stealing again.

  5. dudu

    guys who are praising mr lungu for releasing ifipondo when a thief cums to ur house and steal dont complain or take the matter to police

    • Davies Daka

      sometimes,learn to appreciate guys

  6. Davies Daka

    Look at the pictures,
    This place is not good for the human bein.
    I love you Mr Edgar lungu.

  7. Edward Havuluma

    Yes he did that coz he knew that most of those people in prison they are there because of corruption not that they have committed with any offensi!!!! That is why he advise his people in office that UBOMBA MWIBALA ULILA MWIBALALYAKWE That is why

  8. wasu

    Awe himself knows that 2021 is nearer so for him to win he needs prisoners to vote for him



  10. Febian

    God bless you for the job done. How can we get the names of the pardoned inmates?

  11. Observer

    Hope they haven’t I don’t those guys we are gassing , they must pay for their wrongs ,,,🤔😷

  12. Observer

    Hope they haven’t
    hose guys we are gassing , they must pay for their wrongs ,,,🤔😷

  13. jinny

    Comment nice move 👌

  14. Emmanuel

    awesome news and more Grace on you my President

  15. Leah

    May the Almighty God bless you Mr President..
    I can’t wait to see my own

  16. Mr piyoman Zambia

    God help them all..when their reached there home’s

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