Trump Tells Governors To Let Houses Of Worship Open ‘Right Now’

The president announced at an abrupt White House briefing yesterday, Friday, that governors should allow churches and places of worship to open during the pandemic.

President Trump says churches and other houses of worship should be considered essential, and allowed to open during the Coronavirus pandemic.

During an abrupt White House press briefing Friday afternoon, he announced that governors should let places of worship to open “right now,” because the country needs more prayer.

Trump then left without taking questions from reporters, and Dr. Deborah Birx of the White House Coronavirus task force came up to the podium to discuss deaths from COVID-19.

“Today I’m identifying houses of worship, churches, synagogues and mosques, as essential places that provide essential services,” Trump said during the hastily arranged press conference Friday. He said if governors don’t abide by his request, he will “override” them, though it’s unclear what authority he has to do so.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had prepared a draft of reopening guidelines for churches and other houses of worship weeks ago that included measures like maintaining distance between parishioners and limiting the size of gatherings. But that guidance had been delayed for more than a month by the administration until Trump abruptly reversed course Thursday.

When asked how or what authority the president has to overrule governors’ to reopen churches, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said it’s a hypothetical situation that they’d oppose Trump, and turned it on reporters, saying they seemed to want to keep places of worship closed. Several journalists there said they resent that statement.

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    It is is a good move for President Trump I think also need to do the same let us just ⛪⛪🏫

    open up the churches this helps to fight Corona spiritual and physically

  2. Kaka george compound

    Back here in zed our good president EL tried to do a similar gesture but he was called names by these frustrated souls such as bene hh but look now even more powerful presidents are emulating what he first did,people like hh bally uwabufi we want see your comments over this,imwe inchito yenu ku talika fye ifili fyonse pa last mu katlika namafi.

  3. Short nigga mems

    Kaka you are idiot this is not about politics it’s about the common enemy covid 19 why do you have to mention hh over this

    • Ephraim Katongo

      Short niga. Why av you called kaka idiot. President lungu Opened churches. How did the opposition behave.
      People you just have to be fair.


    At least ECL has led the way world leaders are following.UPND cadres were toally against the re -opening of churches.

    • SOS

      Naimwe ba condemned citizen you’re very dull coz you think Donald trump has guts to go ahead with his decision without going through the proper channel,,,,,I think you haven’t read the news coz he said;”he is going to override the governors”,now do you think that can happen in the US???? That country has laws and rules and procedures to follow it is like Zambia where one can just wake-up and say we are going to change bill 10…..No!it doesn’t work like that.

  5. Lufwinyemba

    Kaka you right. balemonakwati bakapo bapresident

    • Blessing siame

      Lets Avoid Disputes between ourselves in times such as these in our country Zambia

    • SOS

      Ba Lufwinyemba or whatever you call yourself,mwafilwafye nokulemba amafi yantu mwacilafwayo ukunya muli bapuba sana sana.

  6. Jms

    It takes a wise leader to decide a right path for the people to follow, and if kaka thinks president Lungu did that its unfortunate because a leader does things from his heart and what God will like him to do,not you just work up and say do,when they refuse you relax and fear fearlessly no ,we need someone stronger than a true leader.

  7. Jms

    I would like to tell all Zambians, although we need to have gender equality but and the second time but we differ too much,if you can’t understand me Zambia will be poorer and poorer,women are good give proper jobs which will fit them,how can a woman defeat a man if given power I need more from well wishes.

    • Gary

      @Jms, you only make sense to yourself. Your english is pathetic. I think your IQ is less than that of Mulyokela. Commenting on every subject only exposes your ignorance and dullness. Muleikala fye no bututu bwenu. Kulibonesha ta!

  8. Blessing siame

    Biblical in The house of hope is where we find refuge,Strength,Healing,and confort
    Closing.Down the churches was a mistake it clearly stated to say we no longer have faith in God but we are afraid of Covid19.

  9. Pexl

    Do follow blindly

  10. Trueth

    Thank people think!

  11. Davies Daka

    One more Edgar for life…
    Wina azalila in 2021

  12. William Suku

    Am just looking looking, looking art & hearing

  13. Light

    Science and all thoughts of things have failed,,see even the president of the dominant country has realized that there is a man in the heavens who has a final say. Just sit,relax and wait you will know how to define a miracle! You faithless carders allow the president to do the same because we will not allow our selves to adapt to this habit of not going to worship in the house of our Lord!!

  14. nshilimubemba

    Trump is not as simplistic as you think opening church mosques etc do you really know what he means , the jewel is hidden just search for it you may find it .
    Trump knows that it doesnt affect his kieth and kin so he can loosely say that.
    Mind you how much mrs Clinton cried for one white American who lost his life in Libya now for how Libyans have died since khaddaffi has she cried no!
    This coronavirus affects black people than any other race , be safe stay home time will come when there will no risks to your life , infact church is about people if there are no people in church how do have a service because they are in ICU.

  15. Duncan kapasa

    it’s a good move to open the churches, let the Almighty God fight for this covid 19 pandemic nothing we can do without God exodus 14: 13_14

    • Sichone

      This putting the Lord God into temptation it is like drinking poison intentionally saying God will fight for me

  16. Jms

    Garry, English or no English, English itself says never to argue with a fool. Just pick what interest you,don’t compare just maintain.

  17. SOS

    @Jms,don’t listen to those quacks who are full of jealous and negative in mind,they are noise makers let them be with their English coz you’re not a white man but if the white man reads your comment he can get sense unlike ifi fipubaaaaaaa.

  18. Jessey Lingard

    Well tabulated points by the president no one can add a question there

  19. Ephraim katongo

    Now i just don’t get it how the worshiping will be conducted by Pentecostal churches.😂😂

  20. Nickson

    Magufuli Refused to close churches

  21. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    USA is another country do you whant to follow what they ars doing? No let them do whatever they want to do time will come for us.

  22. joyce Mbewe

    In zambia, you havent experienced at large number of deaths. America and europe, was just to much to see. Just stay home and mask yourself.

  23. SOS

    Zambia OPEN siliya she is claiming of contracting Covid-19 and has isolated herself,,,,,,,,,,,that’s a lie coz she just hiding because the Anti-corruption are looking for her and the minister health for the K44 million they store…….Just retain the money and come out of that isolation you liar ,ulefwaya ukutugonga ati mulibalwele ba Covid-19 liar.
    If its true this woman has Covid-19 then it will be very difficult for the health personnel to trace her contacts because she has a lot of partners.

  24. Sichone

    Let us differentiate between America and Zambia they have what takes to control the Virus but we don’t have what it takes so let us talking anyhow

  25. Azuse

    SOS, you don’t hv brains. Grow up upnd cader .

  26. Central commander

    That’s great Mr president

  27. Jms

    We now know what a person siliya is.Their is no way such a big story could come up without a thing. And SOS must be involved.

  28. omlazy

    zambia is corroupt coutry..and politic

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