Catholic Church Set To Open Public Worship On May 31st.

The Zambia Conference for Catholic Bishops has set May 31st, 2020 as a proposed day for re-opening of churches for public worship. ZCCB president Bishop George Lungu stated that the decision has been arrived at after the due process of consultation on the matter.

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  1. AK

    Be careful, your members can spread the virus through large gatherings

  2. Malizgani Nyirenda

    I think Catholic bishops are senseless when the Republican president said we have to reopen places of worship the very bishops were opposing, and at that time the number of people who had COVID 19 was small and now the number has increased that is when you are saying let us reopen, is your church and opposition party? That’s why your priests commits adultery in the worship rooms

    • Tom

      Reopening of churches will just result
      more spread of COVID This announcement need to be ignored and be deemed sensitive issue by
      caring Zambians ; formost let’s take
      preventive measures first than hasting for chaos Some of these clergy suggestions at the moment
      is a time bomb to this COVID:19

  3. shakhani

    the statement is just ok

  4. Koswe

    I agree with you. Malizgani. Nyerenda the Catholic Church is an opposition party in. Zambia the president made it clear that those wishing to open their churches should do so as long as they observed rules and at that time the pandemic was not as it is now they opposed talked nonsense and now when the pandemic has spread to all corners of the country they open their mouths to open churches they have little faith in christ


    MR Koswe underline your speech

  6. Angelicross Mwamba

    That’s the nature of a human being ukulanda landa bwatu bwatu why can’t you just hold it for once and leave everything to God, talking talking won’t solve anything, if God wants he can just wipe us away in a very second, who can stop him? It’s high time that you and I take everything to God in prayer, not bwatu bwatu. .

  7. Evans

    people of little Faith you ought to understand that this disease is here to stay like aid/HIV why do you have fear for unknown Catholics must have put up measures to control the spread of the pandemic to the faithful .watch your language there’s no politicking here its
    good for God who died and is risen don’t fear death

  8. Young youth(MM)

    I don’t see any problem of them reopening churches ….y aren’t you talking about school and casino’s which have opened….. aaaaaaah everything is meaningless….. 😠

  9. The kolintolism

    Oh foolish galatians.who has bewitched you.

  10. Jms

    Its unfortunate to debate this but as some are saying it maybe an opposition party, it maybe true because their is no way unless the president or maybe the ministry plus the mother board sit but here it sims vise versa unfortunate scenario.

  11. Cloxacilin Tablet

    Good Move Lets Put God First

  12. PIQUE

    Truely as zambians,we need a change of mindset coz it seems we have lost one norms and values.if this mentality is developed,we will only be lying beneath the corridors of hope.

  13. Mr mountain

    Hey mr koswe,my yo talkn..What can separete frm the love!Is it corona,is it ba koswe?Is it aids?Nothn. Let da pipo go on the mountain top n pray to their God..By the way mr koswe in catholic who z da prezdent?

  14. Gertrude Ngoma Chikuta

    It’s the new normal. Catholic Church will never be an opposition party.
    It’s a Universal Church Lastlyy Judgement is for God

  15. Blessmore

    Lets All Pray To God Because The End Is Near Let Those Who Read The Bible Rearlise “in The End Time There Will Be So Many Deseases That Will Have No Cure And So Many Other Things. So What Are we Still Waiting For Lets Just Open Churches And Pray To Our Almity God. God,s Power Will Protect Us.

  16. Derick makasa

    Men of God please lets learn to share wisdom where it is due not everytime politics and you should not judge your friends as if you are too much holy instead of that lets all pray to the almighty God so that he can deliver us from this deadly disease called covid-19 or coronavirus.

  17. Enerst

    Its a good move, but let us take preventive measures

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