Eastern Province Gets 6 Utility Vehicles And 64 Motorbikes

Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu on Friday handed over six utility vehicles and 64 motorbikes to several government departments for use in the Zambia Integrated Forest Landscape Project. The project is being implemented in Eastern Province by the government to counter effect of climate change.

“I am pleased to inform you that this (Friday) morning, we handed over 6 utility vehicles and 64 motorbikes to several government departments for use in the Zambia integrated Forest landscape Project (ZIFLP). Government is implementing this project in Eastern Province as a holistic climate change intervention aimed at transforming people’s livelihoods. This is being done through Smart Climate Agriculture, sustainable Forest Management and wildlife Conservation,” Mr. Zulu said on Friday.

“For Purposes of effective implementation of the Project, ZIFLP procured 16 motor vehicles. I am happy that these motor vehicles and motorbikes will help government departments and Agriculture Extension Officers in the effective implementation of the project. I am also pleased that remote areas which have been unreachable by the extension officers under the Ministry of Agriculture and other government officers will now be reachable,” he added.

He said government’s intention in Eastern Province is to have climate resilient extension services for farming communities to increase crop production and productivity.

“With this, I am sure we will achieve our vision of the province which is; Value Addition, The Future Of Eastern Province,” Mr Zulu said.

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  1. Moses

    that you very much Mr Mp

  2. Juass

    Let other provinces also benefit recently a gold mining equipment was donated whilst in other provinces they are bringing foreign companys to mine the gold is it fair.

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