Police Backtracks On The UPND’s Permit To Hold District Elections

Police in Ndola stopped the UPND from proceeding with their district elections despite granting approval earlier because the number of delegates was over 100, more than what the Ministry of Health COVID-19 guidelines stipulate.

Police, consequently, deployed to the UPND Ndola District office to ensure the elections did not go ahead as they risked abrogating the COVID-19 guidelines to prevent further spread of the virus. Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said the UPND had also applied to have elections in selected districts.

“They were informed to say they cannot go ahead, so us we are just doing our job. They applied in various districts on the Copperbelt where they wanted to hold elections and they were informed on Friday. So there is no need for them to go ahead without proper guidelines,” Ms Katanga said.

She said the police discovered that there were more than 100 delegates, hence the decision to stop the meeting.

“The police went there to go and check as communicated yesterday, they gathered and were over 100 which is against the Ministry of Health guildlines,” Ms. Katanga said.

However, Ndola District UPND spokesperson David Zimba alleged that the decision of the police is illegal and accused them of favouring the ruling PF.

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  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Good move police, guidelines must be followed at all costs amidst the Covid 19 virus.

  2. Banja

    So why are markets open with more than 100 people everyday???

  3. SOS

    That’s why these police are changed each time a new government is ushered in it because of their unprofessional conducts.

  4. true

    good question banja at markets its more than that sembe ni ba pf sembe palibe vuto i guess the rulling party does not even ask for a permit but just i4m them what they want 2 do

  5. Young youth(MM)

    I wonder how many people are found in casino’s and that will be found in schools this next month…..
    Let Bally ……. plz .

  6. Koswethe

    Idiots don’t you know that. Hakaimde is intead of guns is hiring our brothers and sisters awho are +ve with the virus from. Tanzania to spread th

  7. Asoza

    Ba Koswethe…you are really foolish!

  8. pique

    the political rivalry between pf and upnd will not provide us with the solution to this covid-19.the issue is about people’s safety from this enemy the so called coronavirus.that is why the police officers carried out there duties.why should this issue of covid-19 cause harmock amongst ourselves.remember that the strongest desire for these political leaders is to enrich themselves without considering the cries of yours and mine once voted into power.

    • Sm

      It’s true pique tall the foolish cadia kkkkkk buz with politics

  9. emma

    Pique you are very right.Zambians please more especially the upnd Members & Cadres why do you always engange politics in any situation?good move ba police.Let’s follow all preventive measures without being forced to do so.

  10. Malizgani Nyirenda

    If they we’re given permission for elections then the police acted very unfortunate professionally because there is no district elections of only 100, it was better for them just to control the flow of the voters and that is their duties on elections

  11. Nzulu

    UPND Trying in public but very,very busy UNDER organising itself in readiness 4 general election in 2020 . In next election is a final if they lose under HH Leadership and end of it.

  12. Juass

    Rallies are conducted and called working visits were ,thousands of people are present is there no covid 19,when it comes to an opposition party.Get a permit,covid19,we don’t have manpower. Ndelolelakofye.

  13. Mr intellect

    I wonder what law the copperbelt police command is applying to their political parties! One carder was seen on deadnbc TV defecting to pathetic party from NDC with more than the number that can enhance the spread of Covid19 and it was all marvelous. Ine vaso!

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