PRESS RELEASE: Delta Quarantines Its Workers In Containers To Stop Zambian Workers From Bringing Coronavirus Into Its Premises.

Lusaka – 24th May, 2020.

After a complaint from a worker locked inside a truck assembling factory, Delta, along Airport road, we went on a late night fact finding mission.

We found Zambian workers made to sleep in a small Container (6 people in one container) with mattresses put on the floor. We, then, followed the Chinese VIPs to their compounds, a walking distance where the containers are.

They said they do it to stop Zambian workers from bringing Coronavirus into their premises from their homes. This is unacceptable and diabolic to say the least.

We ordered that they release the workers instantly and let them be reporting daily while adhering to preventive guidelines.

Keep whistle blowing if being abused as Zambians based on Coronavirus innuendos.

Together We Can!

Miles B. Sampa
Mayor Of The City Of Lusaka

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  1. Mkwasu

    This incident is not isolated. Where is the Minister of Labour in all this? Miles alone cannot stop this scourge.
    It’s sickening to say the least.

    • Yes

      Mkwasu it is true the incident isnt isolated. Apart from the politicians I also blame the useless news media which thinks news is a press release. Why havent they been doing theirown investigations and reporting such malpractices? DeadNBC thinks news is talking to ministers. Private media think news is how much opposition is insulting government. Its a hopeless profession this journalism. Cant editors send their repoerters into townships factories even shebeens to give us REAL stories not press releases by Dora Suiliya

  2. nshilimubemba

    But corona virus is Chinese what is the problem with the squints, are they dreaming very shortly they will be answering to the whole world how they killed thousands of people throughout the the world.

    • Uwapa Fibusa Club

      I we nshili mubemba you mean you can swallow such silly lies? These kinds of employers have always existed in Zambia, even in other countries such as South Africa Mozambique etc. These employers have been locking their employees up long before Covid. Why governments dont act is because we have no governments. They are threatened by China even India and big business interests or even bribed and they look the other way. Where is your Labour Minister? Toothless only yappping on UNZALARU but never to protect workers

  3. Mn

    Very soon they I’ll start colonising Zambia these Chinese,2 de it’s Chinese tomorrow it’s Chinese. What iz happining in Zambia and Zambians.smth must b done by the govt b4 things get worse

    • Sistant

      Too late they have already colonised Zambia. All those Chinese signboards dont you see them?

  4. Malizgani Nyirenda

    We are tired of hearing the CHINESE people locking ZAMBIANS, and today I appeal to the Republican president HIS EXCELLENT THE PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA, DR. EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU, my appeal is if the way to CHINA is still as good as it was when these people were coming please take them back to their fathers. Awa wanthu mbopazgika waka naweya a president watumani kwawo uko kulije Corona, akwe tavuka nawo awa wanthu mbamwiza muno, wamusangapo sono ndiwo watiwazge nge nthene yayi wawerenge tavukupala nawo. If the Tumbuka I have used is too hard to understand ask me to translate

    • Zulu Joseph

      Basampa stand in matero Job well done continue updating changing peoples lives

  5. Stephen kibipe

    Kiki what are you saying nyirenda

  6. Big

    Miners QUALANTAIN at NFC plant in Chambeshi. mines minister in support at bala basunga fye bwino…
    Twalapela kwisa mwebantu. Morons are the leaders…..

  7. tarny ford


  8. Twende

    Zambia has no authorities. Idiots come to your country & abuse you. Why not beat them? These are not leaders, pf are a jock of corrupt boys. Botswana kicked these fools out. So if pf can’t kick out these dog eaters, kick out pf

  9. Benjamin

    Kukaripa kwa pa media, with fake measures against Chinese. Nothing will happening to them. Do you know how much Zambia owns China. 6 times more than our yearly budget with kaloba on top.and Zambia is still getting loans even up to now

  10. nchau

    side effects of over bollowing zambia has been soid nayo nayo kukosa

  11. mtl

    Honestly this is getting out of hand. Chinese this Chinese that what’s really the problem.
    Labor minister where are you? what’s your role?
    we have heard of such cases but still the ministry is quite.

  12. Jms

    As narrated by majority, its impossible and embarrassing to see the minister responsible seeing this whilst fighting for bill 10 meaning even if we vote for that bill nothing will come out, put efforts in any ministry for this bill to be recognized. I’m hearing reopening and workers to be to and from homes, this isn’t good governance, when a Zambian does that in China maybe you may even lose his or her life. Thats why you closed prime tv they never wanted nonsense to occur in our compounds. But nevertheless we still have few capable people right enough to act enough but revival prime tv to let proper coverage.

  13. Nyambe

    Come also at JCS longacres to save us!we are 15, we’ve been locked up by Chinese, it is now 2month ago without seeing our wives and children

  14. Prince Mande

    Where is the Minister of Labour, what Miles Sampa is doing is Joyce Nonde Simukoko’s responsibility. Having served in the Labour Unions at that high office of Secretary General, the Ministry of Labour should have been on top of everything protecting the interests of the workers. The workers seem to have lost confidence in their minister that why they would rather report to the Mayor of Lusaka, Miles Sampa. Mr President, the time to act is now get rid of your Labour Minister and replace her with someone proactive, someone the workers in Zambia can depend on. The minister seems to have vested interests in the Chinese, that’s why these chaps are breaking the labour laws with impunity.

  15. Malinso banda

    Minister of labour please wake up washipula sana (you have dozed too much) as if there is no minister may be you are scared of them. If you are! Please allow us to deal with these crazy eyes creatures they have gone too far ill treating zambians enough is enough.

  16. Ba sirmonk

    Do we have mines minister in Zambia or Wat? Miners locked in work premises without seen families for months &threatened that no more job as fuckingchinese say when one decides to go home. Mind u they are being locked up at a distance of 15minutes walk & Zambian government,minister excluding mayor Nathan Chanda are quiet.if the Chinese are protecting the miners contracting the virus Wat about the families left home who is taking care of them,miners are not sick but y quarantining them for Wat. Think people we are not slaves no inmates but people who are contributing to the development of Zambia.president has said new normal but these guys balisula Zambian government but China.luanshya town leaders awe naleka chalinamailo.

  17. Ba sirmonk

    Luanshya miners in dip shit as they are quarantined just for more production but if Chinese are asked they are saying we are waiting for corona to end, but my q is when is corona going to end? Miners not allowed to c there families 15minutes walk which is unacceptable but locked in the mine area. Soon u will start hearing accident because people are not having enough sleep always thinking about how the families are doing in this time of corona. When accident happens that’s when u want 2be seen ngabamano at am the mines minister shame on you ba nathan Chanda na ba mines minister. Miners threatens that they will lose jobs if not want to be quarantined. 2021

  18. covid9 tembo

    We don’t have labour ministry in z we have been reporting abuse by the Chinese but no action is taken

  19. likula

    And who aproves the contract form for these Chinese ba minister work up people are suffering

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