PRESS RELEASE: Disturbing And Proven Occurrences At The Chinese Owned And Managed Sinoma Cement Plant.

This morning we got a text from a brave whistle blower a Zambian worker from the plant. Him and other over 100 Black workers have been held hostage inside the factory and not allowed to go home because they can bring back Corona virus. They have been threatened with getting fired if they ever left the plant.

Our fact finding mission later in the afternoon proved that indeed it’s the factual position. Both the Zambian workers we spoke to and the Chinese supervisor we spoke to via a Zambian interpreter confirmed that Covid-19 is the reason they have not been allowed to go home for about 8 weeks (2 to 3 months).

We told the Chinese supervisor that this is slavery reloaded. Black Zambians did not originate Corona virus. It originated in China and first imported into Zambia via France.

The Chinese management and Executives in the meantime are allowed to go home every night and come back next morning.

I ordered them to release the workers tonight and allow them to go and see their wives and children. Over 60% of labour workforce at this plant are from our City and the rest from Chongwe and Kafue Districts.

I will cascade this anomally to my Ministers for further indulgence and reprimand if possible. I am overwelmed with this particular complaint of workers locked in for months by various Chinese owned companies.

In the meantime, I am off to another whistle blower with exact complaint along Airport road.

Issued By:

Miles Sampa
Mayor Of The City Of Lusaka.


  1. Banja.

    Bravo Ba Mayor! These chinese dog eaters have taken Zambians for granted!

  2. Mkwasu

    By the way where is our most useless Minister of Labour Joyce Simukoko? Someone please shake her to wake up and be counted. Campaigning for ECL is not leadership. It is being seen to address the concerns of the Zambian worker. I am sure she doesn’t understand why she is in that position!

  3. Tammy simz

    People should allowed to go home see their family’s

  4. Porno star

    Imbwa zamu Zambia we need to be smart like those workers who blew the wistle about what’s going on at the site do not just sit idle ati ba minister bazaziba ati situation ili so kuno

  5. Chendabusiku

    This is good work but, should it take the mayor getting whistle blower’s messages? Where are the officers from the labour office? Do we have a ministry of labour in this country? Part of what we are going through as Africans is because we are inept and sheer I competency in the management of our own affairs. We have the opposition that largely is a walk out opposition which does not add much value to the national development agenda. Their interest is remuneration and top jobs.

  6. Joe

    The story doesn’t make any sense. It has a lot of unanswered questions !


    mulibapuba fye ba buteko ,,,,,china man is your boss just shut up and tell your Dora to go TO HELL. leave us alone.

  8. Mampolyo

    Well done your worship. As you “cascade” this matter to the line ministries, shake Joyce Nonde Simukoko whose silence has been so loud. This is not your duty, but because she’s not doing her work you end up being saddled with others’ work. May her salary be added to yours – asazifola zama hala. Otherwise keep up the good work my guy.

  9. Ironman

    Send these Chinese cannibals back to China or you expect the worst on Zambians…

  10. Zoona

    True ….. Mkwasu

    • Banda

      Over 60% of labour workforce done by Zambians who are not even allowed to go home and see their families because of Corona Virus which originated from there country China. Over 60% labour workforce done by Zambians and my colleagues ‘youths’ in particular are busy wasting time on take away to satisfy the body need which gives them nothing but hang over and then in the end been slaves in there on country. What a shame!

  11. Kizito

    Thanx for your update.

  12. 1ZED 1NATION

    Saddening bt where is this joyce labour stamp 4 the mayor 2 b doing her job?? N’way tiz ok coz evn if she was there…Sembe banamupasa bag not ya cement but…


    How i wish we had a labour minister in zambia, i would hav asked HIS execellency PRESIDENT ECL to fire such 4 incompetency


    These stinky mother fuckers full of shit in their asses should be deported because they are not good investors they came to zambia to ill treaty zambians not to invest.Goverment please sort out this stupidity behaviour otherwise these dogs will go far and we shall not allow this to continue and by behaving like this, i think they are digging their own graves this is not your country please behave mother fuckers.

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