PRESS RELEASE: Chinese Nationals Murdered In Lusaka’s Makeni Area.

Lusaka – 24th May, 2020.

Police in Lusaka recieved a report of Aggravated Robbery and Murder which occurred today 24th May, 2020 at around 12:00 hours in Makeni. Innitialy, a report of fire incident was recieved from a member of the public to the effect that Warehouses belonging to Chinese nationals were on fire.

Police rushed to the scene together with the Fire Brigade and whilst there, it was discovered that the owners of the warehouses were not at the scene of the fire and a further inquiry led to a search of their houses located behind the warehouses.

Police spotted blood stains on the floor right from the entrance and a machete with blood stains was also found inside the house on the floor near the bed. With the help of members of the public, one suspect whose name we have withheld aged 22 of Garden House area was apprehended.

A burnt body of a female Chinese national namely Hu New Cao aged 52 has been retrieved from the inferno. A search for other two remaining Chinese nationals has continued. A Docket has been opened and one arrest has been made. Investigations have continued.

Issued By:

Esther Mwaata Katongo
Public Relations Officer
Zambia Police Service

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  1. chicken


  2. Albert

    To me it looks as if it is an inside job.

  3. bsiamc

    It is not aggravated robbery until a surviving occupant attests to unlawful removal of property.

  4. Shi Mumba

    What a horrible crime? What motivated this young man to brutally take the lives of these people? I know that of late there hasn’t been flattering news about our Chinese guests, but to do this to them is very sinful, and people must be punished severely for this heinous crime.
    may the Souls of the departed rest In Peace.

    • Norman Sitali

      My worst fears have manifested.Immediately I started hearing of unsavoury reporting on the Chinese I feared it would forment some Xenophobic feelings in some quarters ..there we have it.I think we need to revisit our attitudes.Sad reading my brother sad reading.

  5. Jms

    Let the police report what they have seen and its unwise to overlook them,if it’s aggravated robbery plus murder let it be unless the one opposing is a witness then tell them and help the investigators. Please lets stick together to combat crime.

  6. Part

    Too bad ,this is so sad,y killing each other sure

  7. Hammer

    Criminals hide behind things like xenophobia, tribalism to kill. Crime should be condemned no matter who the victim is. Believe you me, whoever kills a Chinese can kill a zambian, can even kill his own brother. No one should feel comfortable thinking that it is only foreigners who are the targets. When there will be no more foreigners to kill, the criminals will come after their own citizens.

  8. Ackim Kaonga

    Too bad for that development they must be brought to book we re one despite them being Chinese national more over we have Zambian people living in China,,and embassy of China in Zambia ain’t Happy,,, let foreign affairs minis
    try apologize on our behalf

  9. Og

    So sad

  10. Barney Chanda

    I hope and pray that this does not develop into a “we” (Zambians) and “them” (Chinese). I hope our political leaders will quickly step in to calm people down. My condolences to the family of the deceased.

  11. Charles Chilembo

    Very bad okay

    • amaniel

      i feel sad that the xenophobia, anti china, that sweeping African countries have claimed life. and, the Lusaka mayor must be happy. he has been talking bad about chines living in Lusaka. i did not expect that a person in authority to have open hatred toward other races. i wonder what does he say about different tribes in Zambia. i dont know if he knew that the first railway that Zambia have was constructed by chines people and money.

  12. Jchibeka

    If we really have educated police force, they’l easily get to the cause of this crime. Am sure perpetrators of the same are just dining with us.

  13. wise one

    shot him in the head that idiot

  14. Godfrey banda

    So bad let the police work.

  15. viola lulu

    So bad….

  16. William Suku

    May the departed soul rest in peace

  17. cm



    Too bad

  19. john sankwe

    This is horrible and barbaric and it is beyond zenophibic attacks that had been happening in south Africa.This is the culmination of the current antisentiments utterances and attacks against the Chinese national. Its really very sad and if it was Zambians victimised in this way Many people would have come out protesting violently against it.Police wake up and protect chinese nationals

  20. rox

    Chinese kill blacks while their police are watching too just that their media is disciplined

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