Thieving Ex-husband Dragged To Court By Former Wife Over K148,000.

Thieving Ex-husband Dragged To Court By Former Wife Over K148,000.

In a statement of claim filed in court, Lydia Kunda has accused her former husband Mr. Clinton Mwale of stealing money from her handbag and misusing it and also using her vehicle to borrow K130,000, money which he failed to pay back.

Ms. Kunda stated that she has suffered loss and damages as a result of Mwale’s conduct. She wants the court to order Mr. Mwale to pay her K148,000 with interest and costs.

Ms. Kunda explained that her ex-husband, while they were married, borrowed K130,000 from a money lender and used her motor vehicle as collateral without her consent. She stated that she was forced to settle the K130,000 debt to save her vehicle from being sold after her ex-husband failed to pay back the money he got.

Ms. Kunda added that Mr. Mwale, while married to her, also stole K15,000 from her handbag and a K3,000 on a different date without her consent. She stated that she has on several occasions demanded payment of the money from Mr. Mwale but he has ignored to pay her.

She said that she has suffered loss as a result of Mr. Mwale’s behaviour and has now asked the court to order him to pay her.

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  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Too bad

  2. Hammer

    It seems that Mrs Mwale was making mire money than the husband. But instead of this being a blessing it became a curse for this family. It looks that Mrs Mwale didn’t consider that money as a property of the family but her own property. Sad

  3. Arstones chala

    Its quite sad to see the core of the family breaking up .However , while Mrs Mwale would consider to blame her husband we ar not privy to much information apart from what she has started coz we can easily put the blame on her husband without giviing him a chance to be heard or excalpate himself.Matters that reach such extents have the genesis only may be things didnt come out as planned this just my little speculation .Hope they can settle these matters amicably since the law has come in to policy their difference.All the best folks.Let peace reign.

  4. Asoza

    “Stole without her consent” ? Hmmn the english does not sound write. When can someone “steal” with consent??? Stealing implies taking without consent, period!

  5. Asoza

    Sorry..does not sound “right” !

  6. H2k

    Ba madam balebomba nao alebombolola that’s being stupid

  7. Mo

    Chris Phiri news editor, How do you publish a case which is not in court yet. Whats the harry,try to be professional you stupid idiot of Zambia.

    • Bemba champ

      Kkkkkkk 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ati stupid idiot of Zambia,
      He sure Is, cause his grammar is not up to date

  8. Stephen kibipe

    Kiki mo not thi9

  9. Roda

    ‘Mario’ type of men or ‘Kandile’! Such men are detrimental to women! I salute Ms Kunda to bring such an issue before the courts of law! Some women opt to stay quiet and die from depression in a bid to show all is ok! That man is capable of doing anything! He is retrogressive! Still wondering how such men find such hard working women! Mama, you are not alone, there are a lot of silent voi

  10. Shi Mumba

    As we say in Bemba, “Ka Chikala ka Mwale ni ka pompwe! Kakabolala!” Some of these Ngoni chaps don’t appreciate good wives…..Pay Back The Money (PBTM)!

  11. William Suku

    Ndeyumfwilako fye

    ! -tsm- !

  12. Katis

    Inama ipitila kubashakwata ameno uyo cipuba umwanakaahi akwatapo amano thats very stupid hang him

  13. BOB

    Amount involved is too much for a common Zambian business woman. Some tycoon of political inclination should be involved. The same caused the marriage break up, I suspect.

  14. Steve

    I pray for God’s intervation. Ms kunda therefore knw that God never lets his children down,its writen in the book of proverbs 24v16, that for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again’ but the wicked are brought down by calamity. So therefore God wil never let u down u will rise again in jesus’ name!

  15. True friend

    A man’s pocket and wealth is for the both of them yet a woman’s purse belongs to her and her alone.Mr Mwale took this for granted because he thought his services to the woman gave him the authority to her purse.Women don’t just give men money or allow them access for nothing..there is always ba catch and once you decide to ship out boi you will have to vomit all she ever fed you kkkkk.Men stop this system yokwatiliwa kuli bakazi because of money.



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