Miseshi Councillor Reports Binwell Mpundu To The Police for Subtle Campaigns!

Miseshi Ward Councillor in Nkana Constituency Douglas Moyo has reported former Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu to Police for allegedly having illegal meetings in the ward.

Mpundu, who is understood to be preparing to contest the Nkana Constituency elections next year is said to have been having meetings in the Constituency. However, Police did not move in to pick up Mpundu after it was discovered he was meeting some family friends.

Moyo, reported to Mindolo Police Station Officer In-Charge that Mpundu was spotted having illegal meetings in Miseshi Ward. Mpundu, whose contract was not renewed as District Commissioner for Kitwe, is eyeing Nkana Constituency a seat being held by Alexander Chiteme.

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  1. Pela

    Ci Moyo!

  2. Nshilinama

    Mr. Moto you are a councillor for that ward it not personal even the constituency let people those who wish to excise their rights do so may you are an idle councillor doing nothing

  3. Jms

    What is happening here,having meetings then associating with family members incredible nonsense.

  4. Razor

    Yes the infighting has now started before the convention. More to come. Watch this space.

  5. Johnny Mumba

    Imwe this is a dirty game why focusing on those who cannot even add a single millimetre Life is Simple a Journey and Zambia is not for One Person One Zambia One Nation where do you stand to support this Mother Zambia It is not for individual interests nut for Mother Zambia look FORWARD BANE


    Ala abantu bamo fipuba, tabaishiba ukutila kwaliko ba kk no change twalifumamo, mwalya mweka dad mmd, now ni pf so We are still going on bane pf teyenu Bantu basala, ebakasana hh, ukufuma apo pakakonka umbi, office is not for you it’s for all, umulomo utali waletelele imfungo, brother moyo stop that ka habit bupuba.

  7. Juass

    Action speak louder than words

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