One More Suspect Apprehended In The Murder Of Chinese Nationals

Police in Ndola have apprehended one more suspect in the murder of Chinese nationals in Lusaka. Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said the suspect was apprehended on the night of 24th May, 2020.

And Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said the arrest bringings the number of arrested suspects to two. Katongo said Police have also recovered another body of a male Chinese.

“The body was retrieved from the warehouse in a burnt state, the search has continued,” Katongo stated.

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  1. Daniel Banda

    That criminals carrying out such gruesome murders have such mobility is an indication the extent to which covert activities are being escalated suspiciously. Why is it that people are quick to link criminality to similar terrible acts and blame the government when such things happen? That could be indicative of who and why they are doing it. Let’s leave it to the powers that be to think about it.

  2. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Job well done ba buju,we cannot afford to loose lives like chickens.

    • Jacob

      Yeah I personally think they deserve it

  3. Kabinga

    In the beginning, pf considered political killings as normal… No arrests when it involved their cadres. Because police condoned pf hooliganism, now innocent lives have continued to be lost. Let law be applied unselectively, or else you will also be victims of the same murders someday.

  4. Ironman

    Let the law be applied unselectively hope law enforcement is tough in China and Russia where our people have been killed too however all I see is animal farm….

  5. Koswe

    @kabinga l think you should be one of these murders how can you foolishly link this case to pf? All. Zambians are terribly concerned and your stinking mouth is vomiting urine check your freedom of stupidity idiot

  6. Trueth

    All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.too bad Zambians you are still colonised. Continue being slaves

  7. Stephen kibipe

    Ba kabinga what is your problem

  8. Jms

    Indiscipline brings lawlessness in every corners even those criminals may have that chance together with humble,poverty, argry,hungry etc,so please don’t blame yourselves but we should know how to handle the situation, all of you maybe right in someway. Everything is bad or good according to one’s mind so we should try by all means to see why you next person has said so. Grow in mind not by just years.

  9. Jessey Lingard

    OK we have heard that bad news their soul may RIP….BT my question is dat where will be their bodies be barred…..????

    • Judge

      Chinese don’t burie, they burn…go to St Ann and witness.

  10. name

    It can be a very good thing to listen to news and hear that every week some ka Chinese has been killed in Zambia

    • Chanda

      Don’t forget that there are many Zambians living in China, especially students at Chinese universities. What if the Chinese start killing them like you are doing. Will that be unfair? That is if you even care.


    Those Murderers must be punished equal to that murder, just kill them publicly, pakutila bambi bamweneko is not good, Zambia in is a Christian nation where ? Go to Nigeria instead of going to police they use fire what a wonderful judgement they use, atulacita filya ubupuba ngabwalipwa. at the same time we are slaves to Chinese government why zambians why leaders tell us please.

  12. Fredrick mulenga Musenge

    What the law did was so right and they must keep up the same spirit In this country Zambia, cause’ Zambia is a blessed country it must be at peace.

  13. Gbm

    There is no peace in the country how can you killing each other like dogs have mercy God will punishe you

  14. Reuben lunda

    They need to be arrested

  15. Kawalala

    Am just looking

  16. Miles platnumz

    Remember we a all human being…do not kill ths innocent people..

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