Covid-19 Testing Laboratory Opens In Chipata District

Government has opened a Covid-19 testing laboratory in Chipata District. Eastern Province Minister Hon. Makebi Zulu said the province has become the first region to open a Covid-19 testing laboratory outside the line of rail.

Hon. Zulu said Chipata District Hospital has been designated as testing site for Covid-19. He said the province had so far received 360 cartridges adding that those that will be running the lab were trained last Friday and over the weekend.

Hon. Zulu said the good thing about having the lab is that the province will not be waiting for Lusaka to process the results which normally takes a lot of time.

He was speaking when he received 5,000 masks from Chipata Muslim Association at his office this morning. Chipata Muslim Association Covid-19 taskforce chairperson Younus Suleman said the association will continue supplementing government in the fight and prevention of Covid-19.

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  1. Strong

    It’s good to open,but muleke amano mwakwata chingaba shani doctor ufunda abantu kulwala ama lwele ayo a funda?aaaaaaaaa palilyashi dola na chitalu eeee chalishani shwoswo distance mwalishiba hands San taiza fesmax fyose if mwalifishiba nomba chalishani makisi?

  2. Kapambwe

    Thats good move, but what I can emphasis is that the government have to put in place mobile laboure in every point of entry of the country and within provinces. So in that way we can handle coronavirus without fail.

  3. Razor

    why can’t you open at all provincial centers instead of just opening in selected towns.

  4. Mpaka sandryo

    We’re happy as easternian well-done government

  5. Titus

    If you know that Corona virus is airborne disease. Why are you keep giving chance to a business man or business lady to go abroad to take some materials bring in Zambia

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