KAMBA Clarifies Leaked Audio

Patriotic Front PF Lusaka Province Secretary Kennedy Kamba has clarified that the conversation between him and Chomba Kaoma was intended to help youths with established businesses and not to steal donated Covid-19 materials from the Ministry of Health.

Kamba also said it is disappointing that a private conversation he had with Kaoma could be leaked and circulated on WhatsApp blogs thereby embarrassing the party and implicating it of involvement in illegalities.

Kamba clarified that his conversation with Kaoma was well intended as he was merely asking him to identify viable youths in business such as tailors to get tenders to make reusable face masks which government would buy and distribute in schools across the country to prevent Covid-19 infections.

Kamba explained that this did not imply in any way that the donated Covid-19 materials are being given to PF youths as they are all in the custody of the government and can therefore not be stolen or misappropriated.

He said what his office wants is to help those in the party structures and those not in the structures by linking them to business opportunities and therefore, the leaked conversation was misconstrued to mean that Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya was dishing out donated Covid-19 materials to PF members.

And Chomba Kaoma has unreservedly apologized to Lusaka Province PF Secretary Kennedy Kamba over a voice recording of their private conversation yesterday that has leaked and gone viral on social media.

In the audio, it was insinuated that Mr. Kamba directed Chomba Kaoma to identify and mobilize PF youths who will be beneficiaries of a consignment of PPE’s received from Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya donated towards Covid-19 in order for the youths to sell.

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  1. Lazi

    Why not advertise to the public so that each one of us is given an equal opportunity to participate in the process?

    • mark Madyenkuku

      Ask them my dear

    • Riggings PF

      Public resources being diverted to PF campaign activities, God is watching.

  2. SOS

    This pf party is just a bunch of fikabwalala who have come to steal our money.Please people lets flash them out before cause damage to our national reserves.

  3. Chamu

    The audio is very clear that there were scheming to donated Covid -19 resoures for the benefit of select PF party cadres. He is just embarrassed he got found out. Corruption even over health matters!! We just need to get rid of these people come 2021. Its too much!!

  4. Jms

    A normal person could not,I respect could request for member as member are outlined already, this is indiscipline,Fire him.

  5. Razor

    Typical of PF. After getting caught red handed they now want to justify the theft.

  6. Frank Chombela

    In Zambia, there’s nothing wrong with that. Who doesn’t know how much snooping is going on and being carried out by the PF government?

  7. Ben

    King Nebuchadnezzar wanted to rule forever. Alas!God made him crazy until he repented from idolising himself and worshipped God.Man’s rule is numbered and for few years.Only God rules eternally!

  8. Ba zed


  9. Chilubo

    We will color them properly and to their color of choice come 2021

  10. wilson

    Comment: corruption intolerance is the order of the day. change yo ways before it’s too late

  11. SOS

    Ba supporter ba fikabwalala chi concerned citizen,koswe,maligzan nafimbipo you don’t yap when your foolish fool bosses are found stealing people’s money.Come out from hiding you the beneficiary of pf

  12. Chendabusiku

    We are a nation of thieves, no one person will successfully fight this corruption and thieving except a dictator. We need one sooner than later. The thieving and corruption have reached boiling point.

  13. Joe

    why can’t they empower all the youths instead of being selfishly centered on PF. The role of govt is to provide to all the citizens not to cling to a politcal party. So disappointing and heartless…..

  14. gift

    very useless, dats why seer1 finished them..

  15. Jms

    Zambians are cowards especially you who thinks you know English and you obtain a g12.rubish

  16. Jms

    All pf thinks are grade twelves without thinking that education in their regime is going down, thanks to kaoma to have shown as how stealing occurs and thanks to Kamba for the cannel he showed how malpractice is being taken in pf, this is how patriotic the are.

  17. Francis

    I feel sorry for the Finance minister. He will end up tarnishing his name by virtue of joining a bandwagon of thieves. He may mean well but for those surrounding him.

  18. Maybe


  19. Mwenya

    These crooks see this as normal, something worth defending. And the media gives them a platform to air their crooked opinions.

  20. True mwandi

    Ba pf how long do they think they will supresss the people with these stealing and unpunishable habits. If you speak against them they will all pounce on you. But it’s through corruption that a nation is destroyed 🙌🙌🙌 poseniko ama ba presido. You are now insulting corecor thinking..

  21. Mkwasu

    My humble advice to all riding in panto is to learn how to swim. When the “boat ” starts sinking in 2021 a lot will drown!

  22. Mkwasu

    * “Pabwato” not panto!

  23. Musyani

    They think they are indispensable like unip,I voted mmd in 1991 because I got fed up with there ways os also stealing with impunity,zambians are patient by nature but when they get tired of a certain party and its deeds,they vote out,I liked you of but I have made up my mind,you don’t deserve to rule Zambia,you can go get your Chinese babers to come vote you next year.
    The major is the first citizen of the town and he tries to do the right thing,you make him apologize, for what ,I think it’s for your kick backs which you will loose,a barbershop with imported labour sure,I am not corrupt for one I think you deserve to loose next year and you have just given the ammunition to the opposition parties which are not perfect as well.you guys are an embarrassment to zambians no wonder the world doesn’t take as seriously.

  24. Concerned Citizens

    It is pity that the President is surrounded by criminals in PF who lack integrity but their aim is to steal and embarrass the president. The PF has destroyed the economy of Zambia by promoting corruption and thuggery behaviour. When any political party ascends to power they should not portray themselves as a political entity but should address themselves as the legitimate Zambian Government representing all the citizens. They now presiding over an inclusive government. However, the opposite is now what is happening where greedy recycled politicians and individuals with questionable behaviours have taken advantage of the weak leadership in PF to indulge in all sorts of criminality and thereby undermining the rule of law in Zambia. The president should be in the forefront to respect the principles of the Separation of Powers.

  25. Juass

    There is no smoke without fire.

  26. Mr intellect

    Am pretty sure that the next regime will definitely be voted for the second time just because of the slightest adjustment it will effect to this grounding economy come 2021.

  27. Mr oneonone

    Thre is no need to Apologize bigman to those bakosw* thiefs

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