Now Messrs Mwenye And Mwitwa Advocates Abandon Prime Television.

Messrs Mwenye and Mwitwa Advocates have withdrawn from acting as lawyers for Prime Television in a matter where the station challenged the government’s decision to cease all cooperation with it.

The law firm has filed a notice of withdrawal in the Lusaka High Court in this case where Prime Television petitioned the Lusaka High Court for an order quashing Information Minister Dora Siliya’s decision to cease all cooperation with the station.

The IBA on April 9, 2020 cancelled the broadcasting license of Prime TV and Ms Siliya, on April 23, 2020, also threw out the appeal on the ground that the license for Prime TV had expired.

In the case in court, Prime TV is seeking an order declaring government’s decision to cease all transactions and business with it as unconstitutional.

But Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga has told the Lusaka High Court that Prime Television does not have the ability to exercise its right to impart and receive information because it is not licensed.

Mr. Malupenga has asked the court to dismiss the case in which Prime Television is challenging government’s decision to cease all cooperation with it, saying the petition is incompetent as the private station was not licensed at the time it commenced the said action.

And the Attorney General has asked the court to dismiss the said petition because it has no limbs to stand on, arguing that Prime TV’s broadcasting licence was the only basis upon which its freedom of press as guaranteed under Article 20 of the Constitution could be enjoyed.

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  1. Koswe

    This case can within 20minutes be quashed by a99year old chipata lady who never went to school. All what she can ask for is. Chitupa no Chitupa case is closed finish. Prime TV their supervisor will assist them when boma yangenamo. Where is he now? Very very very sorry sorry meaning ignorance has no defense even no license they are showing their dullness

    • Observer

      Where is Kalaba for you? Where is Hakainde for you and where is Kambwili? When you cover them as they insult the govt they smile. Now that you are in court , they cannot even give you support or contribute towards your legal fees. Instead they quickly jump to another TV station Diamond, or MUVI. You are all by yourself with no money and no support. Hope you are leaning your lessons.

      • Kadoli

        @Obsever you have the right advise for PRIME VD. And were are all those fake analysts with their legal jargon? INDEED WHERE ARE THEY?

  2. chinyamapolo

    Is this media bolong to pf or what because I don’t see Dr chitalu chilufya story here coma sembe ni HH sembe ndiye yenze pa headline

  3. Young youth(MM)

    Open prime TV , that’s all we want….
    Is zambia a democratic nation.why why butie..

  4. Old Mzee

    Prime TV has no licence so cant sustain their case in Court.There is o obligation on the government to continue to have cooperation with Prime TV or any other station. just like an individual cannot force someone to be his friend.Even in the market you buy from someone you want not anybody.
    The withdraw of lawyers means two things;
    (a) They may have no money to pay the Lawyers (professional way)
    (b)Or the clients are acting in a manner that will tarnish the reputation of the law firm
    So Prime TV has no case.Sorry

  5. Mudododo

    It is surprising how an illegal entity can have the audacity to sue. To me the TV station does not exist and has no capacity to sue.

  6. Question

    Question – If they want to renew their licence will the government give them? N Do they deserve to be closed by the government in the first place?

  7. gify

    Norwaydays news znbc tv and tv2 are pf..government closed tv station telling the truth to the people of zambia because of corona virus …

  8. Razor

    Prime Tv will open . Just be patient. You don’t need lawyers the people will fight for you.

  9. Edward Havuluma

    Pf against from…up to now just do most of people Knows even if but they know

  10. Francis

    I have missed prime tv just open it they give us collect information about what is happening in Zambia

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