Pardoned Prisoner Finds Wife Married, Celebrates The News!

A 32-YEAR-OLD man who was jailed for five years after being found with a leopard skin about two years ago is happy to find his wife married to another man after leaving a correctional facility on Africa Freedom Day.

“I was praying day and night when I was in prison that my wife should find another man and get married. I am very happy that my prayer was answered.”

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  1. Bm

    Was she a thorn in your flesh?

  2. Ken Sex

    Indeed she must have been a thorn in his flesh before his incarceration. Or it could be that he felt deeply sorry for having disappointed her with what he committed when he went to prison….

  3. Luckyz king west

    What makes u to pray that prayer ?

  4. Francis Chisala

    Am sure she wz de reason he went 2 Jail,some women chabe….2much demands….!!!

  5. Filungula Namenshi

    She was the main reason why the man went to jail. Unnecessary demands lead a man to start illegal business which ended him up into jail.

  6. Steve Mwala

    She’s Still Yo Wife in God’s Naked Eyes.So The Big Question Is Y,for Two Years Praying For Yo Own Wife To Find Another Man?Because Yo Jst Went To Prison To Be Reformed.Equally How Does Yo Wife Accept Such A Prayer?U & Yo Wife,there’s Something Hidden Here.Be careful,you May Find Yoself Back To Prison.

  7. Famous

    Maybe she was the reason he went to prison

    • Daniel Banda

      The man saved himself from the agony of being cheated by the guy/s who might have been illegally watering his garden and now doing it while he is around.

  8. Chanda Elton

    Poorest reporting. Mr Under 5reporter please go back to school, thank you!

    • Aggit

      Ala these reporters can make you wonder. Are we supposed to finish up the story in our imagination? And the editors are the biggest ifikopo

  9. Mkwasu

    So within 2 years of the husband being incarcerated, this woman divorced him, met another man, courted and got married with just 2 years???? Hmmmnnn the ExCon did the right thing. This was good riddance to bad rubbish!!!! Winnie remained single for 27 years! This lady could not wait? She was never a person worth calling a wife…

  10. Ironman

    Adulterous wife ma rubbish…. fellow man you did well to pray…

  11. king Zambia

    Maybe she is de reason he went to jail..who knows 🤔🤔

    • Nyakoko

      what an idiot and big fool for 2020 WHO COULD LET ANOTHER MAN F# HIS WIFE AND LET ON celebrat stupid you x covict

  12. King cool

    In two years time she gets married, very dangerous woman.

  13. Jms

    Even me I could celebrate, because his prayer was not to let the wife to be suffer on his behsf

  14. Jms

    Even me I could celebrate, because his prayer was not to let the wife to be suffer on his behalf and it could be vise versa if the wife to be waited by him being luckily pardoned as it is they could have been married together, now its unfortunate without patience nothing to do.

  15. Jms

    The man is okay don’t blame him,thats why god

  16. Jms

    The man is okay thats why needed him to experience if his pray was true but unfortunately it occurred in another way,to God you have to appreciate each way you are given nomatter how difficult or easy a situation is. God gives any normal person to think big,that’s why some situations you may sim to laugh and cry at the same tome.

  17. mr you

    if she truely loved u she couid have waited ka five years chabe, may be she was aiso wishing 2 find a husband in prison

    • PIG

      I think the second foolish man was flirting with this birch before heh was jailed. Never trust prostitutes.

  18. kodak

    to me what i can say is that,the guy was right otherwise she cnt let the children suffer from hunger and thats y the girl got married to another man

  19. Rk

    wicked woman

  20. Womder

    She was a knife and not a wife!

  21. cephas mwango

    Too bad I think these two were not meant to be together

  22. Pablo

    Maybe she fed up 5yrs petience yaisa peelela

  23. Enerst

    I think you were sure that she was going to marry

  24. Chisha's

    Maybe she is the one who let him in person, shame.


    Twas prison break both from prison and from his marriage

  26. Christopher kamizhi

    You are not happy man
    you still love her

  27. gift sianga

    i think she was a burden to her

  28. Muko1

    No Doubt Th Yf Also Wz Thnkn Of A Way Out,any Way, No Loser Both Winners Lyf Move On

  29. young bruce

    me i cnt tolalet such norsense
    mukazi wamene na lipila kupeza mwamuna ni problem na bp i yenda.



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