Gold Must Benefit Zambians, Senior Chief Sekufele.

A TRADITIONAL leader of North Western Province has urged President Lungu to ensure that Zambians benefited fully from the gold reserves recently discovered in the region.

Senior Chief Sekufele urged Mr. Lungu, on his first of a three-day visit to the province that the gold deposits at Kesenseli in Mwinilunga district must be exploited for the benefit of Zambians.

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  1. Cliffzee

    True your highness we must benefit from our minerals.

  2. Youth movement

    On point your highness

  3. Derby

    We wants jobs here course we will just end smelling gold without no benefits

  4. Derby

    We wants jobs here course we will just end smelling gold withoutwitho

  5. Juass

    Well said your highness this just shows you are a true leader you said benefit all Zambians not those from north western province already the 60% have been given to foreigners from Sudan this has prompted people to start mining minus whatever documents cause they feel let down by the people in power instead of alleviating them from abject poverty through the minerals found which their birthright they are seeing a big chunk given to outsiders making them to wonder what is taking place.

  6. Bambala

    Any national policy which does not benefit the general population is bad, whether economic, cultural, political etc.
    Since the advent of pluralism in Zambia, a lot of biasness has been exhibited by our political leaders in the way important decisions are made- mainly completely ignoring the general population- right from the way the MMD handled the privatisation programme, which resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs by we now senior citizens.
    When important mineral reserves such as gold are discovered in Zambia, our leaders must always ensure that the foreign private investors’ share holding is inclusive of Zambia as a nation. These mineral reserves’ presence in our ground must be treated as Zambia’s contribution in the shareholding structure. Botswana is a very good example in the way the Masire government negotiated their diamond mines shareholding arrangement.
    What baffles most of us in Zambia, is why our very brilliant local economists fail to think better than we ordinary folk. Is it lack of political will by our current political leaders? Our current Kwacha’s exchange rate against other major currencies is actually artificial. This is because our current economic/political policies on foreign investors allows almost ALL the proceeds from our major economic activity- mining- to be externalised and banked outside our borders. Surely, how can we expect our currency to be strong? The most basic ecomics teaches us that the more Zambian industry exports, and the less goods we import , the stronger our Kwacha will be. But how can this happen when almost ALL the earned hard currency is never retained in our economy, but banked abroad by the foreign company owners?
    Plse let us change and have these resources benefit all of us. Chief Sikufele’s advice to our President is timely.

  7. Kennedy

    they should just stop Chinese in our country

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