PRESS STATEMENT: Foreign Investors Must Respect Local Labour Laws And Our People Must Refrain From Taking The Law Into Their Own Hands

Friday, 29th May 2020.

1. The Patriotic Front Is A Pro-Poor Party And We Are Friends Of The Working Class.

The Patriotic Front is by design, by objective and by practice a pro-poor party. We are friends of the working class. The people’s heartbeat is our heartbeat and the people’s pain is our pain.

Therefore, when our people are laid siege in very trying environments by their foreign employers and their contact with the outside world restricted for weeks on end without even having an opportunity to see their families, our hearts feel their pain.

When Foreign Investors reportedly begin to engage in racial discriminatory practices that remind us of what our forefathers went through during the colonial period, our pain turns into a passionate defense of our proud African identity.

However, our passion should not turn murderous. For in defending the pride of our Africaness, we lose our basic human identity when we take the life of another human being- not matter the race.

So our hearts equally bleed when the lives of investors are taken in senseless cold blood by our people.

2. We Call For Zambian Workers Not To Take The Law In Their Own Hands.

It is against this background that we call on our brothers and sisters; our sons and daughters – the workers not to take the law in their own hands but follow laid down procedures to report any labour related matters.

3. We Call For Investors To Respect The Country’s Labour Laws And The Traditional Values They Have Found In Our Country.

By the same token, we call on all investors to respect the country’s labour laws well as our cultural and traditional norms.

When in Zambia, the Zambian way overrides the foreign way. That is the bedrock of our co-existence as a people.

Patriotic Front recognises the importance of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to our economy. However, the said FDI should not be a curse on our dignity. It must always remain a win-win blessing. It should therefore not be at the expense of the dignity of our people or the sovereignty of any nation, including our nation.

“Ichalo bantu”. The Zambian nation is its people. Any racial abuse of any Zambian by any foreigner on Zambian soil is an affront on our entire nationhood. It is inexcusable anywhere in the world.

While we strongly call on our people not to be violent against any foreign investors, we are equally calling upon all foreigner nationals to treat our citizens with dignity while striving to co-exist in unity. Our co-existence must never be characterised by derogatory and racial double standards on either sides.

4. Ministry Of Commerce Trade And Industry Must Come Out Clear On Businesses Reserved For Zambians.

Let me take this opportunity to our Ministry of Commerce and Industry to clearly state which businesses are categorically a preserve of the Zambian people. If it means amending pieces of legislation, this must be done as a matter of urgency.

It is unacceptable that investors should travel hundreds and thousands of miles within and across continents to come and compete with Zambians in cutting hair and selling chickens and airtime at the market? This must never be the case as it is detrimental to the growth of local businesses.

Patriotic Front wants businesses for Zambians clearly stated in subsidiary legislation and this is a clarion call we are making to the economic cluster and Ministry of Commerce in particular.

In the same vein, we demand that empowerment vehicles like Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) must reposition itself as true empowerment vehicle for emerging and existing Zambian entrepreneurs, especially the youth, women and differently abled persons.

5. The Ministry Of Labour Must Also Be Seen And Proved To Be Action Oriented In Enforcing Compliance And Generally Serving Interests Of Zambians.

Allow me to speak to the Ministry of Labour to ensure their inspectors are not only reactive but proactive.

Patriotic Front’s ideology is that of a pro-poor party as it is a friend of the working class. Wr urge the Ministry to ensure labour relations are cordial and where workers are violated, sanctions as provided for under the law must follow. That is the proactiveness we seek to see. That is the proactiveness our people are asking for.

6. We Expect To See More Action From Ministry Of Local Government To Legally Correct Issues Within Its Ambit.

So since His Worship the Mayor Miles Sampa has apologized, we expect to see more action from Ministry of Local Government and Sister Ministries in legally correcting any prevailing situation with deserved urgency.

7. We Are A People’s Movement.

We are calling for harmonized relations between the workers and employers, domestic and foreign. We are also calling for a more coordinated and multi-disciplined approach from all stakeholders in working towards improved relations between our citizens and investors from any part of the world.

As a matter of policy, we remain on the side of the vast majority of Zambians that continue to see through and reject the opportunistic immaturity of failed opposition parties and their leadership driven by individuals who have historically been anti working class. While some of them allege corruption against, which has become an old song, they are synonymous with partisan life presidency of a disgruntled conman who cannot explain his riches.


Hon. Davies Mwila
Secretary General
Patriotic Front
Party Headquarters

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  1. Analyser

    Words without deeds is null and void!

    • Polo Sekyuta

      People s Party? Naba Dora Siliya bakabwalala ba Kaizar Zulu ba GBM and plenty of other thieves? Stop telling us blue lies

  2. Webby

    If We Report U DOnt get action makamaka ba labour please help the poor zambians before too much kels

  3. Zzzz

    The Chinese investors are competing with us in selling of flitters and other simple stuff! Is this the time you have realised or it is a campaign strategy showing us that you care for our well being?

  4. Asoza

    When the children of realised that Herod could not protect them God found Moses and together they decided to save themselves from bondage! We desperately need a Moses in this country. Pity, the kaponya dont understand this and will blindly continue supporting Herod in return for a branded TShirt, a market stall and once in a life time a 10 kg bag of mealie meal. Meanwhile the Chinaman is now even going into the fritter business, market chickens etc. Sorry bwana we are now fed up . You and your PF lot will soon be running! Mwana sana ukuiba!!!

  5. Nshilinama

    The founding father of. P. F. His Excellency. Mr. Michael. Chilufya. Sata mhsrip founded the party for poor. He cleared all retirees he found wallowing in poverty after his departure not even one retiree has been paid on merit poverty is at its peak the party has forgotten it’s objective coz of people running it jobs are not going to poor no matter how educated they are. Please. Mr. S. G your are destroying the party keep quiet

  6. Plus4

    What government position?

  7. wright


  8. wright

    pf they look like there in a movie wrong turn vibanda

  9. Jms

    Impeachment, we need his grace to prevail.

    • Fonko Fonko

      These sister ministries among others should include ministries of labour and commerce.
      Well said hon Mwila make sure investors don’t come all the way just to do our hair. We are capable of doing that.

  10. Razor

    “pro poor” kikikikikikiki.

  11. Collins Kuyela

    Do we really have the labour ministry in Zambia? I don’t think so.

  12. Musyani

    As for me you of have really disappointed us zambians,you are pro china and its about time we washed our hands in you,you need to be punished for this only an abnormal person will repeat the same mistake hoping to get a different result, you might win next year just because some of us won’t vote as there is no alternative,everywhere we have vultures waiting.

  13. MKC

    Indeed vultures in waiting!

  14. Derby

    You cannot Only deceiving has without bigger lia

  15. John Isaiah Bwanga

    Well said Honourable Davis Mwila the PF Secretary General.

    There is more to it just at Chembe Copper Mine Limited the Shares were sold and employees were required to sign new contracts as per Clause 35 of the repealed Employment Act it did not happen. What was supposed to happen was that all employees were supposed to be declared Redundant technically and then be asked to sign new contracts in the presence of the Labour Officer to endorse those contracts like un the case of former ZCCM workers that did not happen. If we aplly the New Employment Code Act clause 28 then there is no contacts signed between the Buyer and the employees because Contracts are supposed to be in written. PF is slowly losing popularity in the Copperbelt and if not taken seriously then PF will fall in 2021. Please call me l give you more data than SORRY in 2021. This comment is a political comment and its an absolute privilege. Zambia yafafaza!

  16. Li

    We are not handicapped to be relying on handouts, We are capable of fending for ourselves! Give us jobs and create a condusive

  17. Li

    Create a conducive environment for all! The cost of living is unaffordable! Education has lost value! You don’t care for us! Only the founding father of PF has the interest of the poor at heart! Twanaka!

  18. True mwandi

    We are fed up with your talks you prominent people. When crisis is pregnant it gives birth to violence and calamity.. you can’t stay humble forever when your people are suffering. Shame!!!!!!!!!

  19. mwana wao

    It is against this background that we call on our brothers and sisters; our sons and daughters – the workers not to take the law in their own hands but follow laid down procedures to report any labour related matters. I don’t think this is working

  20. wina wache

    I don’t thing our labour is working, because as varun beverages. Pepsi in common known we however tried to report how we work and how we get paid but non of it is been looked after by labour, even the implement of wages that was implemented past years until now nothing has been done about it, we tried to contact the labour but what we got in return is just loosing our jobs.labour is quite, we have no one to run to as Zambians.

  21. Juass

    Zambians are humble people when you see them react it means it is too much they cannot take it any more. This thing of handing out bags of mealie meal to people during elections is showing that you do not care for them when there no elections if you cared you should have taught them how to fish not giving them a fish for tomorrow they will still continue wallowing in poverty.

  22. Muzi

    Chinese built us a railway and pipeline from Tanzian. Chinese in they country no corrupt no bribe and one builet in yo head. Kikikiki…. Chinan pipo need total control and in USA There is Chinatown.

  23. Means alila

    I want to find out is it right for Heard teacher’s to sell maize meant for children under wfp in school , her it happens in kawambwa at lengwe and mapipo primary school. One watchdog

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