Three Lusaka Businessmen, In Possession Of A Live Snake, Arrested In Chingola

Police in Chingola have arrested three Lusaka businessmen after they were found with a stolen motor vehicle that had a live snake, dead rat and a coffin.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga who confirmed the development in an interview said the three were intercepted at Misenga Check point as they were driving a Toyota Spacio.

Katanga has named the three as Arthur Witeso, 33, of Linda Township in Lusaka, Teddy Kamatika, 29, of Chawama Township and Charles Kafuta, 37, of Kanyama.

She said the three have been jointly charged with an offence of being in possession of a stolen motor vehicle and charms under the Witchcraft Act.

Katanga explained that upon interrogations the three alleged that they had been sent by a Minister whose name was not given and later failed to contact the said alleged Minister.

She added that after a check in the motor vehicle, Police found a live snake in men’s socks, a bone, dead rat and a small coffin.

Katanga said the snake has since been handed over to the wildlife department awaiting further investigations adding that the suspects have been remanded in police custody.

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  1. Bizgani Nchankhu

    a polisi kolani izo fwiti muzibumuske zipele, bati chakwamba muzivule dankhe ndipo sono muzisambizge dango la ukawalala kuti nchichi.

    • Benjamin

      They must be tortured, so that TheY name the same minister involved

  2. Realman

    That minister must be fired . Remember the Bible says, “to test metal it must passed in fire. Same to you

  3. Thuli

    The minister must be fired but knowing our government he will definitely get away with it. It’s the new normal.

  4. Likando Numwa

    They have been found with a Government trophy. That’s the right charge under the wild life Act. Then investigations should establish the motive for possession of the trophy.
    The police usually lose cases in court because of carelessness or ignorance. You cannot outrightly charge someone found with a live snake with witchcraft.

  5. True Bemba

    All The Way From Chawama Ukuyaiba Fye Insoka Ituntulu,a Dead Rat & A Borne(we Are Nt Told The Borne Type)Plus Iyo Spacio.Minister Atampa Ko Futi.Forget About Those Items Found In That Spacio,fyakufulunganya Fye Ba Police,find Out Which Minister Is This,we Are Tired Of Witchcraft Ministers-ebaleleta Na Covid-19. 2021 Kuya Bebele.True Truth Is Truth{TTT)

  6. Musonda chola

    NEW DEAL was better than NEW NORMAL

  7. frank chense

    Probe these guys you might find that it’s not one minister involved .

    • Hadassah

      Comment …its true it’s not just one in such cases but we know this case won’t go further than what they have done already “by arresting the three”. By now we know the kind of pipo we are dealing with, then….. some ignorant group of people are still shouting dununa reverse! I pity this nation.

  8. Ba zed

    Minister can’t send u naka spacio,if it woz a Prado may b.thoz are just common criminals

  9. Kelly Ngenda

    Fake business man

  10. Charles

    I think, those are just real criminals, because a sagga invoiving a minister can’t be like that. Spacio

  11. Real Fox Legend

    Hope Evidence Will Prevail People Have To Knw The Truth This 3 Named Business Men They Can Be Real Criminals No Doubts They Came From Real Ghetto,,,, one Zed One Nation

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