Kitwe Council Identifies Land For Flood Victims.

The Kitwe City Council has secured land to allow for relocation of over 300 flood victims who are currently being accommodated at Buchi Hotel in Kitwe.

Kitwe Town Clerk Mbulo Seke has disclosed in an interview that the Council has identified land at the old Council Farms across the Kafue River. He said the Council has given itself a month to source for funds that will allow demarcation and other needs to prepare the pieces of land.

Seke stated that a report will be presented to the Committee at the Council to approve the allocation of land to the flood victims.

In March, DMMU National Coordinator directed the Kitwe City Council to identify land where the victims could be relocated to. Kabwe also stated that DMMU will source for building materials to help the flood victims start from somewhere once the land is given to them.

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  1. Malizgani Nyirenda

    Help the victims

    • Mulungu Thomas

      That is the kind of heart we need to possess ad leaders, God bless you the Kitwe Council.

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