PRESS STATEMENT: On The PRIME TV Status Contrary To The News Circulating On Social Media

Lusaka – 30th May, 2020.

We note with concern the fake news published by some media section suggesting that Prime Television is resuming its broadcasting on Monday next week. Note that the news circulating on social media is fake and has no grain of truth.

Also note that Prime Television opted not to take the matter to court, thus a proposition that the court made some decision to open Prime TV is mere fabrication as no such matter is before the court. Further, Prime TV opted to engage key stakeholders as opposed to litigation.

Members of the Public are therefore advised to treat such publication as fake. Prime TV management will update the public on any changes in the status of Prime TV in due course.

Issued By:

Makokwa Kozi
Station Manager

You can get in touch with our news team by emailing us at: editor@zambiareports.com



  1. Adam Eve

    have you seen and felt how fake news affect anyone you are talking about ?



  2. Covid-twenty twenty

    It might be true because even you ba zambia reports news you are fake and you are always against with good things

  3. Young youth(MM)

    If u don’t let prime TV to open ,am sure that all the news we hear is a false propaganda….just as u.zambia reports.

  4. sampa chanda

    when you start broacasting,try by all means to restructure your news,especially news analysis,you used to be biased like what znbc do.

  5. Chanda


  6. Davies Sichamba

    I love prime tv

    • The Zambian

      I just loved Prime TV. Broad based intelligent reporting and eye opening news analysis. Challenging interviews and discussions.


    Its UPND cadres spreading such fake news .Infact the owner of prime TV should sober up and not that pomposity we saw when he talking to minister of information, dont be manipulated by HH

  8. MOSES

    Being manipulated by HH who has lost elections for seven times.The owner of prime tv should think twice.

  9. Frank Chombela

    I miss Prime tv. Fair and balanced and was not afraid to host people of different viewpoints. ZNBC doesn’t come close. To the state broadcaster, the only news is that made by govt officials and PF members.

  10. Lucky Gondwe

    Bring back PRIME TV

  11. William Suku

    Prime TV its prime time

  12. True Bemba

    Bring Back The Same-VIVA PRIME TV!

  13. mungoni

    we need our prime back

  14. e.phiri

    Comment: prime tv was the best.Only the truth pains.

  15. Razor

    Prime tv is going to open whether you like it or not.

  16. Ba zed

    Prime TV grow up wen u go back pa mwela boma ni boma

  17. heck

    I dont miss prime…let it be closed for ever.

  18. Mumba Muchime

    If Prime TV news is fake why was it closed then?

  19. nawina mushiba

    Comment. we want prime tv

  20. BOB

    Look at what pomposity can do to pipo who practice it. Waona, your boss alice enjoying ndalama dzake. Boma in boma usually works.

  21. Jk2

    Prime tv, best and most loved of all local tv stations, jealous down, just open it.

  22. lemmy hooks

    Indeed prime TV was the best of the best.

  23. Leon

    When Zambia goes to the polls in 2021 most voters will want to vote out pf among other reasons so that which ever party that comes into power primary of all good developments prime TV will be first on the agenda come back on air

  24. AM

    Reaping time this is what they use to do, fabricating news.

  25. Pastor John Kashitu

    People who always says the truth they do hate them,even Jesus Christ was saying the truth but they hate him,same with prime TV they were viewing the truth and don’t expect the ruling part to love them NO not even one, but listen truth will never be lies and lies will never be truth and truth always pain,but God is a judge sitting on His throne.

  26. Awe

    Awe Zambia Reports Works With Gvt, If The Issue Iz Against Gvt Thn Yhu Wil Reject It As Wel.
    But What I Can Tel Yhu Iz That Dont 4get The Meaning Of The Word Media!

  27. Sherdpan Bookshelf

    We need prime tv to balance news latest which is happening in our entire country.

  28. Gode

    Comment prime TV you are the best but that news analysis part should
    be scraped

  29. Boss

    I miss prime television

  30. TRUTH

    Prime TV best in propaganda and falsehood news. That’s what happens when pride goes to your head…..

  31. Juass

    Let us be Democratic, democracy in compass’s all you can not talk of democracy without the media if prime TV was reporting falsely why not sue them? That would have made lose a lot of money and would have changed but I think they were giving checks and balances unlike znbc.

  32. Jms

    Minus prime television means minus education in Zambia,we learn a lot.

  33. Ba speaker

    Bring back prime TV

  34. Bambala

    Prime TV closure was indeed a big blow to majority Zambians. Truth be told, Prime TV news was by far more popular than ZNBC news among all Zambian cable TV viewers. I liked the way they handled live shows involving our local important personalities- be it in the political or business fields. They also timely covered current news items as events unfolded- eg the KCM/Vedanta issue, the Glencore chicanery in our mining industry, the Chinese syphoning most of the local contracts millions on daily basis, etc. Surely no one can call such information as biased since we were getting everything from the “horses’ mouths”.
    Prime TV always covered community news in our townships, other than always feeding us with what some politicians were saying on daily basis. ZNBC also saw sence in this mode of reporting and also followed suite. This is as it should be. Only those Zambians who have a fixed view on where they are ‘eating from’, hated Prime TV.
    Zambia belongs to all of us and in 1991 we chose to go multiparty, therefore it is wrong for any citizen to regard divergent views as insults or lack of patriotism. Umwana ashenda…….!! I urge the ruling party elite to strongly warn and desuade their cadres from causing havoc at private TV and radio stations whenever they are hosting opposition personalities. This is only decampaigning the ruling party as we the voters are being greatly distanced by such actions by such thuggery.

  35. Bambala

    I applaud our President’s comment in N/W Province yesterday when he said that if the ruling party leaders continue behaving like thugs, it will make their party unpooular with we the voters and cause their exit from office. He is right. So plse take heed.

  36. Davies Sichamba

    Ba lungu

  37. DaviesSichamba

    I love prime tv

  38. Filungula Namenshi

    You have tested a dosage of your own prescription. Hope you have learnt how damaging fake news can be.
    At least you will come out of this airwaves eclipse wiser than ever before. Sponsors of your fake news are nowhere to help you fight the legal battles.

  39. Jms

    It Mr Lungu who closed the station, so let him open it as a concerned father does seeing his or her children beg hlm.

  40. SOS

    With or without PRIME TV these quacks will be shown the exit door.
    This media is also undocumented,so if they criticize the government in power they risk being closed to extinction and never to be heard again……..if fresh leaves can be scorched and burnt to ashes what more the dry ones…….This same media will be the first to praise HH’s victory in 2021 believe me you.

  41. corona virus

    it has been observed since time in memorial and proved that Pride comes before Fall. prime tv had time to brag and not apologize for whatever reasons giving an impression that it was above government. Who is crying the most now ? May I know is the owner Zambian or not Zambian. We tend to not value our own in our country such that even simple business one would rather buy from a non Zambian. What was wrong with covering corona virus mwebanthu?

  42. kosita chiyangi

    I miss prime TV Zambia. there are millions of us who are missing prime TV. Zambians are not interested in propaganda news aired on the so-called public broadcaster, znbc.

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