Copperbelt NDC Youth Chair Quits

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Party Copperbelt Youth Chairman Bernard Mwila has resigned from his position. Mwila who joined NDC after leaving the National Restoration Party NAREP were he held a similar position has however not given reasons to resign from his position.

“I officially resign as NDC provincial youth chairman of Copperbelt,” Mwila confirmed. Mwila has since joined the Patriotic Front and has been welcomed by PF Copperbelt Chairman Nathan Chanda. The youthful Mwila leaves the NDC at the time the party needs more members as they prepare for 2021 elections.

The Chishimba Kambwili led political party recently announced former Chingola District Commissioner George Sichula as Copperbelt Chairman. Sichula replaced Chipoka Mulenga who has been appointed Chairman in charge of Mines.

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  1. Love your neighbor

    Elo ifwe tucite shani nasala umwine?

  2. Mkwasu

    No issue..everyone has the right to chose their own destiny. The beauty of democracy!

  3. Mwine masushi

    Njala njala

  4. Gelo

    Aini! Ninsala yonse ii! Those are political prostitutes! That’s why politics is dirty! Anyway ni ‘Donchi Kubeba’ Those are desperate moves as the saying goes “Ifikakaulula indao ne cani, menshi”!

  5. lobe mwila

    Lobe mwila uleya ukobalebutuka , unzamuziba yesu 2021 is around the corner,

  6. Davies Sichamba

    Alipena tafwaya kunoka

  7. SOS

    Indeed ni Nyemba teti umuntu umutuntulu aye mubwato ubwabola buleswa namenshi ati; I’m defecting it means you’re defective,you need mental doctor.Ala tuleicindika nangula tuli nensala even if Njala niyoiplsisa still we can limba for some time.

  8. Starboy

    So does it mean that even UPND ngayapita u will deafect from PF and join UPND? It’s time u checked your status coz u might have been infected with Party HIV mixed with corona virus because of your prostitution of changing parties

  9. Jms

    No matter how you pretend to be good and faithful without love you are nothing and you will be noticed in a second,seeing cakes being offered. Nevertheless proper cakes are coming.

    • Pharaoh

      These opposition political parties are not organised .For me it would have been better to form an alliance as early as possible so that those interested will be able to support the type of candidates in various positions .Am only seeing shaking opposition political parties individually dreaming to be in State house in 2021.Some people will cry in the Almighty of rigging .

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