Justin Shonga, Now A Wanted Person

A Zambian Orlando Pirates player, Justin Shonga is now a wanted man after failing to appear in court on Tuesday for assaulting his girlfriend, Zinhle Khumalo, in front of their child.

Sunday Sun Newspaper reports that Shonga was arrested after beating up Zinhle at a townhouse in Midrand after she found him with another woman. This all happened on 24 May 2020.

According to Zinhle ‘s police statement, she met Shonga walking with another woman who also lives in her complex. A confrontation then occurred. Shonga also lives in the same complex.

Shonga reportedly followed her into her flat where he started beating her and was only stopped by neighbours after they heard Zinhle crying out for help.

Midrand police have confirmed the case. However, Zinhle and the witness in the case have attempted to withdraw the case.

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  1. Alex

    Ba Shonga mwatusebanya zoona.

    • Soccer Pundit

      Iwe Chatile Shongá tekania.

    • Enock


  2. Banja

    You may have a talent but if you were never schooled as you grew up this is what you end up doing! Justin is from the Police and as such should know that taking the law into your own hands is a crime!

  3. LN

    The danger of one being popular is that you are likely to become big headed and losing self respect. Strong men are those that excerise self control like Joseph in Herod’s palace. Justin you have morally fallen and lost self respect.

  4. Mosta Alkanol Friday

    The statement is compromising assutng then beating this always happed in my community but bcoz well known ba shonga go and appear ku court be4 court

  5. mfumu

    Sure zambian prayers we are behind you its not what we are expecting from you. Our country has blessed with more talented prayers and they can put our country in a map u dont want to be like mpape, lonardo etc, others they went ku europe kubwelako within two months nachimubili very heavy, bear drunkers etc be like nigeria ghana etc shame on you.

  6. Hebby jele

    My friend this is not good behavior avoid that we’re behind you change your attitude.

  7. kaonga

    it’s very sad to hear this, shonga go and apologize to your girl friend so that the matter is withdrawn. who else you are going to meet a bernch wallant and u can be convinced for it some month, before the hearing of the matter.

  8. Chris Mwewa

    It does happen. Shonga is just human. We don’t know the language his wife use on him despite being confrontational which angered him and ended up beating her. But it’s too unfortunate that it happened and his wife has regretted her behaviour and come back to her senses no wonder she wants to discontinue the case.

    • Belenga

      Shonga doesn’t have a wife.
      Language doesn’t matter you don’t beat up anyone who isn’t threatening you

    • Kunda

      Well said

  9. Alex K Mumba

    Comments : so you married a South African leaving humble zambian girls .mmmmmm fyakuyifwaila

    • Luapula Bize

      Ba Alex, who told you that Zambian girls are humble?

  10. kabs

    Comment Bwana!Behave like a trained cop more especially when you are presenting us outside Zambia. Go back to the lady you are assaulted and apologize for your respect to be maintained

  11. Gabrel

    the results of adultery, why can’t u marry, u just embrassing your seif.

  12. Chiyomwine

    But ba sure elo ndimwe ba buju naime

  13. Lazarous Chitundu

    That’s how a man supposed to be nice one Bwana Shonga.

  14. Mfumu

    Comment.but ba chilundu

  15. Derick makasa

    Ba shonga please learn to control your temper look you are now running as if you are a criminal just go and apologise rather than running otherwise you won’t solve anything.

  16. Stephen kibipe

    OK just watching ba shonga

  17. Enock

    Boi you don’t have manners

  18. blessings

    bad example as police officer

  19. Mattrix

    Shonga why ??? how can you beat your girl friend as if she’s your wife ? Even though she’s your wife you cant beat he like that. Bull shit son of the bitch !!! you gonna face the law !

  20. True Bemba

    Bwana Shonga,u Were Nt To Beat Physically,u Were To Beat Using Words-see Nw Mwayamba Mapichu-pichu.Come Out & Apologise,u Ar’ Already 4given.True Truth Is Truth{TTT}

  21. yung kay

    shame on u nigga

  22. Chrispin Chansa

    Big man mwatusebanya

  23. Rodrick

    Have you tried to ask Shonga what happened for him to do what he did?Am sure the answer is NO so we should find out before we conclude,women always wins in cases like this,the only bad part was he asulted her.Hejust need to control his temper.

  24. Malizgani Nyirenda

    Justine Shonga, you are now no longer a Police Officer, you now a “polisi opesa” you can’t behave like that, you were suppose to appear in court and apologize to your Galu friend, that was matrimonial

  25. William Suku

    You see mistakes like this they just bumbiu out the first date you created a scene No mba mwamona twasibana
    ! -tsm- !

  26. Musa

    To be honest my fellow people South african ladies target foreign soccer players because they earn far more than the south African with a university degree,any mistake with a south African woman you end up in the cells,what happened to Clifford mulenga?

  27. Filungula Namenshi

    F.A.K.E. N.E.W.S.

  28. Thomas Chishimba Kabesha

    Too bad

  29. peter

    Too bad go and apologize

  30. peter

    Too bad go and apologize

  31. Lackyz king west

    But zooona ba shonga

  32. Aaronzo

    Shonga y? Guys wen you are out remember you are representing our country is said umweni takokota mafupa ninshi uko aaba alyafye ayatuntulu.

  33. Lance

    Ba shonga tudalama twamupusikani

  34. Njonginjo

    Ba shonga matako yapa sasasa yamipenya
    Musemanya mwa yamba zoona daddy

  35. Sam

    That’s how Zambian players are, when they start making it in life.

  36. Chinungwe

    It’s a lie shonga he can’t do that

    • Given Mwape

      If you don’t know what you’re saying better shout🙅😛😜😎

  37. Augustine Mulenga jnr

    Bro shonga go and apologize
    Bwela boi

  38. M'cNeff

    Ohhh no!!!! Poor shoonga mwatusebanya ukuma umwana kash instead of apologizing. Awe sure 😩😔😔😔

  39. Henry Nduwa

    This is lunacy Mr shonga, pliz learn to control yourself

    • Giftian Daniel

      Very true indeed.. an Atrocity..very disappointing

  40. Itx Giftzo Banda

    Be serious ba shonga its bad to hear that issue!

  41. justin shonga

    Bonse naimwe fikala fyenu isukulu isukulu misula shenu teti mwikale fye

  42. Shumba

    Ba Shonga just go and do apologize before the matter get rise then continue with your talent.


    Shonga just apologize my gud player to get on with your Carrier.

  44. mike mukuka

    this is bad zoona my player

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