Lafarge and Zambian Breweries Breathe Life Into UNZA Ventilator

News Release


June 2020

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Lafarge Zambia and Zambian Breweries have donated K100,000 to
the University of Zambia (UNZA) School of Engineering to help develop the nation’s first
prototype ventilator.
The two giants of industry are backing the UNZA innovation as part of their wider support to
the fight against COVID-19.
Lafarge Chief Executive Officer Jimmy J Khan said health and safety is Lafarge’s core value,
thus the health and safety of our communities, customers, suppliers and transporters was of
great importance to the company.
“With the increase in COVID-19 cases around the country, the need for ventilators has never
been as compelling as now. That is why Lafarge Zambia sees the importance of being part
of this project. The project will not only assist in relieving certain pressures off our health
system and help save lives; but it would also instil national pride, as this would be the very
first ventilator that would be manufactured by Zambians in Zambia,” he said.
Zambian Breweries Country Director Jose Moran said the company believed in working
together for a better Zambia, and the collaboration with Lafarge fitted well with its dream to
improve the lives of local people.
“The people of Zambia are at the heart of what we do. Their safety and wellbeing are
paramount to us. We also have a track record of supporting entrepreneurs and innovation,
so we will be backing UNZA and look forward to the ventilator being perfected and
potentially saving lives,” he said.
Both Zambian Breweries and Lafarge has implemented a number of initiatives internally and
externally to ensure the health and safety of their employees, transporters, customers and
Internally, Lafarge has installed temperature checks, hand sanitisers and mandatory wearing
of masks for all employees, transporters and guests that enter its plants.
Employees have also been advised to work from home where possible, a culture being
promoted at both plants. Regarding customers, the company partnered with AfriDelivery to
enable customers to buy cement from their site to ensure that they are adhering to social
distancing measures advised by Government.
In the communities near its plants in Chilanga and Ndola, Lafarge has provided vehicles
branded with COVID-19 messages and public announcement systems to sensitise people
on preventive measures, to help curb the spread of the pandemic.
News Release
Meanwhile, Zambian Breweries has developed a hand sanitiser formula and is manually
bottling it for donation only to healthcare workers and staff, as well as importing 5,000 face
shields made from recycled plastic for use by healthcare workers, and donating over 6,000
posters and 10 billboards for COVID-19 communication to government since the breakout of
COVID-19 in March this year.
Mr Khan thanked Zambia Breweries for allowing Lafarge to partner in this iconic project, he
also reiterated the fact that both Zambian Breweries and Lafarge Zambia were local
companies that supported the economy, taxes, jobs and that is why supporting a local
initiative like this is very rewarding.
Mr Khan further thanked Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) for creating the
platform that has brought together the manufacturing industries where this project proposal
was shared.



  1. Frank Chombela

    If only this could become more common in future. There are experts at UNZA who can make a real difference if the working environment could be made more conducive. This is a great start.

  2. Abraham kalifwa

    I wish i could be there

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  4. Lawrence Mwanakasale

    thanks to Zambian brewery and lafarge, I wish other companies could following suit.

  5. Malizgani Nyirenda

    Well done donate more

  6. Bm

    But why have the ministry of health stopped releasing daily updates? If they can’t do it on physical appearance then let then let them continue updating the culative number of cases and discharges electronically. Keeping quiet like this, has made most Zambians think Covid 19 is no more in Zambia. Please, who ever can deliver this concern to the relevant authorities, will serve lives of many.

  7. Jms

    Thanks may this continue,blessings are among you.

  8. Cornelius mwewa

    Updates has been directed by the president to be given on Monday and Friday I wonder why someone is asking for everyday update do you follow what is happening in our country?learn to follow issues before taking to public

    • Bm

      Mr. Cornelius Mwewa, sir, thank you so much. Its kind of you. However, do know that one might miss the predential address due to various reasons? Also, there is always revisiting some decisions depending on the public concern. Sir, go round Lusaka in particular and see how people are conducting themselves towards Covid 19 and I believe you will agree with me. There perception is that there is no Covid and mostly they would refer you to the cumulative number posted some days ago. By the way I did not mean to offend you sir.

  9. Cornelius mwewa

    BM understood

  10. William Suku

    Yaba! ba BM. me only passing cheacher ( teacher )
    ! -tsm- !

  11. Mathew

    This is motivating news. We would love to see many more innovative ideas from our universities. It’s time we become more practical than theory. I would like also to see university of car manufacturing where car components are manufactured and assembled. Keep it up Zambia.

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