PRESS STATEMENT: His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu Appoints Hon. Davies Chama As Patriotic Front Deputy National Chairperson.

Lusaka – 2nd June, 2020.

Patriotic Front (PF) Party President and President of the Republic of Zambia His Excellency Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has made the following appointments:

Hon. Davies Chama, MP, MCC and Minister of Defence becomes Deputy National Chairperson of Patriotic Front Central Committee with Immediate effect. He will deputize Hon Samuel Mukupa, MCC, Patriotic Front National Chairperson.

And Hon. Elizabeth Phiri, MP Minister of Gender, has been appointed to Patriotic Front Central Committee and takes up the position of Chairperson for Industries with immediate effect.

“Allow me to congratulate Hon. Chama and Hon. Phiri on their respective appointments, and call upon the rank and file of Patriotic Front membership countrywide to give them optimum support.

On behalf of the Party, let me thank the Zambian people for the continued support and solidarity even amidst very challenging situations such as the climate change induced electricity loadshedding. The challenges on our people have also been aggravated by the disruption to their livelihoods by the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

The Patriotic Front remains committed to ensuring it goes into high gear to mitigate the burden of its citizens during these unprecedented challenging times.

It is time for all of us as Zambians to put our hands on deck both at home and in the diaspora as we navigate our nation through these turbulences.

Tough times don’t last; we shall overcome. Together we can; and together we will,” stated the Head of State and PF Leader, Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Issued By:

Hon. Davies Mwila
Secretary General

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  1. Sip


  2. Davies Sichamba


  3. Davies Sichamba

    Good job

  4. Chamu

    Good job? Mr Davies Chama is the fellow who shot Mushaykwa Mushaykwa during a bye election in Mulobezi a few years ago. Is this appointment a sign of what to expect in the run up to 2021 elections?

    • Concern

      That’s why his Excellency is still appointing thugs in preparation for the 2021 elections.

    • Paula

      I think so,seems these people will put up a bloody fight cause they know they have already lost even before the election comes. But you know God is forever God and when he says it time for you to go you can’t fight against his decision.

  5. Sinayani

    It’s rough, do the right thing gentleman

  6. Nshilinama

    The rich to get richer the poor to get poorer

  7. Uluse

    Kikikiki, ati tough times don’t last! but the current tough times are Pf induced, has persisted and will end in 2021 when Pf is voted out.

  8. Kk3

    And they hope it will be a repeat of what Pf did in 2016. Majority Zambians are in more misery now. Most of those that voted for pf have come back to their senses.

    • Concern

      And am one of them who was hit hard on the head. If it wasn’t for Sata, I wouldn’t have voted for PF

  9. nshilimubemba

    Those appointments are yours and your friends politicians , all we are asking for as Zambians is to clear the mess in the nation, where you have allowed foreigners to come and mistreat us and degrading us in our own country and nation and calling us foreigners in our land!
    You must clear this mess without delay keeping quiet is not the solution to what we are seeing in Zambia .
    You are degrading our people by allowing foreigners to even have audacity put Chinese bill boards written in the language we don’t understand it is all a mess we don’t want to see.

    • China man

      Chinese people are slowly taking over Zambia because our current leaders are incompetent.

    • Nshina

      Very soon you will hear they want to integrate Chinese into the national school curriculum

      • The one

        That was already proposed in 2013. Unfortunately there are not enough zambians to teach Chinese.

  10. Sosa

    Covid-19 patients being given K2,000 after living quarantine place,,,,,,,did you know?.Covid-19 patients are being given K2,000 after living Covid-19 quarantine and are being told not to disclose this information to anyone my source disclosed.

    • SOS

      This pf government is full people who are full of questionable characters.

  11. SOS

    Let this government come clean over this issue….

  12. Ackson mwanza

    Congratulations mr. Davies chama on this great opportunity that you have been given by his excellency Dr
    Edgar chagwa lungu..

  13. John Isaiah Bwanga

    Good move, we need to seal all gaps before 2021 and make sure all those who Traitors are identified and uprooted. Zambia yafafaza!

  14. Razor

    Continue with the appointments. These will be the only posts they will have after elections next year since their government posts will be gone.

    • Danny Muma

      Time is up for pf.they just have to go

  15. Robert botha

    Think of poor people in the villages osati kuzimvetsa bwino inu nokha.rich people get richer,poor people poorer.watch out for 2021

  16. Joshua sakala


  17. Sanford


  18. Sanford

    Very true

  19. Kudya nikusheta

    Tafikwete inchito ifyo ifima appointment fyenu pantu 2021 kuya bebeleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. Marvellous

    Very true

  21. Jabulani

    Zambians, open up your eyes and begin to see beyond your noses. This country is completely destroyed and right now in the hands corrupt mafyas who don’t care about you but their own pockets and families. They just want to use you as ladders to get to platforms of enjoyment and forget about you. Just take stock and check where your economy is. Are you able to feed and provide for your families and if no, what has all of a sudden gone wrong with your country’s economy? Do you really have a Parliament in Zambia and what’s it’s main objective? I would assume the role of Parliament and parliamentarians including government officials in Zambia is just to draw and eat taxpayer’s money, that’s all and not to serve the nation so wake and be courageous to see things the right way. Mwe balecula nimwe, bena ncito yabo kwakana fye utufulo epela.

    • Hakainde Malama

      Jabulani, if you are suffering don’t think all are suffering. Furthermore, changing govt does not guarantee you a good living. Just work hard and live today. Don’t live for tomorrow for it may never come.

    • Ken

      I totally agree with you bro

  22. Patriotic Zambian

    Replace with what? Zero?pf to continue, they just have to polish up. Guys jealous down, you are doing well, you can’t please everyone but the majority.

    • Nshina

      I think you are not a Zambian. If you go in communities and take a survey, you will observe the poverty levels which have risen plus plus. And besides, the whole world knows that Zambia eurobonds has cemented the worst country and then you are saying they are doing fine? I wonder which Zambia you come from

  23. Brian kasoka

    He is the right man to face these thugs from the opposition in 2021

  24. CTC

    On spot, Brian Kasoka. He did well to counter the thuggish threat of upnd in 2015 and 2016 and he’s back. Mwaponoka ba pompwe!!

  25. Mudododo

    Some people have stood to be president five times but failed. Gentlemen give credit where it is due. ECL has done a lot he deserves another term. Time for fishing is gone. Unless you want garbage to lead you. ECL forever and it not a joke.

  26. Muko1

    Drunkards Vs Sexworkers Ni Chipantepante Th Ball W Sufer,,

  27. Jessey Lingard

    Well spoken words by the President …

  28. Chilubo

    Mr President why this street fighter again?

  29. Chisamba


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